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Test Word file

  1. 1. Tech Showcase Possibilities: This is a potential list of presenters. Individual commitments have not yet been secured. Secondary IHS – Supporting ESOL Students via Technology – Rebecca Gergely SMART Technologies in the Math Classroom – Ray Cole & Ben Kirk ELA and Information & Communication - Christopher Byrne & Armin Heurich ELA and Special Needs – Bridgid Cooper Political Ads and Multimedia Production – Sara Shenk Fostering Classroom Community and Extending Learning – Sofi Gluck Applied Math Science/Pre-Engineering – Project Lead the Way Scott Briegle Science Alive – Linda Knewstub & Carlan Gray Fluency in the World Language Classroom using MP3 recorders – Matt Holl Boynton Using WIKIs to foster Communication and Learning – Dennis Carbone & Paula Berman Using Blogs to Empower Voices and Improve Communication – Valerie Evans DeWitt Assistive Technologies for Student Communication - Samantha Fishman Middle School Technology Integration - Kelly Horrocks Integrating Technology / Read 180 – Anne Bechert Geospatial, SMART and other technologies in Middle School Science – Laurie VanVleet
  2. 2. LACS Kurzweil to support student learning and access to instructional materials – Bart Auble & Diana Ozzolins Media Literacy in Social Studies – Chris Sperry Elementary Courtney Coffey, Emily Snyder