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Workforce Acquisition.Brochure


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Kronos Workforce Acquisition and Talent Management

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Workforce Acquisition.Brochure

  1. 1. What’s The Most ImportantDecision You’ll Ever MakeAbout This Frontline Employee? HIRING
  2. 2. … The First One – Whether You Hire Him.Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, or another service-related enterprise,your success depends on the quality of your frontline employees and locationmanagers. The people who engage daily with your customers. And the biggestdecision you’ll ever make about a frontline employee is the first one — do youhire them? It doesn’t matter how quickly you hire someone if he or she is thewrong fit for the job. What matters is that you’re choosing the best candidateevery time – the candidate who can repeatedly provide the highest-qualitycustomer experience. And make your business shine.Enter Kronos® Workforce Acquisition™. An automated feature-richhiring solution used to hire more frontline workers in the U.S. retail industrythan any other. Combines automation, employee selection tools, and analyticscapabilities in a complete end-to-end solution. Lets you assess and select fortraits that drive performance, find the people who will fit best and stay longest,and improve workforce quality at every location. Get a Fix on The Problem. HOW MANY SALES AND CUSTOMERS DO YOU LOSE because you don’t have the best people in your key frontline positions? ARE YOUR MANAGERS FORCED TO HIRE BASED ON INSTINCT OR INTUITION because they don’t have access to behavioral assessments and other knowledge-based selection tools that can eliminate guesswork? WHAT ARE YOUR TURNOVER COSTS when poor-fit employees have to leave because they aren’t a good match for the jobs for which they were hired? HOW MUCH TIME IS WASTED in inefficient manual, paper-based processes that distract managers from focusing on their core mission – your customers and your business?
  3. 3. Three Reasons You Need Kronos Workforce AcquisitionImprove Workforce Productivity. Tired of poor employee performance and churn? Kronos takesthe guesswork out of hiring with selection science. Our employee selection tools and behavioralassessments help avoid catastrophic hires while identifying “best fit” employees who will performbetter, stay longer, and successfully represent your brand to customers. You’ll improve theperformance of your entire frontline workforce.Control Labor Costs. Hiring is expensive. It’s especially costly when your location managers are forcedto use slow, fragmented, inefficient hiring processes that squander time and waste money. The answeris Kronos. Our end-to-end solution streamlines and drives costs out of the hiring continuum. Integrateseverything from sourcing to onboarding. And puts a smile back on your managers’ faces.Minimize Compliance Risk. From our easy-to-use hiring management console to our easy-to-under-stand analytics, Kronos offers a consistent, standardized hiring methodology that minimizes riskand maximizes corporate hiring compliance. We turn field hiring into a measurable, repeatablebusiness process that sets clear standards everyone can follow. Whether you’re hiring for a dozensites or thousands of distributed locations worldwide.What Can You Do With Our Complete End-to-End Hiring Solution?Just about anything you want …1. Source. Increase applicant flow with career portal and job boards.2. Apply. Accept electronic applications 24x7.3. Screen. Filter applicants for minimal qualifications and job fit requirements.4. Assess. Identify “best fit” candidates using assessments based on your industry and jobs.5. Interview. Improve decision making with behavioral interview guides.6. Hire and Onboard. Electronically and efficiently onboard for optimum time-to-productivity.
  4. 4. Improve Workforce Productivity Increase Workforce QualityTrying to find the Knowledge is candidateevery time? Improving workforce quality is all about knowing what to look for in a candidate and why. The selection science and hiring analytics embeddedEliminate guesswork in Kronos software let you confidently select the best-fit employees who arewith Kronos. most likely to perform well and stay longer.Screen: Choose smart using employee assessments based on specific industries andUse candidate screening job types. Whether you’re in long-term care, retail, hospitality, or anothertools to quickly identify service-related industry, you’ll select interview-ready candidates suited tocandidates most likely your work be a good fit. Measure and analyze how your sourcing and selection strategies areAssess: actually performing at a specific location, in a specific region, or across yourLeverage our proven, enterprise as a whole.industry-specific behavioralassessments to predict Feed this data back into your selection tools to fine-tune your screeninga candidate’s likelihood process and model your selection criteria after the characteristics of yourof success in a given job top employees. Your decision making can only get better.role. Focus on retention,safety, reliability, customerservice, and sales.Interview: How far can you go?Conduct more effective As far as you’d like …interviews and makevalid assessments of Our integrated tools and services help customers improve workforce quality,applicants’ qualifications drive better business outcomes, and optimize their ROI.and abilities.Select:Hire based on objective, Return On Investment Customerknowledge-based evalua- ity Optimization ualtions of the candidate’s eQ orc rkffit for a specific position Wo Selection and Analyticsin a specific industry. Process Automation Manual Hiring Process Time
  5. 5. Control Labor Costs Streamline and SimplifyTrying to turn slow, An end-to-end solution.outdated hiring With everything your managers need.processes into fast,efficient ones? Streamlining the hiring process and cutting costs is easy when you’re workingAutomate with with Workforce Acquisition. Sourcing, screening, selecting, hiring, onboard-Kronos. ing, and workforce analysis – it’s all available from a single vendor.Save Money: Manage the entire hiring continuum from the integrated Kronos hiringEliminate redundant management console. All functional components fit seamlessly together in atasks, messy paperwork, scalable solution that helps you increase your applicant flow. Reduce hiringand fragmented process- costs. And speed that all waste money.Generate pre-populated Customize your hiring workflows so candidate information and decisionnew-hire forms electron- criteria are captured consistently and accurately. Your location managersically for easy retrieval. can recruit “best fit” candidates without having to become full-timeImprove efficiency with recruitment experts themselves.electronic signatures.Work Smarter:Free up your locationmanagers to spendmore time developingstaff and running thebusiness, and less time We Have Hiring Down To A Science.on the administrativetasks of hiring. • ur selection tools are based on the collection and analysis of some O of the largest data sets in the industry.AcceleratePerformance: • Our I/O psychologists, statisticians, and economists utilize patented Speed the onboarding methodologies to optimize workforce analysis and selection.of new hires so they canget up to productivity • ur “closed-loop” analysis feeds your specific hiring data back into Ofaster and at a lower your system to model selection criteria after the traits of your topcost. employees for better decision-making.
  6. 6. Minimize Risk Create Consistency and ComplianceLooking to keep your Workforce Acquisition automates the compliance challenge.frontline managersand employees happy By minimizing subjectivity in the hiring process – and creating a measurable,with a frontline hiring repeatable hiring process – Kronos minimizes risk.policy everyone canunderstand? Achieve better corporate hiring compliance with a consistent, measurableLook no further. business process that sets clear standards everyone can follow. For a handful of sites or thousands of locations across your enterprise.Be easy: Maximizecompliance across all of Create comprehensive audit trails with integrated, organization-wide regula-your sites with easy-to-use tory reporting capabilities. Increase tax credit captures while you’re at it.application policies thatare designed specifically Standardize your company brand with a centralized career Web site.for a frontline workforce.Be accessible: Createa positive candidateexperience with a 24x7online applicationprocess, nonintrusiveassessments, andflexibility allowing How Smart Is Smart?candidates to applyto multiple jobs atmultiple locations. Turn your hiring data into business intelligence.Be consistent: Reassure Learn where to best spend your sourcing resources.your candidates thatthey’re getting treated How to reduce employee turnover.fairly and equally witha consistent, uniform And optimize individual site performance.frontline hiring policy. It’s all yours with Kronos Professional Services.
  7. 7. BEST BUYSaved $2.5 million in first year• Saved 250,000 to 300,000 hours of labor annually• A chieves 99.8% compliance rate when using the system to hire 140,000+ employees annually “L ets managers focus only on the people who, statistically, are the right candidates.” Kris Arnes, Selection Technology Manager Best BuySAPP BROS TRUCK STOPSReduced turnover by 18% in first year• Selected better-qualified candidates with tailored assessments• Managers are saving time by not interviewing unqualified candidates “ While the number of applicants has increased, the number of qualified applicants has not gone up a bunch. So we have to wade through a greater number to find the right ones.” Mary Eriksen, Human Resources/Safety Manager Sapp Bros Truck StopsAVAMERE HEALTH SERVICESIncreased online applicant pool by sixfold in nine months• Improved hiring efficiency — 6.9% of poor fit candidates identified immediately• Attained 100% online hiring compliance• Implemented instant rehire, criminal, and SSN checks for all new hires “ At Avamere, the care of our residents comes first, and that’s highly dependent on who we hire.” Judy Jackson, President Avamere Health ServicesROCK BOTTOM RESTAURANTSReduced time-to-hire by 50%• Reduced hourly turnover by 30%• Reduced manager turnover by 23% Making sure we have the best employees in a crowded market is very important, and we “ feel that if we can continue to leverage up the [Kronos] tool we will distance ourselves from our competitors in the very important strategic point of employee selection.” Ted Williams, Sr. VP Operations Rock Bottom Restaurants
  8. 8. Kronos helps organizations across a variety of industries manage their most valuable, andexpensive, strategic asset — their workforce. How? By giving them the tools they need tohelp them control labor costs. Minimize compliance risk. And improve workforce productivity.The easy-to-own workforce management solutions from Kronos make complete automationand high-quality information a reality.Our time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, HR and payroll, hiring,and labor analytics solutions give Kronos customers the edge they need to compete inthe global marketplace. With thousands of installations in organizations of all sizes —including over half the Fortune 1000 ® — we’re proving workforce management doesn’thave to be so hard. Put Kronos Workforce Acquisition to work for you: (800) 355-4547 |TIME ATTENDANCE SCHEDULING ABSENCE MANAGEMENT HR PAYROLL HIRING LABOR ANALYTICSKronos Incorporated 297 Billerica Road Chelmsford, MA 01824 (800) 225-1561 (978) 250-9800© 009, Kronos Incorporated. Kronos, the Kronos logo, and Workforce Central are registered trademarks and Workforce Payroll, Workforce HR, and 2 Workforce Timekeeper are trademarks of Kronos Incorporated or a related company. All other product and company names are used for identification XX% purposes only and may be the trademarks of their respective owners. All specifications are subject to change. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX 18402-60704