Social Business Outreach Engagement Strategies For 2013


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My clients value the transparency of my approach. For more than 9 years now I have been able to explore, examine and implement a variety of tactical social media engagements with measurable results.

Most businesses find they don't know which tools to use or how to effectively utilize them. It takes a unique blend of expertise and experience that will drive expected results.

Since 2004, my clients have looked to me to establish how new technologies and social media channels can solve business problems, improve business processes and achieve a competitive advantage that will positively impact the bottom-line results. This examines the value I bring to my clients.

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  • The information sharing system that we now know of as the Internet was founded on the principle of freedom. It is a freedom that permits open and free discourse, innovation, and collaboration on interconnected networks; freedom that allows for constant expansion. As a result, we live in a world where technology enables pervasive, perpetual social change and young people are at the forefront driving that change. - See more at:
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Social Business Outreach Engagement Strategies For 2013

  1. 1. Leveraging Your Business Initiatives via Social Media Outreach, LeadGeneration and Competitive IntelligenceThe companies that perform best over time build a social purpose into their operations that isas important as their economic purpose. —Harvard Business ReviewSummaryA new in-depth study by the McKinsey Global Institute indicates an estimated annual $900billion to $1.3 trillion of business value can be unlocked through the use of social technologies.The reason most people don’t get the results they are looking for with Social Media is becausethey go about it the wrong way. “80 percent of marketers incorrectly begin with tactics insteadof goals.” -eMarketer Report. My clients share similar concerns with me everyday. And thesuccess of your initiatives is determined by the clarity, volume, velocity and frequency in howand who you share with.Businesses that have adopted social media strategies are realizing that obtaining the resultsthey want will take more time than they anticipate. And most businesses find they dont knowwhich tools to use or how to effectively utilize them. Businesses today must engage provenexpertise that will work with the current infrastructure to ensure achievable results. It takes aunique blend of expertise and experience that will drive expected results.Many benefits can be a result from properly implemented and maintained social mediaengagements. Here are some of the more critical areas where I am able to leverage my socialmedia skills for your efforts.* Building Your Company/Community Brand* Increased Website Traffic and Inquiries
  2. 2. * Engagement Campaigns* Pre-qualified Prospects* Increased Sales* Customer Feedback* Recruitment* Reputation Management* Competitive Intelligence“In 2013, what are companies focusing on?... The #1 initiative is now online communities”―Michael Fauscette Analyst IDCScope of Work (including, but not limited to)● Engage and interact with targeted Professional Groups/Communities/Pages● Promote existing company and industry-related content● Connect and Engage with qualified contacts via Social Media● Contribute relevant content via Groups, Communities and Q&A● Listen, Create and deliver content that responds to inquiries● Track and Monitor inbound activity and Company mentions● Identify and deliver qualified leads and partnership opportunities● Use social media monitoring tools to evaluate positioning relevance and participation● Implement and manage Facebook Ads, Promoted Twitter feeds, LinkedIn Ads, GoogleAdwords and leverage Cause Marketing campaigns.● Integrate SEO, web development efforts and email campaigns.● SPAM is more intrusive than ever. Report, Escalate and Remove abusive onlinebehavior.● Justify not just the progress but the ROI when many are still in a highly fluid andexperimental state.● Select on-site locations for events and fill it with pre-qualified attendees.● Train the company on social media, social business and social processes.● Educate legal, HR and compliance groups about the dynamics and specifics of onlinesocial environments.● Help you see the opportunities and identify trends and patterns that social mediaapproaches might bring to specific initiatives and long-term objectives.
  3. 3. Definitionsa Social Media Outreach Consultant: Is the person/company representing (Client)to the end user community for the purposes of promoting (Client) content viasocial media outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other outletsagreed.b Prospect: is an individual, group, community or business that (Client) hasidentified as a target audience.c Services are, but not limited to, blogging, webinars, conference calls, eventparticipation and other media content services.Services and Pricing ― Based upon scope of work required and time dedicated to client. Anymaterial costs are to be determined at time of engagement. Looking for a consultation session?I’ll share my 9+ years of time-tested valuable tips and strategies for your initiatives viasearch/social media and technology-driven solutions beginning with a one-hour session. Shouldyou decide to retain my services, I’ll apply this payment to any further engagements » $200Introductory SessionLocal Search Listings ― By creating and optimizing local search (SEO) listings, businesses canhave greater control over how they appear in local search results. Let’s discuss which plan willwork best for your business.Time for Services – Social Media Consultant agrees and understands that the time required forsuch services will vary, but Social Media Consultant agrees to contact (Client), as needed, such
  4. 4. that (Client) can effectively direct and define expectations with social media outreachinitiatives.The secret of promotion in the age of social media isnt to promote yourself. Its to promoteothers. ―Tim O’ReillyI look forward to demonstrating more than 9 years of proven expertise that will enable yourbusiness initiatives to capture online attention that will lead to market share. Please contact metoday to discuss your requirements.Sincerely,Richard SinkFounder @ Critical Connections949-226-9844rsink@critical-connections.netLinkedIn ProfileFacebook PagePinterestGoogle+TwitterSkype: richard_sinkMore than Marketing, its about Engagement!Additional References:101 examples of social business return on investment - roughly 60% revenue generation and40% cost reduction. Each example lists brand, activity, and source + year.A survey of 329 senior executives found that the vast majority of companies who had investedin social media saw a positive shift in their bottom line as a result.Building Your Brand On LinkedInHow Social Media Boosts Search Rankings (Infographic)Social Media Consultant - Is there a market for this profession?To Monetize Social Media, Humanize ItShould You Outsource Your Social Media Expertise?Why Your Business Must Go Social?Google Analytics Now Connects Social Marketing With The Bottom LineSocial Media’s Value as Research ToolWhy Social Marketing Is So HardSocial Media Is Taking Over Search & SEOIs Social Media Free?
  5. 5. How I Leveraged LinkedIn to Create a 7-Figure Business In Three YearsSocial Media Marketing for StartupsBusiness Objectives, Not “Likes,” Should Drive Social Content OptimizationThe Ingredients That Give You That Social AdvantageChoose Your Social Business Strategy Before Your ToolsThe Collaborative Revolution Is ComingHow Should Salespeople Use Social Media?Top Tips On Posting And Responding In Social MediaUse Social Media to Partner with Customers and Improve ServiceThe Rules of Social Media - #1 CooperationSocial Medias Impact on B2B Technology Decision MakingIts Not About You: The Truth About Social Media MarketingSocial Media Cheat Sheet [Infographic]Social Business Is For Job CreatorsNew Data on Social Business: Communities Are the #1 Initiative in 2013How Does Social Media Affect Purchase Decisions?