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Research360 Overview


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Research360 Overview

  1. 1.                           What  is  Research360?     Research360  is  the  next  generation  of  web-­‐based  data  analysis  and  GIS  solutions.  Research360  is  the   only  web-­‐based  software  platform  that  allows  a  user  to  dynamically  upload,  aggregate,  compare,   rank,  and  map  data  on  demand.                                   How  can  Research360  benefit  end-­‐user  organizations?     Research360  saves  time  by  increasing  the  efficiency  and  effectiveness  of  data  search  efforts.  This   resource  conveniently  combines  current  datasets  with  cutting  edge  GIS  mapping  and  technological   capabilities  allowing  end-­‐users  to  create  data-­‐oriented  reports  and  maps  to  support  decisions  on   asset  and  resource  allocations  as  well  as  monitor  regional  progress  in  any  number  of  metrics  and   measures.     Rather  than  spending  time  and  money  gathering  information  from  disparate,  redundant,  and  often   incompatible  sources,  Research  360  enables  end-­‐users  to  quickly  extract  data  in  report  and  graph   format,  conduct  detailed  benchmarking  analysis,  and  ultimately  assess  the  innovation  capacity  of  a   region  and  map  regional  assets  through  a  single,  consistent,  interface.         Finally,  the  speed  by  which  the  data  and  analysis  are  conducted  along  with  the  currency  and  up-­‐to-­‐ date  information  found  in  each  section  provides  end-­‐users  with  a  robust  platform  on  which  to  create   and  customize  solutions  to  meet  public  AND  private  sector  goals.         Research360 - Converting Data into Decisions 866.419.8509
  2. 2.   What  are  some  of  the  immediate  returns  on  investment  from  the   Research360  solution?     • Asset   mapping   and   benchmarking   capabilities   for   gap   and   SWOT   analysis,   as   well   as   a   functional   inventory  of  hard  and  soft  drivers  of  innovation  and  economic  capacity  building     • Trends  and  real-­‐time  impact  analysis  of  critical  inputs  to  the  economy,  the  workforce,  and  the   sustainability  of  competitiveness  among  regional,  state  and  federal  investments     • Determination   of   federal   and   state   resource   allocation   plans   and   increased   collaboration   and   alignment  among  various  stakeholders,  and  organizations  through  fact-­‐driven  analysis     • Identification  of  new  targets  of  opportunity  across  technological,  scientific,  and  industry  sectors   leading  to  consistent  growth  in  jobs  and  entrepreneurial  outcomes     • Streamlining  the  use  of  internal  data  to  assist  researchers  and  decision  makers       • Creating  a  network  of  shared  business  intelligence  through  our  unique  SHARE  technology  allows   regional  and  state  agencies  to  unlock  the  power  of  data     • Regional,   State   or   National   networks   of   users   are   able   to   leverage   a   cost   effective   data   dissemination  tool  through  a  consistent,  easy  to  use  software  solution                                      Patents                                          Economic  Forecast                                                   Research360 - Converting Data into Decisions 866.419.8509
  3. 3. Features  and  Functionality     • Upload  data  appended  to  standard  geographies  to  create  reports  and  thematic  maps  –   from  pie-­‐charts  to  hot-­‐maps   • HTML  export  of  reports  (users  can  then  link  the  url  as  public  access  data)   • Select  Geographies  by  market  capture   • SHARE  data,  report  formats,  and  map  templates  with  other  Research360  users  in  a   customized  network   • Custom  Chart  creation  from  all  datasets  thru  our  just-­‐in-­‐time  DataDashboard   • Compare  dissimilar  geographies  including  radius  versus  drive  time  or  radius  versus   standard  geographies   • Create  Weighted  indices   • Merge  Radius  or  Drive  time  boundaries   • State  name  appended  to  geography  selections   • Map  customization  including  increased  thematic  ranges  and  defining  thematic  ranges  by:   Equal  Value,  Equal  Class  Counts,  Class  Percent,  Means  and  Standard  Deviations,   Individual  Values   • Save  Reports  by  Project/Geography   • Create  Custom  Reports  that  combine  standard  data  and  your  uploaded  data   • Additional  map  options:  Google  Earth,  Google  Maps,  Virtual  Earth,  Yahoo  Maps   • 3D  mapping  available  from  Virtual  Earth   • Save  Map  Templates  by  Project   • Save  or  Export  Maps  as:  GIF,  JPG,  TIF,  PNG,  WMF,  or  EMF  file  formats   • Thematic  Mapping  available  for  large  areas  (i.e.  multiple  states)  up  to  the  entire  U.S.  at   any  geography  level   • Multi-­‐user  Admin  controls  for  managing  access  to  uploaded  data  and  for  sharing  report   and  map  templates   • Rank  geography  options  with  a  “sort  by  data  variable”  feature  within  HTML  outputs   • Innovation  Datasets  –  now  available  for  thematic  mapping  and  custom  reports  across   datasets   • PopStats  –  the  only  demographic  database  with  Quarterly  Updates   • 500  mile  radius  and  4  hour  travel  time  geographies  available   • additional  features  and  functionality  available  upon  request                 Research360 - Converting Data into Decisions 866.419.8509
  4. 4.     Research  Package  Descriptions       All  Packages  include  the  PRO  version  of  Research360,  D&B  Business  Location  data,  and  NAICS   Business  Summary  data     Research360  Advantage  –  Workforce  and  Industry  Data     Enhance  your  workforce  and  training  related  decisions  with  our  Industry  and  Occupation/Wage  data   modules.  Adding  to  the  data  and  technical  features  available  in  Research360  Professional,  Advantage   offers   current   and   projected   industry   cluster   data   including   location   quotient,   wage   and   occupation   growth  statistics  providing  users  with  an  economic  barometer  for  their  region.  In  addition,  occupation   levels   by   standard   occupation   code   help   determine   the   future   workforce   needs   of   emerging   businesses   and   industries.   Armed   with   this   information,   a   region   will   be   able   to   design   more   effective   regional  workforce  development  initiatives  and  a  superior  workforce  delivery  system.       Research360  InnovationEconomy  –  Federal/State  Funding,  Patents  and  VC     Our   Research360/   Innovation360   package   incorporates   key   datasets   to   our   Professional   solution   by   including   ten   years   worth   of   all   federal   funding   (R&D,   Economic   and   Workforce,   Community   and   Infrastructure,  Small  Business/Entrepreneurial  activities  –  some  600  programs  in  total),  patents,  and   venture  capital  that  can  help  to  identify  potential  gaps  and  weaknesses  as  well  as  key  opportunities   and  strengths.  In  this  knowledge-­‐based  economy,  clusters  of  competency  in  the  workforce  drive  the   growth  of  new  industries.  It  is  essential  to  understand  where  knowledge  is  being  created,  transferred,   commercialized,   and   industrialized   when   determining   which   competencies   regional   businesses   will   demand  in  the  future.       Research360  Analyst       Research360   Analyst   is   the   ultimate   version   of   our   web-­‐based   GIS   Software,   taking   numerous   sources   of   information   –   Professional   functionality,   NAICS   Business   Summary   and   Location   data,   Industry,   Occupation/Wage,  Patents,  Venture  Capital,  and  Federal  Funding  data  and  combining  them  into  one   powerful   decision   making   tool.   By   combining   these   tools   and   unique   datasets,   access   to   typical   employment,   wage,   labor-­‐shed   and   other   knowledge   becomes   readily   available   to   decision   makers   at   all   levels.   Analyst   datasets   match   innovation   inputs   with   key   metrics   of   performance,   production,   and   overall  outputs  for  aggregating  intelligence  for  economic  and  workforce  related  activities.             Research360 - Converting Data into Decisions 866.419.8509
  5. 5. Data  Descriptions     Business  Location  Data     This  location  data  is  ideal  for  competitive  analysis,  understanding  market  opportunities  and  evaluating   market  dynamics.       Sourced  to  D&B®,  the  world's  most  trusted  source  of  sales  and  marketing  solutions,  all  D&B   information  is  powered  by  DUNSRightTM,  D&B's  Quality  Process  which  gives  you  the  insight  you  need   to  avoid  duplication,  better  target  prospects  and  increase  the  profitability  of  marketing  lists.       This  data  is  updated  quarterly  and  provided  down  to  6-­‐digit  NAICS.     Business  Summary  Data       Employee  and  Establishment  counts  at  4  digit  NAICS  by  Industry     Consumer  Expenditures     This  data  includes  18  reports  and  close  to  1,000  variables  that  collectively  cover  almost  95%  of   household  spending.  Based  on  extensive  modeling  of  the  BLS  Consumer  Expenditure  Survey,  CEX   provides  reliable  estimates  of  market  demand  and  average  household  expenditures.     Retail  Potential     This  new  tabulation  utilizes  the  Census  of  Retail  Trade  tables  which  cross-­‐tabulates  store  type  by   merchandise  line.  The  Consumer  Expenditure  data  was  aggregated  to  the  merchandise  line   classification  and  then  distributed  to  each  of  the  major  store  types.  The  store  type  classification  is   based  on  the  NAICS  definitions.     Crime  Index  Data       This  report  provides  indexed  crime  data  for  your  geography.  It  provides  indices  for  assault,  burglary,   larceny,  motor  vehicle  theft,  murder,  personal  crime,  property  crime,  rape  and  robbery.  It  also   provides  an  index  for  total  crime  in  the  area.       Federal  Funding     The  only  system  in  the  country  that  tracks  federal  funding  by  recipient  location  in  over  900  budget   codes  across  four  key  areas—Federal  Research  and  Development;  Economic    &  Community   Development;  Workforce  &  STEM;  and  Enterprise  &  Entrepreneurial  Development—broken  down  by   Research360 - Converting Data into Decisions 866.419.8509
  6. 6. program,  sponsoring  agency,  recipient,  and  year.  Also  includes  2008-­‐2010  Stimulus/ARRA  spending  by   agency  and  program,  as  well  as  National  Science  Foundation  funding  initiatives.       Patents     Twenty-­‐five  years  of  patents  categorized  by  year,  tech  sector,  and  assignee,  to  identify  key   technologies  for  commercialization  and  technological  strengths  and  gaps.                   Venture  Capital     Identifies  SBIR,  early-­‐stage/seed  stage,  and  venture  backed  investments  by  technology  sector,   recipient  company,  and  venture  firm.     Employment  and  Wages     Captures  historical,  current  and  projected  employment  and  wage  data  down  to  5  digit  NAICS  for  all   Standard  Occupation  Codes.  Covers  all  counties  in  the  U.S.     Industry  Data     Tracks  current  industry  employment,  location  quotient,  plus  5  and  10    year  projected  growth  data  for   400  industries.    Covers  all  counties  in  the  U.S.     State  and  Local  Procurement  Data  (additional  cost)     In  cooperation  with  ONVIA,  identifies  the  past  seven  years  worth  of  all  state,  county,  municipal,   primary/secondary  education,  university  and  community  college  procurement  of  labor,  materials,   equipment,  and  services  –  including  most  recent  ARRA  expenditures.       Corporate  and  Philanthropic  Giving  (additional  cost)     In  cooperation  with  GrantStation,  identifies  the  past  twenty-­‐four  months  of  8,000  sources  of  gifts,   grants,  and  partnership  initiatives  provided  by  corporate,  family,  and  related  philanthropic  sources.   Since  many  federal,  state,  and  local  programs  requiring  matching  dollars  or  a  non-­‐profit  lead  entity,   tracking  these  dollars  assist  in  projecting  additional  impacts  on  economic  output     Other  Options  and  Data  (additional  cost)     Partnerships  have  been  formed  with  several  other  data  providers  including  (accessing   their  job-­‐seekers  aggregate  information  by  region,  occupation,  sector),  IPED  data  provided  by  US   Department  of  Education  on  degrees  and  certificates,  and  third  party  providers  of  information  on   social  networks  among  civic-­‐business-­‐academic  leadership.     Research360 - Converting Data into Decisions 866.419.8509
  7. 7.   Pricing  and  Budget  Parameters   Note:    Research360  is  the  first  web-­‐based  GIS  solution  available  as  a  software  platform  only  –  data   is  optional.         “Software  Only”  Pricing  for  multiple  seat  licenses  –  PRO  Version       Up  to  5  users:       $1995/user     6  to  10  users:       $1790/user   11  to  25  users:     $1590/user   26  to  50  users:     $1390/user   51  to  100  users:     $1190/user   101  to  200  users:     $  990/user   201  to  500  users:     $  890/user   501  to  1000  users:     $  690/user   1000+  users:       $  490/user       Individual  Users/Organizations  have  the  option  of  licensing  add-­‐on  datasets  from  the  pricing   schedule  below  for  their  respective  accounts.       Subscription              Rate       CORE  Software  with  no  data   $995.00   CORE  with  AGS  (annual)   $1,795.00   CORE  with  PopStats  (quarterly)   $2,995.00   PRO  Software  with  no  data   $1,995.00   PRO  with  AGS  (annual)   $2,795.00   PRO  with  PopStats  (quarterly)   $3,995.00       Add-­‐On  Options         AGS  Business  Summary  by  NAICS   $795.00   AGS  CEX   $795.00   AGS  Retail  Potential   $595.00   AGS  MOSAIC   $1,995.00   AGS  Crime   $895.00   AGS  Climate   $495.00   D&B  Data   $1,495.00   D&B  Data  with  Contact  Information   $3,995.00   Research360 - Converting Data into Decisions 866.419.8509
  8. 8.     Federal  Funding   $2,495.00   Patents   $1,495.00   Venture  Capital   $1,295.00   Occupation,  Employment  &  Wages   $2,995.00   Industry  Data   $1,995.00       Research  Packages         Research360  Advantage     $7,995.00       Research360  Innovation     $9.995.00       Research360  Analyst     $12,495.00           For  additional  information  contact:     Chuck  Branch   Decision  Data  Resources   15  Office  Park  Circle   Suite  210   Birmingham,  AL  35223   205.871.0353     Richard  Seline   National  Regional  Data  Consortium     1250  24th  Street  N.W.  Suite  300   Washington,  DC  20037   202.466.0566   rss@data-­‐                               Research360 - Converting Data into Decisions 866.419.8509