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Virtual Tours for Realtors Class


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Published in: Real Estate, Technology
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Virtual Tours for Realtors Class

  1. 1. Our Big Scientific Study
  2. 2. What Is The Number One Thing Clicked On A Property Website?
  3. 3. The Clear Winner
  4. 4. The Big Question Is…. • If it’s the #1 button clicked on a property website…… and… • It’s one of the number one things that sellers want……
  5. 5. Why Don’t We All Do Them For Each One Of Our Properties?
  6. 6. What If They Were Free?
  7. 7. The Science Of Successful Virtual Tours
  8. 8. Why Virtual Tours? • #1 Clicked button on a single property website • Sets you apart because few agents do them on all their listings (so that you get more listings) • They help sell the property • Gives the buyer a chance to meet you virtually too!
  9. 9. Keep It Short • A professionally done commercial on TV tells a story, identifies a problem, solves the problem, and gives a call to action all in 30 seconds.
  10. 10. Keep It Short Average video viewed on the web is 1.93 minutes
  11. 11. Equipment Needed
  12. 12. Use A Tripod To Prevent Seasickness
  13. 13. Adding Some Motion Does Help
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Music or No Music •May be shopping for a house from their office •May not like your taste in music •If you are going to play something, make it be your voice!
  16. 16. Wear Soft Shoes If you are doing a video on tile or hardwood floors
  17. 17. Get Rid Of Echo in Empty Rooms Use a wireless external mic for your camera Clip to your belt Plugs into Camera Clips to your shirt
  18. 18. Wired Is An Option Too
  19. 19. Audio-Technica ATR-3350
  20. 20. Where Do I Start The Tour? Start With You!
  21. 21. Let Them Get To Know You • You aren’t just selling a house, you are selling YOU!! • Be “yourself” • Be friendly • This is the time to “Bond & Trust”
  22. 22. Think “Staging” • Turn all lights on • Flowers and plants in the home are a must • Fruit baskets • Put away family pictures • Get rid of clutter • Get rid of personal items in bathrooms
  23. 23. No Different Than Showing The Home In Person, Except….. They can click off.
  24. 24. Oh, by the way…..
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Start With The Best Points Of The House First After you introduce you (very brief), show the best parts of the home first to keep them from clicking off
  27. 27. Show Home Just Like You Usually Do
  28. 28. Two Primary Methods 1. You narrate the tour of the home, but you are out of view 2. You be their guide through the tour, in front of camera (with a friend operating the tripod) Use a tripod with both of these methods
  29. 29. A Note About Small Rooms When doing the “guide” method, keep out of the picture when showing very small rooms
  30. 30. Benefits, Benefits, and Benefits “The kitchen has plenty of cabinets” (That’s a feature) What this means to you is…… (That’s the benefit of the feature) Always tell the benefits of the features… …. So that you sell the home faster….
  31. 31. Call To Action Appointment to see this home. What are you looking for? Need To Sell Your Home? The 12 Questions You Must Ask Your Home Inspector To Make Sure It’s The Right Home. I will send over
  32. 32. Where Do I End The Tour? End With You!
  33. 33. Let Them Know “Who” You Are • Here’s Who I Am….. • Here’s Who I Help….. • Here’s How I Help Them….
  34. 34. 4 Quick Words On Editing…. DON’T DO IT….. Yourself
  35. 35.
  36. 36. Teaser…… Next class on How To Have A Full Time “Freedom Caller” for just $16 a day…..
  37. 37. Where To Post Virtual Tour • • • • • • • • YouTube Facebook Blog Tube flyers Email signatures Website CraigsList Your kids forehead…..
  38. 38. Go Shoot Your Virtual Tour!
  39. 39. Don’t just “post” a Virtual Tour… • 1 system • Tons of Features • Endless Exposure …“post So That…”
  40. 40. “post So That…” • • • • • • • • • • • Virtual Tours and YouTube channel Facebook, Craigslist, Google integration (all social media) 360 degree Panoramic HD Virtual Tour Blog (Plogging) … huge SEO! Live Lead transfers: Text message codes, QR codes… …and warm buyer phone transfers to your cell Flyers ready to print (with tracked call-to-action) Mobile-ready technology to “follow” prospective buyers Google map link & street view…with driving directions What’s Nearby – contact links Website traffic reports & lead capture Lead generation business cards…for every listing
  41. 41. Photo Gallery
  42. 42. Virtual Tour
  43. 43. Virtual Tours…amazing results (Kendyl Young, Agent in CA)
  44. 44. Only shoot it once…
  45. 45. Get MASSIVE exposure…
  46. 46. Panoramic View
  47. 47. Street View
  48. 48. Text To Borrower Borrower Calculator… YOUR name on THEIR phone!
  49. 49. Email and/or Text To You
  50. 50. Who are the “mobile” buyers…
  51. 51. Text 1 to 79564 Mobile Link In Text
  52. 52. Your Contact Info Pictures
  53. 53. Tracked text hits…real time 813-555-5555
  54. 54. Flyers… Done-for-You • • • • • • • 4 layout options, Open House format, with or without PRICE, Promote website, Promote txt code, Promote QR code, All your branding incl’d!
  55. 55. get MASSIVE exposure…
  56. 56. live Craigslist | posts (stand above your competition)
  57. 57. Search Engine Traffic
  58. 58. Rank on Google… 1st page of Google
  59. 59. Search Engine Traffic via video
  60. 60. More Traffic Via Social Marketing
  61. 61. Offer-Generating Property Business Cards Are You serious, who’s not going to want to use you as their Realtor, when their best friend, uncle, aunt, brother, sister... is using you???
  62. 62. More Traffic To Your Existing Sites
  63. 63. World Wide Traffic
  64. 64. Traffic Via Email
  65. 65. State of the Art Listing Presentation options… (done for you, of course) 1. LIVE on internet (your laptop or theirs) 2. iPad presentation 3. Have an “offline” PowerPoint as a back-up
  66. 66. Tracking Traffic…every Monday
  67. 67. So You Know… • • • • • • We are a full-service mortgage lender… Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, 203k Reverse mortgage program Get mortgage-ready program HARP refinance Credit repair Richard Smith
  68. 68. Dominate Your Market… 1.Friday Masterminds (online) 2.Perfect Listing Presentation 3.Integration w/ your marketing
  69. 69. “How do I do this?” 1.MLS #’s of your listings, 2.your contact info, 3.your headshot & logo.