INNOVATIONALERT ISSUE 1.0                                                               SPRING/SUMMER 2010

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Speak Innovatively Newsletter


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Speak Innovatively Newsletter

  1. 1. INNOVATIONALERT ISSUE 1.0 SPRING/SUMMER 2010 Speak Innovatively Connecting People, Talent, Innovation and Results A Civic, Industry and Community Provocateur: Richard Seline Groomed at a young age to run for elected office - at the HOW TO USE RICHARD’S State or U.S. Congress levels - TALENTS & SKILLS: Poor Richard’s Almanac was one of several significant Richard has grown up in the 1.1 contributions that Benjamin public light between political, KEYNOTE PRESENTATION community, philanthropic and From breakfast to after-dinner, Richard has Franklin created for linking made 45+ keynote presentations per year to science, technology, the arts academic interests. Each step audiences ranging from 150 to 15,000 with the Common Man of provided the basis for early America. Its abbreviated exploring, researching, 1.2 discussing and debating the MODERATOR content could best be described While keeping an eye on the clock and as Franklin’s ability to speak unfolding story of enterprise, ensuring interaction between the speakers and provocatively - or rather entrepreneurship, innovation the audience, Richard seeks the one or two innovatively - to a broad base and society in ways that key takeaways for participants to work on the of citizens - from the culminate in a rich and robust next day. intellectuals among his peers to story that Richard uses to 1.3 the merchant and investor inform, inspire, and frankly HALF-/FULL DAY FORUM serving the emerging provoke audiences to take This is where the real work and impact of entrepreneurial spirit of action, respond, get engaged in Richard’s expertise and experience delivers for their work, their community, clients: accelerated learning, decision-making, Philadelphia, New York City, and prioritization of next steps Boston and the booming East their networks of personal and Coast. professional links. Through 2.4 100+ engagements and CUSTOMIZED FACILITATION Another voice - another assignments in the U.S. and Adapting two decades of knowledge, data, and Richard - has become a civic, best practices into a customized solution that abroad, he has created a vast industry, and community engages civic, community, academic, and amount of survey, interview, entrepreneurial leaders through a highly- provocateur from behind podiums, in front of and data-analysis that serve as regarded process around economic, societal, audiences around the world, the real-world examples and organization transformation. A customized engaging discussion and tailored for each event and facilitation is a longer-term initiative - lasting up debate about the impact of to six months plus - and based on Richard’s client science, technology, Going from Analysis to Implementation approach innovation and the Common used in diverse communities such as challenging Man (and Woman) in the 21st locations in Detroit and Providence, century. university-towns Austin and Gainesville, diverse global centers Britain and New Zealand.