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Think Electrate -- Week 2 Orientation


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Week 2 orientation for the UnderAcademy College course "Think Electrate: Inventing Electrate Thinking Practices"

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Think Electrate -- Week 2 Orientation

  1. 1. Think Electrate:Inventing Electrate Thinking PracticesRichard Smyth, C.M.Full DigressorUnderAcademy College5 May 2013Week 2: Orientation
  2. 2. Week 1 Review--Introduced ourselves in Google Community--Orientation to electracy--Forum discussions about “decepts” and“infinition”--Google Hangout discussion
  3. 3. Week 2 Preview--Continue Week 1 discussions--read Jeff Rice “I am McLuhan”--Week 2 discussion questions in forum--launch discussion of key questions--Google Hangout: time to be determined
  4. 4. The Rhetoric of CoolJeff Rice proposes six strategies for makingmeaning in electronic environments: use of chora appropriation juxtaposition commutation nonlinearity imagery
  5. 5. Appropriation--collage/montage--writing as theft (Rice 57)--“The mix speaks to you of the bricolage ofplace where the ‘self’ exists as a deployednetwork of personae” (Rice 69)--“We often appropriate new identities andalter-egos to parallel the rhetorical moves wemake…” (Rice 70)
  6. 6. Creating Deceptacles--on developing alter-egos--Ulmers “Mr. Mentality from Bang Pot” asconceptual persona--Jeff Rices out-of-control academic “Dr.Fabulous” and forgotten rap star “Pelzure”(Rice 163, n. 7)
  7. 7. ReferencesRice, Jeff. The Rhetoric of Cool: Composition Studies and New Media.Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2007.Ulmer, Gregory. “Mr. Mentality.” 3 September 2009. Viewed 5 May 2013.Youtube video. <>
  8. 8. ContactRichard Smyth,