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Brochure Cover

  1. 1. For nearly 40 years, Rimpull has been a proud leader in off-highway vehicles and products. From Rimpull strives to produce our 67-acre corporate plant site in Olathe, Kansas, we have launched an expanded product the best off-highway vehicles line to include several hundred vehicles. for the best value. Since 1971, Rimpull has set a standard of excellence through innovation, custom manufacturing and strategic services. Rimpull Corporation is a medium-sized manufacturer of customized haulage vehicles 1971 for the leaders in the mining and arctic oil field industries. For nearly 40 years, we’ve focused on providing and supporting quality-assembled, high-performance products. Rimpull is founded in Kansas City, Our formula for success is built on financial stability, innovative design, trust and personal 1975 Missouri, and moves to its 67-acre attention to the customer’s application and technical needs. Our highly experienced plant site in Olathe, Kansas, in 1974. Rimpull manufactures its first engineers and field service technicians are dedicated to our customers, offering personalized fleet of seven model CW-150 service with responsive parts and technical service support. bottom-dump coal haulers. 1978 Our strategic vision is to produce simple, safe and durable off-highway vehicles and Rimpull develops the world’s parts for the best possible value. 1982 first 120-ton mechanical drive rear-dump truck haulers. Rimpull manufactures a fleet of RD-100 100-rated mechanical-drive rear-dump trucks. 1987 Rimpull has a product line of 18 1989 different off-highway vehicles. The first RT-30T Arctic roadless tractor-trailer is The first CW-170 bottom-dump delivered to the North Slope of Alaska. coal hauler fleet is delivered. 1990 1995 Rimpull develops and delivers Rimpull delivers its first the world’s first 270-ton fleet of CW-200 bottom- bottom-dump trailer-train dump coal vehicles. coal hauler fleet and the first 280-ton capacity tractor-trailer vehicles using Rimpull’s proprietary 1,500 horsepower mechanical drive axles. 2005–2008 Rimpull produces it first Dart Model 5140B 420-ton 2007–2008 salt trailer-train vehicle and Rimpull delivers its first fleet delivers a RT-30T roadless of RT-40T roadless tundra transport Arctic tundra tractor- tractor-trailer haulers to trailer to Alaska’s North Slope. Alaska’s North Slope. 2005
  2. 2. Rimpull’s vehicles are easy to maintain and built to last. Control per hour operating costs with an optimized vehicle. From tire size to load size — the details matter. Rimpull has been a tractor-trailer bottom-dump specialist since 1971. Our off-highway You choose the right size vehicle for your mining needs. vehicles are custom manufactured specifically to the client’s mining needs. Your mine is like no other. Rimpull’s “site specific” engineering services will design the right vehicle to fit your mining application. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest tier compliant power trains and control systems.
  3. 3. Vehicle performance is increased with upgraded, modern tier-compliant power trains and increased payload capacities. Rimpull’s fleet renewal program offers recertification of existing vehicles with custom remanufacturing options for various models. Choose the customized features and Vehicle reliability is on par with new vehicles and warranted the same. upgrades to renew your fleet to like-new condition with maximum ROI benefits. The result from increased productivity and decreased operating costs may yield a ROI Economic justification for Fleet Renewal over a 2- to 3-year payback period is based of 1.5 to double that of purchasing new vehicles at current costs. on the combined factors of increased fleet productivity, increased vehicle operating availability, reduced vehicle annual maintenance costs and personnel savings from a Fleet Renewal can be financed using Expense budget instead of Capital budget funds reduced fleet size. to achieve a 2- to 3-year payback. New Cummins Engine Remanufactured/upgraded Allison transmission. New decking and sheet metal. New state-of-the-art cab and deck assembly.
  4. 4. Our transmission program focuses on high-quality assembly using genuine Allison parts and Rimpull designed modifications and upgrades. Each customer’s We custom design trailer bodies for site-specific coal, salt and dirt operations. Trailers utilize Rimpull Axles specifications are site specific in design for maximum operational life and low for dry brake or wet disc brake applications, along with our 12”, 18”, 20” or 23” ball hitch assemblies. cost-per-hour performance. All transmissions are tested for several hours at In addition to manufacturing trailer assemblies for Rimpull and Dart trucks, we also perform complete operating temperature on our 1,000 HP load capable dynamometer. conversions of other prime movers, from end-dump to tractor-trailer applications. Services include: The benefits of our transmission program include: Trailer body customized to fit with prime mover. Custom engineered design and modifications. Trailer designed to match primary loading equipment for load optimization and fit. Use of genuine Allison parts and Rimpull upgrades. Trailer axle assembly. Quality removal and installation of every transmission. Tractor-trailer ball hitch assembly. Review and upgrade of components to ensure overall life of the Sheet metal, rear fenders, decks and mud flap assemblies. entire drive train system. Turn arrestor assembly. Technical support and training from an experienced team. Systems conversion — air, hydraulic, braking, dump door, and electrical systems. In-pit review of haul roads and ramp conditions for optimized productivity. Braking certifications and weight studies. We sell directly to customers, not through dealers. This brings efficiency, cost savings, responsiveness and an ability to deliver timely solutions to our customers. We stay in direct contact with our customers, making it easy to identify and respond to customer needs. Rimpull’s policy is to provide products and services that meet the initial and continuing needs and expectations of our customers.
  5. 5. Ranging from environmentally-friendly ground bearing pressures of 7 to14 psi, the inflation of each tire is operator controlled to selectively provide up to 50 percent more ground contact With the RT-40T, Rimpull is the world leader in roadless vehicle technology. The RT-40T performs area giving more traction when it’s required. as an all-weather “land barge” for remote area haulage over Arctic tundra, snow, ice and sand terrain. Unique features include: Reliable operation in – 40° F ambient temperatures. High gradability and side-slope stability for high CG in extreme roadless conditions. Power train meets modern Tier 3 and J1939 environmental standards. Transmits chassis payloads and drive torque to the ground through 14 large-footprint, smooth-tread balloon tires. The RT-40T represents the third generation of evolutionary design in a 50-year technology. The RT-40T spreads an 80,000-pound payload over Rimpull 60’’ x 72’’ tires. As a result, the RT-40T’s huge ground contact area eliminates damage to terrain.