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Implementing Private Database Clouds


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Oracle presentation from Gartner's Infrastructure, Operations & Data Centre Summit held in Sydney March 2010. Presentation delivered by Roland Slee, VP Database Product Management. Explains how customers can consolidate Oracle Database workloads onto a scale-out, industry-standard platform.

A brief audio summary of this presentation is available online here:

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Implementing Private Database Clouds

  1. 1. Implementing Private Database Clouds Real-World Experience of Database Consolidation on Scale-Out Platforms
  2. 2. Roland Slee Vice President, Database Product Management Oracle Corporation Asia Pacific & Japan
  3. 3. Everyone Is Talking About Cloud
  4. 4. NIST Definition of Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on- demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This cloud model promotes availability and is composed of: 5 Essential Characteristics 3 Service Models 4 Deployment Models • On-demand self-service • SaaS • Public Cloud • Resource pooling • PaaS • Private Cloud • Rapid elasticity • IaaS • Community Cloud • Measured service • Hybrid Cloud • Broad network access Source: NIST Definition of Cloud Computing v15
  5. 5. What Everyone Wants • Mainframe-class QoS on an agile, low-cost, virtualised infrastructure • Without having to devise the architecture yourself • Without having to modify and re-test applications • Knowing that applications will run faster and more reliably in the new environment
  6. 6. But Getting to the Cloud is Not Easy • Many applications are not cloud enabled • Many workloads don’t scale-out transparently • Many organisations don’t have resources to manage the change
  7. 7. Oracle - A Cloud-Ready Workload Oracle RAC Scales-Out Transparently HR SALES ERP • Runs any Oracle Database application • Active-Active: highly scalable and available • Adapts automatically to changing workloads
  8. 8. “Don’t Try This At Home” • A vendor certified and integrated configuration is best when you’re pushing the boundaries • Large pool of customers running the same configuration enhances supportability • Integrated Oracle software stack enhances control and mitigates risk
  9. 9. Component vs. Integrated System Integrated System Architecture Integrated System Architecture Oracle 3rd Party Component Architecture Applications Applications Application Server Oracle Database Opportunity Database Improve Clusterware 3rd Party service Systems File System and Software lower Volume Manager cost 3rd Party Database Servers & Machine Storage Exadata Horizontal solutions Optimized solutions User integrated Oracle integrated
  10. 10. Leading Australian Bank Implements Oracle Database as a Service • Consolidates 300+ Oracle Databases onto three grids • Includes mission-critical, customer-facing applications • Implements Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture • Enhances performance & reliability while reducing cost • Increases DBA productivity • Small team of expert DBAs able to serve large portfolio of systems • Implements “pay for use” model for business users • Business users recognise the superior economics of the solution
  11. 11. Oracle Customer’s Grid Evolution Cluster of Low-Cost Intel / Linux Servers Configured by Oracle Cluster of Enterprise-Class, High Cost Unix Servers Configured by Customer Cluster of Low- Cost Unix Servers Configured by Customer
  12. 12. The Sun / Oracle Database Machine A Pre-Configured, Massively Parallel Enterprise Grid Best for Data Warehousing Best for OLTP Best for Consolidation
  13. 13. Best Database Consolidation Machine • Consolidates many different workloads onto one system • Warehouse oriented bulk data processing ERP • OLTP oriented random updates • Multimedia oriented streaming files CRM • The Sun Oracle Database Machine Warehouse handles any combination of workloads with extreme performance • And predictable response times Data Mart HR • Dramatic new consolidation capabilities
  14. 14. Consolidate Storage • Exadata and ASM allow all storage servers to be shared across databases ERP • Shared Configuration • Advanced data striping spreads every database across CRM all storage servers • Eliminates hot-spots and captive unused space • Full storage grid performance available to all databases Warehouse • Database or cluster level storage security Data Mart • Predictable Performance HR • Exadata I/O resource manager prioritizes I/Os to ensure predictable performance • At user, job, application, or database level • No need for isolated storage islands
  15. 15. Consolidate Servers • Many databases can run on Database Machine servers • Shared Configuration ERP CRM • Applications connect to a database service that runs on one or more database nodes • Services can grow, shrink, & move dynamically Warehouse • Large databases can span nodes using RAC • Multiple small databases can run on a single node HR Data • Predictable performance Mart • Instance caging provides predictable CPU resources when multiple databases run on the same node • Restricts a database to subset of processors
  16. 16. Start Small and Grow Quarter Half Full Rack Rack Rack
  17. 17. Scale Performance and Capacity • Scalable • Redundant and Fault • Scale to an 8-rack database machine Tolerant by just connecting networks • Failure of any component is tolerated • Scales to hundreds of storage servers • Data is mirrored across storage servers • Multi-petabyte databases
  18. 18. In Conclusion • The Oracle Database is a grid-enabled workload • Lends itself to database consolidation on low-cost, industry-standard infrastructure • Oracle now has a pre-built, optimised platform for database consolidation • Real, local, customers have proven it works
  19. 19. Questions – 19 –