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  • Moss Search Challenges

    1. 1. Nauzad Kapadia Principal Consultant - Quartz Systems
    2. 2. Agenda What’s Going On Challenges Tips
    3. 3. Key Takeaways How Search Works Optimizing the search experience Customizing the search results Common challenges and tips Indexing external content in databases, ERP apps or other LOB applications
    4. 4. Architecture and Concepts
    5. 5. Challenges – Storage Options Create Folders to segregate content or create metadata properties ? Metadata properties will help in Search But…. (some tips) Keep an eye on number of items at a particular level If number of items go beyond a couple of thousand, index the list. Try to create one index per view and keep the indexed column as the first column in the view.
    6. 6. Tip – Use Search Center For an optimal search experience, create a site using the Search Center Template Use Search Center with Tabs as far as possible as it makes testing easier Add the same tabs on the search page as well as the search results page
    7. 7. Challenges – Where are my files Make sure the indexer can reach the content
    8. 8. Tip – Get into the habit of viewing crawl logs for debugging
    9. 9. Tip – Create a page to show search results in plain vanilla xml Get a lot of hidden information Very useful for debugging
    10. 10. Challenges – Where are my properties Do you have a valid IFilter? Have you mapped crawled properties to managed properties?
    11. 11. Challenges – Why don’t I see all my properties Have you added properties to the Search Results WebPart? Have you modified the XSL to include the new properties
    12. 12. Tip – Narrowing the search Create Scopes Make the scope available to the user Hardcode the scope for selected tabs
    13. 13. Tip – Getting rid of “bad” words
    14. 14. Tip – Err, did you mean this or that Synonyms Keywords Best Bets
    15. 15. Tip – What about data from here and what about data from there and there and there too… Create a BDC Application Definition file using BDC Editor (part of MOSS SDK) Create IEnumerator method for the searchable entities
    16. 16. Tip – Where did the rest of my stuff go? MaxDownloadSize MaxGrowthFactor
    17. 17. Track Resources icrosoft Enterprise Search Blog ttp:// filters ttp:// earch XSLT Templates ttp:// icrosoft Enterprise Search Landing Page ttp://
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