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Professional Recommendations


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These recommendations reflect more than 30 years of professional experience and contributions. Here, you will see testimonials from colleagues, clients, business partners, supervisors and a community of like-minded professionals.

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Professional Recommendations

  1. 1. 70+ Professional Recommendations Andrew Eisner Chief Operating Officer at Movable Media Richard — thanks as always for the great content for MasterCard. Your “How to Drive Awareness for your Company Via Social Media” article is still chugging out a nice stream of paid views, and the “15 Holiday Tips” article is one of the most-viewed posts on the site ever. I was curious about how you manage the different groups you belong to on LinkedIn. Do you use any tools or software to manage your accounts? Similarly, do you use any tools to manage any other social media accounts you have? I’m asking because we’re seeing that posting to appropriate forums, like the ones you participate in, can drive a lot of highly relevant traffic to our clients’ websites. We’ve actually begun recommending this to some of the author teams that we work with…December 5, 2013  Dave Lyons Founder Christian Business Co-Op Richard and I have worked together for the last 3 months or so in a Mentor/Mentee capacity. In this valuable relationship, Richard has shared his insights and vast experience in business with me, which has allowed me to learn from them, and avoid situations that I may have had challenges with! Richard is also a great guy who cares for those he works with! His skills include attention to detail, adaption to changes, ability to apply his experience to different environments and situations, and a true desire and willingness to help others! November 30, 2013 William Schneider Developer of PetLiquids
  2. 2. Richard has a vast amount of knowledge regarding social media. If you need an expert he is the one. November 19, 2013 Ricki McManuis Director of Development at College of Education at Cal State San Bernardino University Richard’s knowledge of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter exceeded my expectations. He sees the benefits of engaging your prospects through conversation. He showed me that the most effective and efficient way to do this is through social media. Do you really know how to best utilize and integrate LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to best showcase your brand and reputation? If not, you owe it to your business to call and engage with Richard. Your business will be the better for it. February 25, 2013 Paul Yrigollen Owner/Projects Director at YRIGOLLEN Design Richard has a great wealth of information concerning social networking to increase your bottom line. Social networking seems like an easy proposition, but beware, you get out of it what you put in. This means having an expert who knows how and when to dedicate time to your social networking effort. Who needs Richard's guides? Companies that want to upgrade their social networking advertising effort and companies that know they need to tap into this powerful tool but do not know how to start. January 29, 2013 Ken Johnston VP of Business Development at Gogiro Internet Group Richard has proven to be a leader of the social networking community, his ability to connect people to our business has been a pleasure to be a part of! Richard has grasped our message and show cased it in ways I did not know existed. Thanks for all your efforts has been a pleasure working with you and I highly recommend his services. September 11, 2012 Mike Dahlstedt Business Architect and Marketing Executive Richard really understands the marketing value of social media and how to leverage these networks for business results. September 8, 2012 Phil Shelton Manager, Server I/O at Unisys Richard Sink is the ultimate social media expert. He was generating business leads via LinkedIn and blogs long before newcomers flocked to jump on the bandwagon. His thorough knowledge of social media business opportunities have helped me promote a new book. I recommend Richard to anyone seeking a social media presence or looking to gain a business advantage. July 19, 2012 Jeff Kryder B2B Market Strategist, Content Developer & Social Media Delivery Guy at Content Zen I'm pleased to recommend Richard Sink to you as a knowledgeable and accomplished social media resource. I was introduced to Richard by a client, and I've had the opportunity to work with Richard for over a year on the client's marketing projects. Richard, with his expertise in identifying and posting to the right B2B social media platforms, has driven a significant number of visitor's to the client's site. I've found Richard to be creative, consistent and focused in using platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Twylah and more to increase B2B site traffic. July 15, 2012
  3. 3. Randall Crocker Proven Technology Marketing Executive ♦ Building and Executing Successful Product/Demand/Online Marketing Strategies Richard gets social media and how to make it work for business. Ask him to share his cocktail party analogy with you. If you don't already understand how to use social media, Richard will not only make you smarter, he'll deliver the social media audience your business needs. October 8, 2010  Kent Lindquist Territory Manager at Hitachi Data Systems I have utilized Richard to strengthen my social media/networking skills. He is extremely knowledgeable and provided me with profound insight into how to better utilize social networking (and specifically Linked-In) to reach a broader potential client base and to promote the merits of myself, my products, and my company to potential and existing clients. Additionally, Richard helped my son to utilize social networking to broaden his potential employer access while he was searching for employment. Richard has a deep understanding of how to utilize Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels to their fullest potential. I was truly surprised to find out the many uses for them and the mechanics each that were clearly not obvious. I highly recommend Richard to anyone seeking to broaden their use of social networking as a marketing tool or an employment tool. April 11, 2010, Jerome Wendt Owner, DCIG LLC Immediately after engaging with Richard to promote its blog content at, DCIG saw an immediate increase in visitors, page views and comments on its site. For anyone who is looking to fully realize the value of social media, they need to look no further than Richard. February 11, 2010 Wendy Worley CAPM Database Specialist at The Adoption Exchange I have only just met Richard, but he impressed me right away as someone with a great depth of knowledge of social media. He was willing to sit down and share his considerable insight on how best to use the medium. After sitting down and meeting with him, my head was swimming with ideas! His energy and friendliness is infectious. I will certainly be calling up Richard whenever I need some guidance on marketing and social media. September 17, 2009 Wayne Kinkopf Solutions Provider to my Customers Richard is a tremendous value when it comes to inbound marketing of yourself and/or your company. His knowledge and savvy in the social networking space has been invaluable to me and has increased my results by 30% via his thoughtful suggestions and coaching. I continue to use Richard as a key resource for my business and personal growth. August 21, 2009 George R. Harvey, Jr. Owner/Broker of The Harvey Team in Telluride, CO What I liked best about Richard was his patience with me. His Linkedin skills are great, but being 59 years old I am always a little pensive learning new computer skills. Richard explained everything in easy terms and continues to follow up with me. He couldn't be better for a guy like me. My highest recommendation. July 23, 2009
  4. 4. Steve Breitman President/CEO Mindful Business Solutions, An Accountant of a Different Color What I thought was a chance meeting of Richard turned out to be not. I have come to know that Richard is an expert at using LinkedIn and used it to find me. His business is helping others to harness its power. Richard has given me several key tips that have opened up new doors. If you are wondering how to leverage LinkedIn to build your business or to meet the people you want to meet, Richard is the man to help. July 22, 2009 Leanne Arent Life Coach Richard shared his expertise as a LinkedIn guru with me. He is very knowledgeable about his topic and does an excellent job of teaching it to novices. He is very personable and easy to work with. If you are looking for assistance with the new landscape of online networking, Richard is your go to guy. July 14, 2009 Eric Saunders Real Estate Broker at Telluride Properties in Telluride, CO Richard recently made a presentation to our real estate membership in Telluride and it was a tremendous benefit. His knowledge of the subject matter is unquestionable and his presentation skills were professional. Richard made himself available for any follow up questions and was the consummate professional. I can with 100% conviction recommend him strongly to anyone considering using his services. July 2, 2009 Mike Zuendel Real Estate Advisor exceeding expectations Richard has shown me the correct way to master social networking and opened my eyes to the huge possibilities awaiting. He is incredibly savvy in putting several applications to work for me. June 23, 2009 Michele Joel Entrepreneur - Social Media - Marketing - Corporate Events - Business Coaching Richard Sink is an individual who I respect and appreciate his continued support and knowledge. He "pays it forward" by offering connections, assistance, and quickly responds to any request. I fully endorse Richard as a reliable and consummate professional. May 29, 2009 Mike Schmidt Chairman/CEO - Ensemble Ventures, LLC Richard provided a good summary overview of LinkedIn tips & techniques at the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup I chair in Colorado Springs, CO, ( and If you are in need of quality LinkedIn training he is one of many qualified trainers I have met here in the Front Range of Colorado. Also his use of LinkedIn tools to support his consulting services to his clients was quite informative for our group. May 23, 2009 Maurice Washington Business Development & Planning | Business Financing | Merchant Processing Richard is very rich in knowledge of viral communication. Rich did a presentation for me at a Wed morning leads group meeting. He helped those who had no ideal how to navigate through linked n and even those who had some basic knowledge of LinkedIn expand their network and find clients for their business. I met with Rich a second time and through his network I was able
  5. 5. to find a good power partner for my credit card business. Thank you Rich and I look forward to you teaching my group another time about more things we should know to better our exposure virally. This guy doesn't have this many connections for no reason! Call him! May 10, 2009 Jeff Buttemer Channel Sales Manager at Silver Peak Systems Richard is adept at identifying opportunities, listening directly to the customer and delivering value-based technology solutions that benefit everyone involved. May 7, 2009 Paul Skach Oracle - Storage Sales I’ve had the opportunity to work with Richard as one of FalconStor’s valued partners. Richard has a unique approach to improving customer connections, mainly by maximizing his messaging through the social networking tools. I look forward to learning more from Richard and partnering where I can bring value to his customers. April 26, 2009 Dwight Klumb Northwest Commercial Account Manager at Barracuda Networks In the short time that I have been professionally affiliated with Richard, it was easy to understand why he has such a profound impact on his partner’s business initiatives. His grasp and application of new media and purpose-driven technologies is valuable and an asset for any manufacturer looking for "go-to-market" relationships. April 23, 2009 Jim Magrini Telepresence Professional Available for Opportunities Richard and I worked together on several video conferencing projects. He was easy to work with and demonstrated a professional approach to solving the clients’ problems. His industry expertise proved to be recognized and appreciated by both the client and vendor alike. March 25, 2009 Hugh Boyle QA Director at Bytemobile Richard Sink was one of the most knowledgeable and energetic Senior Account Managers I have ever worked with. Richard was responsible for the two largest accounts that our office had, and he handled these accounts with consummate professionalism. It was always a pleasure to go on site with Richard, and to learn something new. March 24, 2009 Michael Rembis Director of IT Operations Richard is someone who quickly understands your business challenges. In that same fashion, he can quickly help to architect and provision the proper solution with attention to detail and providing great service and follow-up. March 5, 2009 Deborah Dawicki DBA Infrastructure, Security+ Cert, RedHat Linux Cert System Administrator (RHCSA), Oracle 11g DBA Cert LTI Richard is a visionary, he has enormous insight into Technology and it's scalability and placement within many sized organizations. I would highly recommend Richard as a consummate professional and a superior achiever. March 3, 2009
  6. 6. Evan Sohn Senior Sales and Market Development Executive I have been working with Richard since the summer of 2008. He has quickly become a key asset and partner to Salesconx. He is a consistent contributor to the business who always looks out for his clients. I look forward to working with him and our continued mutual success. October 29, 2008 Bill Barie PMP, Senior Infrastructure Project Manager Richard is a pleasure to work with and always brings a lot of knowledge to the project. He is always able to provide innovative solutions to solve problems and is very knowledgeable with the latest technologies. October 13, 2008 Art Williams Project Manager at Corelink Administrative Solutions Richard is an articulate, well organized, efficient professional who demonstrates an uncanny ability to get the most out of technology in addressing business issues. He is a great teacher and is committed to knowledge sharing with those fortunate enough to work with him. September 22, 2008 Rick Matson Sales Executive- Networking and Cloud at Citrix Systems Richard has the talent and due-diligence to help organizations transform their go-to-market strategies. He is not only a performer but an over achiever. September 7, 2008 Brian Crouch Channel Manager - Western Region Richard is a fun to work with. He can draw attention to his product by his great contacts and relationships he has. He has a great reputation in the IT industry. August 23, 2008 Adam Schoolsky Lead Sales Engineer at Richard and I worked together at Ascend Communications; he was an Account Manager and I was his Systems Engineer. Richard always displayed the highest level of professionalism, and was able to open doors at even the most difficult of accounts. It was a pleasure to have been on his team. August 18, 2008 Jim Jenkins Western Region Director of Sales at SimpliVity Corporation My experience with Richard consistently showed him to be an excellent and focused sales manager and partner with creativity to win at everything he did. Richard was able to locate a large volume of end users who were well qualified and interested in our products. I look forward to working with him again to grow our mutual businesses. August 1, 2008 Cliff Anderson Broker/ Owner - Real Estate of Winter Park Richard has been a significant contributor in my ability to grasp and apply the valuable nuances of technology advancements over the years. He has helped me leverage new technologies for the
  7. 7. benefit of my professional goals and objectives. And he shares this enthusiasm with those willing to learn. July 31, 2008 Brian Mara F5 Networks - Enterprise Account Executive Richard's customer first approach and 'get it done' attitude were critical in assisting our team break into net new accounts and delivering value. His account presence and business acumen were vital to driving revenue and expanding the business; he was fantastic to work with and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again! June 23, 2008 Mike Lance Manager, UCS Products at Cisco Systems I've worked with Richard for over 6 years and have the highest regard for his passion for customers, integrity, and ability to tailor solutions to customer needs. June 3, 2008 Jim Alexander Senior Business Development Consultant Richard is very resourceful and along with his professional network of clients had a huge impact in my quarterly new customer pipeline activity. May 27, 2008 Hugh Tebault President at The Latham Foundation My experience with Richard is of a highly qualified Sales Director who can manage the sales pipeline and sales region budget details while providing customers the highest level of service and respect. Our work at Ascend Communication was successful and rewarding. April 26, 2008 Robert M. Stewart, II CEO Alert Computing, LLC Richard has keep our company up to date with the latest technology available in his areas of expertise. He has always been there when needed! April 10, 2008 Fred Custodio Director, Information Technology at Toshiba Richard has consistently demonstrated his commitment to guarantee his customer’s success. He is always willing to invest the time and introduce us to resources necessary to ensure that my teams’ projects are completed on time and within budget. Richard’s creativity, innovation, and dedication to help resolve business issues is truly exemplary of his “Can Do” attitude, knowledge, and experience April 2, 2008 Ron Mack National Account Manager at Macquarie Equipment Finance Richard is a very easy to work with. He brings a vast knowledge of IT architecture and a great value to his clients. I have enjoyed working with him on lease opportunities. March 27, 2008 Stan Beltz Major Accounts Manager at Toshiba America Business Solutions Richard has dedicated himself to ensuring that my company has maximized budgetary dollars on every IT project. From tech refresh to managed services, Richard has exceeded our
  8. 8. expectations. I can highly recommend him to anybody who is in need of IT expertise that improves your bottom line. March 26, 2008 Mark Nagel President at Willing Minds LLC I have worked known Richard for many years and believe he is one of the few folks in sales who takes the time to really understand both the products he represents as well as the customer's true needs. March 25, 2008 Richard Bevando Security Sales Specialist at HP Enterprise Security Richard is a reliable IT Professional who was instrumental in our development of a VAR program. His efforts on several mission critical client projects were all extremely successful. Richard established excellent rapport with our team throughout the process. March 25, 2008 Mike McKee, MCSE Technical Product Specialist at Quest Software I have worked with Richard through my last two companies. He was an excellent solution provider given my problems. He delivered and stood behind his solution with great customer service. I would highly recommend him. March 22, 2008 Keith Hedley Digital Media Development & Docent Richard and I have worked together on numerous projects for more than 20 years now. He is insightful and technically perceptive as an IT professional. His attention to detail and thoroughness in his professional approach is impressive and it is my pleasure to continue to work with him throughout his career. March 21, 2008 Cyrus Rafii Director of Business Development at LineRate Systems Richard is a skilled salesperson who provides his customers with value by understanding their needs and providing them with the best total solution to meet those needs. Richard was an excellent partner who went above and beyond to learn our products and get our solutions in front of his considerable customer base. I would highly recommend him as a partner to any other manufacturer looking to develop their business in his territory. March 14, 2008 John W. Harvey President of The Harvey Insurance Company and Board Member at United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County Richard is a current business partner of The Harvey Company Insurance Services. With his knowledge of IT infrastructure, he has helped us develop long term relationships with our clients and the insurance carriers we represent. In addition, he has been very instrumental with our new business development. It is obvious to me that his clients respect him and trust his suggestions. March 11, 2008 Don Henry Senior Account Manager at TE Connectivity I worked with Richard during my time at Procera Networks - he impressed me not only with his knowledge of IT infrastructure, but also and more importantly with his dedication to truly solving problems and providing cost efficient solution offerings to his end clients. During my
  9. 9. participation in joint discussions with himself and his end clients, it became obvious to me that his clients respect him, and trust his guidance and suggestions. March 10, 2008 Tony Brodnik Computer Forensics at Lorain Community College It was a pleasure supporting Richard in my role as Sales Engineer, while at BICC Data networks. Richard is very professional, detail oriented, has strong technical knowledge and excellent customer relations. March 10, 2008 Eric Weatherby Network and Security Architect, and Volunteer in Youth Programs Richard is a reliable technology consultant who really took an Interest in my company’s initiatives. Would work with him again. March 10, 2008 Francisco Hernandez IT Engineering & Operations Richard consistently brings value to our business through his ability to identify opportunity and deliver quality solutions. October 18, 2006 Cody Cain GM at YankeeCarbon Richard was dedicated and tireless. He worked well within the group and delivered outstanding results. His creativity and passion helped to create a fun and exciting atmosphere within the company. July 2, 2008 Carey Earle Director, Market Development at National Life Group Richard is a dynamic and driven sales person with an uncanny ability to connect to people, quickly immerse himself in a problem and develop solutions. May 1, 2008 Bill Mazur Hi-tech industry Lead Gen / Inside Sales (Individual Contributor and Manager) & Sales Operations professional Richard is a very positive and customer oriented Sales professional. He has a personable “down to earth” approach and he is conscientious. It was a pleasure to support the Sales efforts of Richard because I knew I could rely on him to take good care of the client. May 21, 2008 Larry Null Senior Vice President at Lee & Associates I have known Richard professionally for over 20 years and I would Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated, dependable and energetic professional in the technology industry. His experience in business management makes him a valuable resource to any organization. April 21, 2008 Robert Geusic Regional Sales Director at Radware Richard demonstrates leadership in all areas professional life. His diligence honesty and integrity make working with him a pleasure. April 2, 2008
  10. 10. Gary Calderon Sr. Director, Major Accounts, Visionael Richard is a proven professional in the high tech industry. He has broad knowledge of every aspect of the Information Technology infrastructure. His reliability and efficiency as a business partner has always provided the maximum opportunity possible for all involved. April 1, 2008 Josh Wells Territory Sales Manager at Datalink For several years I worked very closely with Richard selling Telebit Modems and other solutions. Richard always spent time Listening to the client, and Listening to me as his channel partner. We collectively had MANY MANY huge wins and each developed a customer following. I personally hold Richard in the highest regard and would relish the opportunity to be of a team he is on. July 30, 2009 Curt Johnson Western Area Sales Engineer at Silver Spring Networks I truly enjoyed working with Richard. He provides the perfect blend of technical know how with the details of a project manager. His honesty and integrity made him a great business partner. June 12, 2009 Dave Sykes CEO We sold a lot of Telebit at Andataco and Richard was one of the primary reasons. We only sold for companies where we trusted the sales organization and Richard was one of those sales executives that fit our model. Products can come and go, but people like Richard are what keep you coming back to the company that he represents. January 13, 2009 Ray Renaud VP - Sales Fundamental Solutions Richard was able to present to decision makers the Value Proposition and why the Ungermann- Bass products would be the best solution to increase productivity and save money to the bottom line. December 29, 2012 Bruce Sealy Video Network Engineer at VBrick Systems Richard was our account manager when I was with General Dynamics. We embarked on an extensive broadband infrastructure deployment with Ungermann-Bass equipment and Richard was instrumental in making sure that we had the right equipment specified and that it was available on a timely basis. His attention and assistance led to the project being a complete success. I enjoyed working with Richard and would welcome the opportunity to do so again. October 20, 2011 Michael Francini Sales/Technical Marketing Engineer at Arista Networks, Inc. Dick was a solid customer advocate while at UB networks. He used his connections at corporate to both satisfy his customers and make needed sales. His success was due to his commitment, focus and resourcefulness. Dick is a great person to work with! October 22, 2008
  11. 11. Ernie Funari Regional Sales Manager - Brocade Richard always worked well with the team and treated all members with respect. He is very attentive to customer needs and very good at following up. He understands the sales process and is able to achieve results above and beyond expectations. Richard would be a great asset to any sales organization. May 2, 2008 Erick Contag Chief Operating Officer at Brasil Telecom GlobeNet I had the pleasure of working with Richard during the early years of LAN technology and have stayed in touch since. He was instrumental in building a deep and far-reaching business relationship between Ungermann-Bass and UCSD, taking the time to fully understand the needs of a large and complex organization. You can always count on Richard; he is an extremely reliable technology professional, pays attention to detail and flawless execution. March 26, 2008 Diane (Archer) Thompson Founder and President at Cortizza, LLC Richard was an excellent account manager an Ungermann-Bass. My role was to start a VAR sale channel at a company that was previously direct only. This was a challenging transition for the sales organization and the company. Richard was supportive of my efforts and a team player who could be counted on to be part of the "solution". Richard would be a valued player in any sales organization. March 11, 2008 Gary Sherry Channel Account Manager - Networking Specialist - Western Region at Avaya Richard was a great account manager. He was able to identify and opportunity and quickly close it. He built great relations and customer liked doing business with him. March 9, 2008 Michial Trayler Communications Infrastructure Expert I was a sales engineer at this time supporting my sales team of which Richard was a member. Richard demonstrated a strong sales drive and managed a great balance of account management skills while driving sales projects to a steady close. He developed loyal and trusted relationships with his clients and consistently and timely used the appropriate resource, such as myself, to keep a close moving to completion. Richard stays focused on developing a great personal relationship with his clients. March 14, 2008