R Seline University Regional Engagement Activities


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R Seline University Regional Engagement Activities

  1. 1. + Presentation of Qualifications and Vita Richard Seline and the University Setting for Regional Economic Development, Community Engagement, and Scientific-Technological Innovation
  2. 2. + Of the Coalition Institutions, Only 4 are in communities that I have not been engaged
  3. 3. + Experiences in the Academic Setting – Roots run deep.   Special Assistant to the President of the University of Texas MD Andersen Cancer Center – Texas Medical Center, Houston   Member, Student Involvement Committee; President of Interfraternity Council; Co-Chair Frank C. Erwin Chair in State Government Endowment Committee; Member, Presidential Student Advisory group – University of Texas at Austin   Technical Advisor to several Chambers of Commerce regarding links with university programs and leadership throughout Texas in the 1980s-1990s
  4. 4. + Health Care, Biotechnology, and the Life Sciences - Academia   Hosted three national roundtables and summits on the role of health care and life sciences is regional drivers of urban economic development and societal benefit   Conducted the first assessment of academic research enterprise roles in regional biotechnology, life science and health care cluster development for the Biotechnology Industry Organization and the US Department of Commerce   Consulted with 19 of the 40 statewide and regional health care and life science associations around issues such as strengthening community engagement, technical outreach to delivery, unique health-information networks, and costs recovery
  5. 5. + Infrastructure, Facilities, and Campus Design   From the Panther Hollow project between University of Pittsburgh and CMU – to the Honolulu Medical Campus for the University of Hawaii, the Cancer Center, and Incubator project   Benchmarked, advised, and created policy recommendations for the future of the Science Center in Philadelphia to the Research Parks in Baton Rouge   Engaged regional stakeholders around challenges for growing economies based on non-profit academic institutions – Providence RI, Gainesville FL, Washington, D.C., North Texas, Kansas City KC/MO, Buffalo NY
  6. 6. + Workforce, Skills and Talent Development Strategies   Designed and advised the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration’s WIRED Initiative (Workforce Innovations in Regional Economic Development)   Analyzed, assessed and benchmarked over 50 communities and regions in the US and abroad around skills and talent development strategies among primary and secondary ‘supply chains’   Counseled and guided stakeholder facilitation for acceleration of Youth and Student Initiatives across campuses and communities
  7. 7. + Research, Commercialization and Innovation Capacity Building   Challenged the “community” and then hosted several forums and roundtables on the future of the academic research enterprise including AUTM, AAU, APLU, Council on Competitiveness, State Science and Technology Institute, and thirty other representatives   Have worked extensively with University of California San Diego, University of North Carolina, University of Texas, University of Washington among others in designing New Metrics and Indicators for Regional Innovation   Member of The National Innovation Initiative and on general working committee to design InnovateAmerica strategies   Participated in APLU CICEP working sessions and off-line discussions   Served as Executive Secretariat for National Forums – topics included The Future of the Federal Laboratory System in National Competitiveness, National and Economic Security in the 21st Century, Federal-Regional Partnerships in Biotechnology and Life Science Clusters, Transformative Strategies in Cancer Eradication Among Federal Laboratories-Academia-Industry.
  8. 8. + Passion for Youth and Student Engagement   Ex-officio member of the boards for the Young Entrepreneurs Organization and the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs – 1990-1998   Assessed and counseled recommendations for regional solutions to youth and student “Brain Drain” challenges – Philadelphia, Providence, San Antonio, Portland, Kansas City, Washington D.C.   Technical Advisor, the Internship Institute – nationwide non- profit promoting student internship across America
  9. 9. + Understanding the Grant and Contract Resource Map   Have collected, analyzed, built a unique taxonomy and deployed over 50 million records of every grant and contract distributed by Federal agencies in 600 programs   Examined and assessed current state of grant and contract methodology – from Treasury and OMB to NSF and the Top 15 Federal Agencies – leading to new federal funding strategies across institutions, governments, and industries   Participated in federal and national discussions on the future of research enterprise coordination, collaboration and alignment around Grand Challenges facing the U.S. – and the resource issues facing the academic research enterprise
  10. 10. + Defining a Role on or around the Academic Research Enterprise, University-Setting: Chief Innovation Engagement Officer?   Leveraging over 100 engagements across the US and abroad has provided the foundation for best principles and practices in day-to-day implementation on behalf of a Chancellor or President   Having served in the public, private, academic, and entrepreneurial sectors, an integrated perspective of concerns, issues, challenges, opportunities and most vitally the necessary collaborations for reaching success   Focusing on fact-driven scenarios and data-supported strategies, coupled with real-world political and societal realities, able to facilitate and engage a wide range of interests towards innovation and appreciation for the academic setting
  11. 11. + Contact Information Richard S. Seline 711 Chalfonte Drive, Alexandria VA 22305 (703) 549 7067 1250 24th Street, N.W. Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20037 (703) 608 3000 By email: rseline@mac.com Current websites: www.regionnovate.com and www.data-consortium.com