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Agent to Agent Presentation


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Agent to Agent Presentation

  1. 1. Richard Smith Team • Richard Smith • Adrian Gomez Mobile • ________ Assistant Mobile • Ileana Salinas Loan Processor 281-994-4253 281-994-4252 281-702-5110 269-372-0050 269-303-5118 281-994-4240
  2. 2. Scott Hudspeth’s Team Lets Get The Listing (Prelisting) Facebook Fan page Blogging Youtube video marketing Google EPS Post Cards Facebook Farming Webinaragogo Expired Listing Strategy FSBO Strategy Your Business and Branding Systems, tools, and strategies Pending/Closing (what we do during transaction Google shared file EPS Plogging Flyers/QR Codes/Text Capture Monthly Reports Always keep you in front Of Conversation Process the loan Average closing time for Loans 2-3 weeks After Close (What we do to keep you in contact for referrals) Broadcast my Move Follow My Clients Blogging Facebook Fan Page Video Marketing Strategies and workshops New tools that grow your business
  3. 3. Marketing What YOU want we offer and have the know how to grow your brand, your business and profit • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • We manage your epropertysites for you by Updating new listings Uploading new photos Voiceovers Plogging for SEO coverage on Google Video marketing Access to Richard’s coaching, strategies, workshops, and so much more to grow your business and brand you as an expert, the Realtor® you must have on your side. Expired Listing Strategy Click here FSBO Strategy Facebook Farming Click here Word Press Blog Set up and customizing (Branding) Gmail, I will help you save 30-60 minutes a day Linkedin Connection and marketing Home Buyer University Click here for example Follow My Clients (Database Management Done For You) Click here B2B Business Strategy I do it for you! Richards’s Weekly Strategies Tip of the week (Done For You)
  4. 4. Email To New Agent or Current From Assistant or Partner • • • • • • Hi Chris, I wanted to introduce myself and offer my assistance to help you learn more about This unique property marketing system Scott and I have put together enhances your current system and grows your business by elevating you above your competition. What you implement today will make you so much more money in the long run and set the seller expectation in advance by showcasing your value in their eyes. I have attached a listing presentation that I put together that may give you an insight into what a seller may think if they knew you were going to do this just for them. But there is so much more to than what I talked about in the attached letter. I would recommend you set in on Tuesday 12:00 a.m. your time to get an idea of what all the buzz is. I look forward to helping you get your current listings on the system to allow you to see the benefits. Please forward your listings to me at (Your email here). It will be my pleasure to work with you so you will see all that we can offer. I am your support staff, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Thank you! Something of Value to leave with the Agent at the meeting that they could give to their seller if they use your system!! • Click here for Letter
  5. 5. When you send us an incoming lead •We generate a qualification form and immediately make the first introduction phone call to your client, we introduce our office and staff and explain the process of what the next steps will be. Within 24 hours your buyer client will have information to move forward. Application form for your records if needed Click here •We add the client information to your Google shared document folder. The date of contact, date of lead generation, all conversations and comments are entered for you to see at a glance what is being done to get you and your client to the closing table. Example of Google Doc form Click here •Once credit is pulled, Richard or Adrian review the file and a preapproval is given to you by email, noted on your Google doc and to the buyer to begin the search of a new home.
  6. 6. If Credit Repair is needed • We will continue to track your buyer client in the Google shared document so you may see continued updates and conversations • An email with instructions, guidelines and recommendations based on credit score is given to the client and copied to you • Follow up emails are done by using “Follow My Clients” this campaign is generated on your behalf to keep in contact with your buyer client weekly until they are ready to purchase. Click here for example on how you are attached to every email • Hand holding, being supportive, adding that extra touch or value is what Richard does to let the buyer know that we are here to be of service to them and to play a key role in continuing to foster your client relationship. The Ultimate GOAL is the closing table if not now, in the future.
  7. 7. Credit Suggestions • • • • • • • • • Hi Brian, It was nice speaking with you today. Scott wanted to send over some information and a guideline to follow that will increase your credit options for a home loan. 1. Pay off collections that have been entered within one year of today's date 2. Use the revolving credit you currently have but only use 15% of the total amount of credit and leave the remaining amount of credit as a positive, unused amount. This shows that you are not living off credit cards and have more available to you than you use. Example would be to use it for gas only, then pay that amount off at the end of the month in order to raise your score. Go to your current bank or credit union and apply for a credit card. Get additional revolving credit from department stores, if that does not work Scott recommends going to: this is used only to rebuild positive credit lines. You can use the prepaid cards, similar to an on line savings account, using your own money to build your credit. However it must report to all 3 credit agencies. Remember if you open a higher interest rate credit card from only use only the lowest amount possible and pay it off at the end of each month. Do not incur any late payments. Use the rule: the max of credit used 30% and leave a min of 70% unused. But no more than 3 credit cards total. 3. Another option is a credit repair company that we use for customers that need to have many issues ie. collections addressed and removed if possible. This has been very successful with several clients. This company is hired by you, they go to work on your behalf to increase or raise credit scores. Let me know if you have any questions. This process works but it could take up to 4-6 months to see improvement at all three credit reporting agencies. Lets touch base throughout the next few months and update your file as needed. Thank you, Vicki Click here for letter
  8. 8. Click here for link to lead sheet
  9. 9. Your Inter Office Systems ~What systems do you have in place? ~Are you using EPS fully, plogging, new visual updates, weekly listing report, QR codes, ? ~Is what you are currently doing working for you? ~Average Transactions per month? ~Average Transactions you would like per month? ~What are your strengths, What do you Love doing? ~What is your weakness, What do you hate doing? ~How can our team best help you grow your business? ~What percentage of your business are you comfortable sending to my team to help you achieve your goals?
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