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Auto signon -_a_reference_implementation_of_a_secure_single_sign-on_blackboard_building_block[1]


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Auto Signon Building Block

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Auto signon -_a_reference_implementation_of_a_secure_single_sign-on_blackboard_building_block[1]

  1. 1. AutoSignon - A Reference Implementation of a Secure SingleSign-On Blackboard Building Block TM Richesh Ruchir, Technical Manager
  2. 2. A Reference Implementation of aSecure Single Signon BlackboardBuilding Block™• Introduction• Single Sign-On• Blackboard Authentication Framework ®• Introduction to AutoSignon• Implementation Details• Demo Application• Open Source Project• Q&A
  3. 3. Single Sign-On• Identity management is an emerging challenge at many institutions• Existing institutional solutions – CAS, Shibboleth• Industry standards tackling authentication / authorization – OpenID, Basic Learning Tools Interoperability/LTI• Not all institutions are prepared to invest in complex solutions• Smaller institutions may not have a need
  4. 4. Blackboard Authentication Framework ®• LDAP• Internal database• Custom authentication mechanism – Built by clients and by Blackboard Consulting Services(sm) – Support for CAS, Shibboleth, and others
  5. 5. Introduction to AutoSignon• Allows users who are authenticated by a trusted system to access the Blackboard platform without needing to log in again (Inbound SSO)• Based on the WebCT CE/Vista Automatic Signon Protocol• Uses a MAC (Message Authentication Code) generated by request parameters and shared secret to validate incoming SSO requests before processing
  6. 6. AutoSignon Workflow
  7. 7. Implementation Details
  8. 8. Implementation Details (Contd.)
  9. 9. Admin Settings
  10. 10. Demo Application• Reference implementation application
  11. 11. Open Source Project• Available at
  12. 12. Q & As ?
  13. 13. Please provide feedback for this session by emailing The subject of the email should be title of this session:AutoSignon - A Reference Implementation of a Secure Single Sign-On Blackboard Building Block TM