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Fit presentation: starbucks app


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Fit presentation: starbucks app

  1. 1. “IT’S NOT JUST COFFEE, IT’S STARBUCKS.” APP Rebecca Schultz
  2. 2. Mission Statement  The purpose of the Starbucks App is to benefit people who are in a hurry to get their coffee in the morning or anytime. The app gives you the ability to make your drink on your iPhone, Blackberry or Android and then from there it sends it over to your local Starbucks. By the time you get there, your drink will be ready. 1/29/2015 3 Rebecca Schultz: Starbucks App
  3. 3. Product Features  Fast and easy to use plus you can build your drink just the way you like it  Pay on application using your Starbucks card & credit card or at Starbucks  Able to track when drink will be ready  Available for FREE 1/29/2015 4 Rebecca Schultz: Starbucks App
  4. 4. Competition  Dunkin Donuts mobile device application: It allows you to make a group order. “Start a run at from your computer, mobile device, or our iPhone application . You are now "the runner", and pick which friends you'd like to invite by providing their email or mobile phone number (no spaces or dashes e.g. 1234567890).  Select what you want from the menu, and we'll contact your friends and tell them to do the same.  Go get the goods. We'll compile all orders for you, and you can print it out or have it sent to your mobile device (if you print it, just hand the print out to the Dunkin' crew member at the shop and they'll take it from there).  ENJOY! Bring the goodies back, and enjoy the deliciousness, along with the hero worship from your friends.”  1/29/2015 5 Rebecca Schultz: Starbucks App
  5. 5. Existing Starbucks Apps  There are already two different Starbucks apps: iPhone or Blackberry  Starbucks Card Mobile: This app lets you manage your Starbucks Card. “And in many stores, it’s also the fastest way to pay for your order – just scan and go.”  myStarbucks: “If you’re looking for a Starbucks or considering your menu options, it’s got everything you need to know about our drinks and coffees.”  apps#/mobile-applications 1/29/2015 6 Rebecca Schultz: Starbucks App
  6. 6. Pros and Cons  Cons:  Only the people that have a smart phone can use the app  Not many people will be in the store  Computer equipment in order to receive the orders  Pros:  More people might consider buying smart phones for this reason  No long lines  Option of paying on the app or in the store  Efficent 1/29/2015 7 Rebecca Schultz: Starbucks App
  7. 7. Goals and Objectives  Promote Starbucks more  Beat out Dunkin Donuts and other competitors  Be consider the #1 source of coffee on the run 1/29/2015 8 Rebecca Schultz: Starbucks App
  8. 8. Opportunities  More Business  Less Stressing on employees  Increase revenue 1/29/2015 9 Rebecca Schultz: Starbucks App
  9. 9. Business Concept  The whole concept of Starbucks app is to make it easier for society to get their favorite coffee anytime of day 1/29/2015 10 Rebecca Schultz: Starbucks App
  10. 10. Other Promotion  To add more promotion to the application, Starbucks should use Miley Cyrus as their spokesperson.  She is hard working singer/actresses that loves her Starbucks and this app would benefit her from taking a lot of time out of her busy schedule 1/29/2015 11 Rebecca Schultz: Starbucks App
  11. 11. Pricing  The Starbucks app will be free just like the other ones.  This way everyone can use it without worrying about paying $2.99 for its service 1/29/2015 12 Rebecca Schultz: Starbucks App