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Understanding design through biology


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Published in: Design, Technology

Understanding design through biology

  1. 1. Understanding Design through Biology (Beyond Biomimicry)Dr. Ricardo Sosa
  2. 2. MorphologyEvolution Physiology LifeDevelopment Ethology Ecology
  3. 3. Structure (phenotype) Features (genetics), Creativity Function: (mutation), needs, Imitation, Industry desires (phylogeny) Design Ontogeny (product lifecycle) Performance, Experience affordances, (adaptation, meaning genomics/prote Market omics) dynamics, Co mpetitors (fitness, epigeDr. Ricardo Sosa netics)
  4. 4. DesignDr. Ricardo Sosa
  5. 5. Gero, J S ‘Design prototypes: a knowledge representation schema for design’ AI Magazine Vol 11 No 4 (1990) 26–36
  6. 6.
  7. 7. m/human-centered-design- toolkit/