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Radiography Roadshow 10 (30 mins)


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Radiography Roadshow 10 (30 mins)

  1. 1. St George’s Student Mentors
  2. 2. It’s been around for over 100 years . That’s 1904!! Here’s a quick explanation: There are 2 types of Radiography DIAGNOSTIC Film records made to visualise internal structures THERPEUTIC Used in therapy for cancer
  3. 3. THERAPEUTIC Radiography The safe and accurate planning and delivery of radiotherapy to cancer patients First you compute the precise location of the tumour Then you beam radiation to kill cells – this shrinks tumours and stops them growing bigger How do they do that? DIAGNOSTIC Radiography Produce high quality clinical images of the patient to detect and monitor disease and the effects of trauma They produce images that are used to diagnose injury or disease. Can you see the nerves?
  4. 4. XRAY looks through tissue to examine bones, cavities and foreign objects CT computed tomography creates a 3-D image which can be split into individual slices ANGIOGRAPHY used to investigate blood vessels ULTRASOUND Uses sound waves to image babies, circulation, and other organs BONE SCAN Allows us to look at bones density by injecting a radioactive substance MRI Magnetic resonance imaging builds a 2-D or 3-D map of different tissue types within the body and is very detailed
  5. 5. Why are her eyes covered? Julia Knight enters A&E complaining that she has been vomiting and recently has put on weight. Julia explains that her mother was diagnosed with a cancer in her tummy 5 years ago. She is worried that she is showing the same initial symptoms.
  6. 6. Left Kidney Dye injected into the ureters going to the bladder (IVU) This is the right side of the patient ?It’s a baby!!
  7. 7. You will gain a challenging yet rewarding career within the NHS Work with patients and members of the healthcare team to make a difference 3 Years – its practical, and its enjoyable! (BSc) Diagnostic OR Therapeutic Radiography ALL TUITION FEES PAID!!! What’s the money like? Doctor Postman Physiotherapist £22,000+ £14,000 £21,000+ Radiographers You start at about £21,000 but can earn up to £54, 000!!
  8. 8. 5 GCSEs: A* - C including Maths, English Language, Science or Physics Get yourselves some good A levels – 260 points - BBB Biology and Chemistry are helpful Get some work experience!! Alternative qualifications such as BTEC, GNVQs and equivalent can be accepted E mail Tel: 020 8725 2333 (BSc) Therapeutic / Diagnostic Radiography
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Bottom! Head Yawn What’s this?
  11. 11. …careers …interview preparation …work experience and games!