Sakai Cost Savings Webinar Feb 12 2009


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Sakai Cost Savings Webinar Feb 12 2009

  1. 1. rSmart Presents: Introduction to Sakai How Sakai can save your institution money while providing robust LMS capabilities Thursday, February 12, 2009
  2. 2. Agenda Mike Zackrison ‣  IT landscape on campus VP of Marketing, rSmart ‣  Introduction to Sakai Spencer Harris Higher Education Consultant, rSmart ‣  Sakai the “community” ‣  Sakai the “software” ‣  rSmart’s services can save money ‣  Sakai demonstration ‣  How to get started with Sakai ‣  Q&A
  3. 3. Budget Cuts, 2008 percentage of institutions reporting budget reductions for academic computing over prior year funding, 2000 - 2008 2000 2008 Source: The Campus Computing Project
  4. 4. Budgets Trends by IT Function, 2008 percentage of institutions reporting budget increases or budget cuts, by IT budget function Increase Cut Central IT Academic Adm. ERP Network IT Emergency Wireless Services Computing Computing Software Networking Servers Security Notification & Services Source: The Campus Computing Project
  5. 5. Rising Use of IT in Instruction Learning Management Tools (CMS/LMS) percentage of courses using CMS/LMS by sector, 2000-2008 2000 2008 Source: The Campus Computing Project
  6. 6. Open Source LMS Deployment, 2007-2008 percentages by sector, 2007 vs. 2008 2007 2008 Source: The Campus Computing Project
  7. 7. Migrating to Open Source ERP Apps by 2013? percentage reporting very likely to migrate by sector, 2008 (scale score: 1=not likely; 7=highly likely; data for scores of 6 or 7) Public Research Private Research Public 4-Year Private 4-Year Community Universities Universities Colleges Colleges Colleges Source: The Campus Computing Project
  8. 8. Sakai: The Community •  Collaborative educational software initiative between Michigan, Indiana, MIT and Academic Institutions Stanford, funded by Mellon Foundation •  Membership ~ 120 academic institutions and 15 commercial affiliates around the Standards Non-profits world Bodies •  Project activities coordinated by the Sakai Foundation, a non-profit 501 (C3), charged with ensuring viability of community and Commercial Enterprises software •  9 product releases since 2004
  9. 9. Sakai: The Community 200+ Production and Pilot Instances on 7 continents Sample Implementations Worldwide with Approximate Size Institutions Users Indiana, UNISA 130,000+ Michigan 60,000+ UC Berkeley, Cape Town, Etudes Consortium, New England (AU), 11,000 - 50,000 Valencia, Virginia Tech, Yale, Cerritos College, University of Hawaii, RINET Cambridge University, La Salle, Charles Sturt, Fernando Pessoa, 1,000 - 10,000 Lleida, Mount Holyoke, Northwestern, Rice, Roskilde, Saginaw Valley, UC Merced, Whitman, Arteveldehogeschool, eTech Ohio, Columbia Earth Institute, OHSU, Limerick, Marist College, University of Baltimore Corporations: Performance Learning Systems, Holmes Corporation
  10. 10. rSmart’s Role in Open Source Communities
  11. 11. About rSmart Supporting Open Source Innovations in Education We are the leading open source application software company serving the education market. It’s our passion Open Source Projects and only focus. We package, certify, service, and support a suite of enterprise financial, collaboration and learning applications that power the Education Enterprise. We have been instrumental in establishing and sustaining some of the most visible open source projects in education.
  12. 12. About rSmart’s Business and Offerings OS Adoption Services Perceived lack of •  Installation support is a primary •  Configuration barrier to open source (OS) adoption •  Customization •  Integration •  Training •  Consulting •  Hosting The “Red Hat” for OS Education Applications
  13. 13. rSmart / Sakai Value Proposition ‣  Outstanding product ‣  Community innovation ‣  Open source freedom ‣  Commercial support ‣  Superior value
  14. 14. Examples of Saving License Fees pricing
  15. 15. Examples of Resource Savings rSmart Enables: •  You to use Sakai with fewer technical resources •  You to focus more of your resources on constituent service instead of servicing technology •  You to use Sakai with the same staff you use to support Bb and other vended solutions. SELF SUPPORTED rSmart SUPPORTED SAKAI
  16. 16. Sakai: The Software ‣  Next generation collaboration and learning environment ‣  Teaching, Learning, Scholarly Collaboration, Research, (LMS, CMS, CLE, VLE, VRE) ‣  Built by the world’s leading educational institutions ‣  By and for Education - Enlightened self-interest ‣  Unmatched innovation in OS software development ‣  4 years, 9 releases,over 60 tools (wiki, blog, podcasting, portfolio, polls, web services, gallery, statistics, grad tools, evaluations, online live meeting, forums, assessment, reporting) ‣  Enterprise ready (performs w/ 130,000 users, integration, code) ‣  Freely available under an OS license
  17. 17. Sakai: The Software Teaching & Learning ePortfolios Groups and Projects
  18. 18. rSmart Sakai CLE Demo
  19. 19. Getting Started with Sakai
  20. 20. rSmart Sakai CLE Adoption Package ‣  Includes: ‣  Services and Training Software Support ‣  ‣  Configuration requirements session Hosting* (onsite) ‣  Six months standard support ‣  Functional and admin training (onsite) ‣  Up to 500 users ‣  Branding and skinning ‣  Ability to expand as needed ‣  LDAP integration *Can be deployed onsite if preferred ‣  SIS integration ‣  Cost: $25K Timeline: 4 to 6 weeks Installation
  21. 21. Questions and Contact Don’t miss: TRY SAKAI Webinar: mySakai 101 February 17, 2009 on our server eLearning 2009 Portland, OR February 21 – 24, 2009 Webinar: rSmart Client Panel March 5, 2009 Contact us: on your server Mike Zackrison Spencer Harris General