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Speak Innovatively Richard Seline


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Speak Innovatively Richard Seline

  1. 1. INNOVATIONALERT ISSUE 1.0 2011-2012 Speak Innovatively Connecting People, Talent, Innovation and Results A Civic, Industry and Economic Provocateur: Richard Seline Richard has grown up in the public light between business, political,Suggested Presentationsand Topic Themes: community, philanthropic and academic interests. Each step TARGET AUDIENCES• “Creating A Personal & provided the basis for exploring, KEYNOTE PRESENTATION researching, discussing and debating From breakfast to after-dinner, Richard has Professional Innovation Agenda” the unfolding story of enterprise, made 45+ keynote presentations per year to• “ Resiliency in Times of Economic entrepreneurship, innovation and audiences ranging from 150 to 5,500 and Societal Turbulence” society in ways that culminate in a• “ Innovation Inspite Of..Why Some rich and robust story that Richard MODERATOR Companies, Individuals, and uses to inform, inspire, and frankly While keeping an eye on the clock and ensuring Regions Create Consistent, provoke audiences to take action, interaction between the speakers and the respond, get engaged in their work, audience, Richard seeks the one or two key Sustainable Innovations” their community, their networks of takeaways for participants to work on the next• “ Global Hubs and Regional Nodes personal and professional links. day. of Science, Technology, Discovery, and Entrepreneurship” Through 100+ engagements and HALF-/FULL DAY FORUM• “ Indicators of Innovation, assignments in the U.S. and abroad, This is where the real work and impact of he has created a vast amount of Richard’s expertise and experience delivers for Competitiveness and Prosperity - survey, interview, and data-analysis clients: accelerated learning, decision-making, Measuring Real Performance” and prioritization of next steps that serve as the real-world• “ Youth and Student Innovators: examples tailored for each event and How America Still Competes” client. CUSTOMIZED FACILITATION Adapting two decades of knowledge, data, and• “ Communities of Innovation: Having served as Vice President of best practices into a customized solution that Networking Networks for Accelerated his 125 year old family business, engages civic, community, academic, business Results” and entrepreneurial leaders through a highly- Special Assistant to the President of• “ Sparking Civic Leadership M.D. Andersen Cancer Center, regarded process around economic, societal, Beyond Broken Politics and Chief of Staff of a Presidential and organization transformation. A customized Confused Governance” Commission- the White House, facilitation is a longer-term initiative - lasting up to six months plus - and based on Richard’s• “The End of the Big: Lost Faith in Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Going from Analysis to Implementation approach Big Government, Big Corporations, Department of Commerce - among used in diverse communities such as challenging Big Philanthropy and Why several other roles -he brings real- locations in Detroit and Providence, university- Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Niche world and practical experiences to towns Austin TX and Gainesville FL, diverse Markets Will Succeed” audiences, boards, retreats, and global centers of Manchester England, similar gatherings requiring unique Monterrey Mexico, Melbourne Australia, and• “Trends, Forecast, and Clues in the thinking. Contact: (703)608-3000 Auckland New Zealand. Innovation Cycle for New Ideas, Game-Changers, and Outcomes”
  2. 2. INNOVATIONALERT 1.0 2011-2012 Richard’s perspective: “…there are speakers and facilitators that are “entertainment” - individuals that help the flow of the program or event from one stage to the next. Then there are Fourth: Connect with the those individuals that keep the time well-First: Enjoy the Story- Audience, Participants spent ensuring that every audience walkstelling If you can tell a good story, make it relevant, and away with a “wow”, an assignment whenAudiences and participants “listen” they get back to the offices, and an initial simplify the learning for an audience - then itsthrough a variety of story-telling personal and professional action plan…I just as powerful to truly connect with them andapproaches including the use of want to be that kind of presenter!” their fellow participants in a meaningful way.powerpoint slides not as a crutch but a Richard never works behind a podium or table;visual representation of the message. PODIUMS AND PLATFORMS: walking and engaging among the attendees to InternationalPeople visualize in today’s conferences and gain their input, thoughts, even their push-back Ireland, New Zealand, Mexico,forums - but they expect the presenter to to what they are hearing is vital. It starts with a Australia, United Kingdom, Scotland,pull together the strands of information quick round-robin on “Words Matter” and ends Chinaand case-studies. Richard has found that on “Removing Limitations and Barriers tostory-telling captures the attention and U.S. Success.” Each audience and participant will findimagination of listeners. National forums, conferences and their input is sought, appreciated, and leveraged with others in the room. No matter the size of the summits e.g. National InnovationSecond: Make it Relevant room. Initiative, Forum on Federal-StateWith so much information, ideas, and Biotech-Life Science Clusters,options being thrown at today’s issues and Fifth: Deliver on the Take-Aways Conference on Seed and Venture Funds,challenges, audiences are often Forum on Naitonal and Economic Every keynote, forum, moderator role andoverwhelmed as to what is relevant or not Security engagement that Richard has led does deliver onfor listening and learning. Relevance starts a promise made at the outset: identify one or twowith understanding on what an audience State & Regional actions that each participant can work on whenneeds to hear, wants to learn, and seeks to Thirty-five States and 80 communities - they return to their office or home. Richard istake action. Audiences want relevance to California to Florida, Texas to Maine ranked the highest in speaker evaluations becausetheir challenges, passions, work - and their he does deliver on the take-aways.professional and personal lives. Corporate Interests Merck, Johnson Controls, PacBell, HP, Sixth: Create A BuzzThird: Make the Complex IBM and 145+ emerging growth firms, A great conference, event, forum, or session isSimple new enterprises measured not only by those that attended but byThere is low-hanging fruit or easy the buzz that follows among individuals unable to Academic/Organizationpathways or even silver bullets. Those participate. Richard helps create a lasting buzz Association of University Technologyaudiences that expect or demand that from for organizations, institutions and teams. While Managers, Association of Universitya speaker or facilitator often come away not seeking media or press coverage for himself, Research Parks, Association of Land-deprived of the opportunity to Richard is often asked to establish the message Grant and Public Universities, and oversubstantively understand the nature of the that clients want in the next day’s headlines or 40 campuses of research institutions andissues or opportunities before them. online sites. And he advises staff and session community collegesRichard strongly believes that making the planners on ways to create buzz before thecomplex simple is the pressure on his gathering so that attendance is maximized and Entrepreneurial Endeavorspreparation and presentation - not the excitement is built. Finally, Richard has gone ‘on Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs,audiences. In these complex times, Young Entrepreneurs Association, CIA’ background’ with national and regional editorssimplicity rules. InQTel Initiative, the National Cancer and reporters so that the buzz is accurately and Institute’s Innovation Initaitive precisely documented through additional insight.