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Nepal Nursing Council       National Licensure Examination for Nurses                         Sample MCQs Questions1. The ...
c. is unexpected and may signify s detached retina.          d. is unexpected and may signify hemorrhage.(key)8. The nurse...
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Nepal nursing council licencing exam mcqs sample


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Nepal nursing council licencing exam mcqs sample

  1. 1. Nepal Nursing Council National Licensure Examination for Nurses Sample MCQs Questions1. The nurse calculates the IV flow rate for a postoperative client. The client is to receive 3,000 ml ofRinger’s lactate solution IV to run over 24 hours. The IV infusion set has 10 drops per milliliter. The nurseshould regulate the client’s IV to deliver how many drops per minute? a. 18 b. 21 (key) c. 35 d. 402. The nurse in a primary care clinic is caring for a 68-year-old man. History reveals that the client hassmoked one pack of cigarettes per day for 45 years and drinks two beers per day. He is complaining of anon-productive cough, chest discomfort, and dyspnea. The nurse hears isolated wheezing in the rightmiddle lobe. It would be MOST important for the nurse to complete which of the following orders? a. Pulmonary function tests b. Echocardiogram c. Chest X-ray (key) d. Sputum culture3. An adult client with a history of gastrointestinal bleeding has a platelet count of 300,000 cells/mm3.Which action by the nurse is MOST appropriate after seeing the laboratory results? a. Report the abnormally low count. b. Report the abnormally high count. c. Place the client on bleeding precautions. d. Place the normal report in the client’s record (key)4. When collecting a 24-hour urine specimen for creatinine clearance, it is MOST important for the to dowhich of the following? a. Obtain an order from the physician for insertion of a Foley catheter. b. Obtain the client’s weight prior to beginning the urine collection. c. Discard the last voided specimen prior to ending the collection. d. Ask if preservative is present in the container (key)5. A client with emphysema becomes restless and confused. What step should the nurse take next? a. Encourage the client to perform pursed-lip breathing.(key) b. Check the client’s temperature. c. Assess the client’s potassium level. d. Increase the client’s oxygen flow rate to 5 litre/min.6. Haloperidol (Haldol) 5 mg tid is ordered for a client with schizophrenia. Two days later, the clientcomplains of “tight jaws and a stiff neck.” The nurse should recognize that these complains are a. common side effects of antipsychotic medications that will diminish over time. b. early symptoms of extrapyramidal reactions to the medication. (key) c. psychosomatic complains resulting from a delusional system.d. permanent side effects of haldol.7. The nurse cares for a client following surgery for removal of a cataract in her right eye. The clientcomplains of severe eye’s pain in her right eye. The nurse knows this symptom a. is expected and should administer analgesic to the client b. is expected and should maintain the client on the bed rest
  2. 2. c. is unexpected and may signify s detached retina. d. is unexpected and may signify hemorrhage.(key)8. The nurse is teaching a class on natural family planning. Which of the following statements, is made by aclient, indicates that teaching has been successful? a. “When I ovulate, my basal temperature will be elevated for two days and then will decrease.” b. “My cervical mucus will be thick, cloudy, and sticky when I ovulate.” c. “Since I am regular, I will be fertile about 14 days after the beginning of my period.” (key) d. “When I ovulate, my cervix will feel firm.”9. The nurse is caring for clients on the pediatric ward. An eight –old- year client with second- and thirddegreeburn on the right thigh is being admitted. The nurse should assign the new client to which one ofthe following roommates? a. A two-year-old with chicken pox b. A four-year-old with asthma (key) c. A nine-year-old with acute diarrhea d. A ten-year-old with methicillin-resistant staph auerus (MRSA)10. Which one is the characteristic to high risk of suffocation in the infant? a. Because the nasal cavity is wide b. Because the respiratory tract has small diameter (key) c. Because the epiglottis is in the low position d. Because the occupied ratio of tongue in the mouth is small11. Which is incorrect one as the explanation of chlamydiosis in female? a. The symptoms easily become apparent. (key) b. It might be caused of infertility. c. The partner of female should be treated. d. Pelvic inflammatory disease can be occurred.12. The nurse is caring for an RH negative mother who has delivered an Rh positive child. The mother states,“The doctor told me about Rho GAM, but I’m still a little confused.” Which of the following responses, ifmade by the nurse, is MOST appropriate? a. “Rho GAM is given to your child to prevent the development of antibodies.” b. “Rho GAM is given to your child to supply the necessary antibodies.” c. “Rho GAM is given to you to prevent the formation of antibodies.” (key) d. “Rho GAM is given to you to encourage the production of antibodies.”13. A nurse in a maternity unit is reviewing the records of the clients on the unit. Which client would the nurseidentify as being at the greatest risk for developing disseminated coagulation (DIC)? a. A primigravida with mild pre-eclampsia b. A primigravida who delivered a 10-lb baby 3hours ago c. A gravida II who has just been diagnoses with dead fetus syndrome (key) d. A gravida IV who delivered 8 hours ago and has lost 500 mL of blood14. To determine the structural relationship of one hospital department with another, the nurse should consultwhich of the following? a. Organization chart (key) b. Job descriptions c. Personnel policies d. Policies and procedure manual15. A new unit nurse, manager is holding her first staff meeting. The manager greets the staff and commentsthat she has been employed to bring about performance improvement. The manager provides a plan thatshe developed, as well as a list of tasks and activities for which each staff member must volunteer toperform. In addition, she instructs staff members to report any problems directly to her. What type ofleadership style do the new manager’s characteristics suggest? a. Autocratic (key) b. Situational c. Democratic d. Laisses-faire