Using Google Docs


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A quickstart-guide for the workshop on Jan. 25, 2010.

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Using Google Docs

  1. 1. Setting Up a Gmail email address • Go to • Click on Gmail at the top • Click “Create an account” • Fill in all of the appropriate fields. When choosing the “Desired Login Name” you may want to consider choosing something short and then use the “check availability!” button. You may want to choose something like “rsevillaicsd” • Finally, click the button “I accept. Create my account.” • See “Congratulations! You’ve successfully signed up for Gmail!” • Click the button “Show me my account” • You will be taken to your new Gmail email InboxAdd a Contact to Your Gmail Contact List (Address Book) • Click the word “Contacts” towards the bottom of the list at left • Click the left of these two icons to add a new contact to your Gmail account • Type in the person’s name and email address IMPORTANT!! For today’s experience, ask the person to your left or right, for their e-mail address (one they can access today) • Click the “Save” button ICSD Technology Integration • R. Sevilla • Summer 2011
  2. 2. Accessing Google Docs • If you have just setup your new Gmail account, you can now access your Google Docs. • Click “Documents” • Towards the top left, click the “Create new” button and select “Document” from the drop-down menu that appears • You are now in a new word processing document, just like Microsoft Word, you can access all the same controls like font, formatting, alignment, etc. • At the top right, you will notice “Save”, “Save and Close” and “Share” buttons • Click the save button • Google docs will periodically automatically save any changes in your document • Click the “Save & Close” button • The window that appears is your main Google docs screen • If the file you were just working on does not appear, click the “Owned by me” button at the left • To open the file, simply click on its name, in this case “Introduction to Google docs” • The file open again and you can continue to add to the word-processing document • To change the name of the file, simply click at the top where the current filename as, and a window will appear asking you to rename the fileSharing Your Document with Others • One of the most powerful features of Google docs is the ability to share your file with another ICSD Technology Integration • R. Sevilla • Summer 2011
  3. 3. Google user. When you share a file with that user you can allow them to simply view it or full access to edit the document. If you allow the user to edit the document, Google even allows you simultaneous editing!• To share your document with another user, simply click the “Share” button at the top right• A drop-down will appear in the following illustration provide you with all the different ways you can share your document:• In the “Share” drop-down menu, select “Invite people…”• You can type in anybody’s e-mail address or use the “Contacts” button to select users from your Gmail address book: Use this tab to allow/disallow your invitation to be forwarded Put each e-mail address on its own line Type a personalized message here Click this to choose from your Gmail address book• Clicked “Send”Share Your Document as a Web Page• If you choose “Get the link to share…” a window will appear where you can choose settings including the ability to share the document has a webpage by choosing the settings below: ICSD Technology Integration • R. Sevilla • Summer 2011
  4. 4. Check the top box, click once inside the long web address box, and choose Edit  Copy You can now open your e-mail program (Gmail) and send the link to anybody’s e-mail address! This could include other staff, students, parents and families.Online Resources ICSD Technology Integration • R. Sevilla • Summer 2011