Nevada Business Weekly R Seline Article


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Nevada Business Weekly R Seline Article

  1. 1. Bus.rress ee kly o_.m~o"." W Ir.t!!J ~nbw,bll res _so.n.a..,.. SUBSCRIPTIONS I Supply ,he;" prof.,,;onal, rely on Northern Sierra APtCS for its operations. management training ... BOOK OF SPECIAL SECTIONS til BUSINESS A80UTHOME CLASSIFIEDS I,; ,~~~HI~ES,J AOVE:RTI$E RACK LOCATIONS LISTS ARCHIVES LEADS .. "p!Oided the hi~t0riC~1 h,lSi., ofir~ p.eollomy - gaming:, mining ond defense. nandsjON! SUNDAY!lut facing a strapped stnte budget, Nlvnda necd" In he smart about attractil1g fedEral jp,~3nh rlol18rs and prilate FAMILY PROGRAMinwstments til create new products, new ~ornpa!li~" Iud eulirely new iJl(iuotric,; ""ys tl", r~p()li cntmnissioned by Sarcophagusthe Nevada Commi!sion on Economic Development. Sculpture 8/28/2011T1", ""ah~is was ,.umpleled byValt Hllrland, a former greell"cncrgy cx~(utiyt WllO:;no" extcutiC-ill-ns;,lcH" at ~JcvOld~Mu~~urn of ArLlh~ N,,,adlljllstitlltc ufReue"-ahIe Fner;;;,yCommercialization, and .James Cmce. I[REc"~ prc~i(lcnt il"d d,id 160 W, Libelty Stl-eet, RenoeAeelti~_ Capital BusinessTiley worked witll Ric.hard Sdinc. pri""ilaI ()f R~:;i()"tl()" l.l.c, a collgllIti))~ fim. in Washinp,toll, D.C. Network 8/31/2011Thl} ilklltitie,d live urlU~ in whidl Nevada ha~ c;ignifiC;1l1t xpeltise tbat can bring further innontion: e Grandma Hatties, S, Entrance• The co,uputer simulation, modeli,,),; and j[ja1,in,g Son"r~ th,,!" been <-reated hy Inakers of g"min~ elUipmellt as ,S,{)lL~ClJLSt!:EEL.r"r~()r_. _ _W€1Ia, dcfe1l5~ contractors. This might be the ~(""ls an indLL,lry wilh npplieMion" raugillg from security to of S~e all»el"~rOlHllentaI protectioll to medieal di~"l(bi,,_• li", gineering skills that haw b""n <lewlnped for rile ~t"tcs big min;n;; and energy 1-wjeods,"Th~ tcdmolo;;ic,nnrl knowlec1gc behind r:01lpre~sion allcs and fin;,i powe! unit; til lift tlJllF ofiwavy llIJc,hinery in the geothemlaitideL; of northern Xe-ad~ ark .,imiiar t() the ,taging that lifts ildors and acrobats in Cinll(: rln SoI"i]":- KA.• Bod"",lami Croee wrotc_• The state,; rxpericllce "1th development lOudnperatioll of rencw,.I)le """ri} ,yslems. whkh can translate inlomo",), mdkillg cxjlorls of pow<" gcncrntcd in :-leada a" ,,ell as dc,clopmcnt of c.o1npani".-;to urk with ,-e,)(a])I,·s",;tcm.s eb~whete_• -Skills ",illl mining ~nn met"l" rese""~h, ",J,ieh can be widenen to meet dcmand, lor advanc~d materi,]" fo,electronics. con~Ullll) ,9,ood$ and packaging. Aclclitionall", Ihe stmly ,ays miuerais r~Seitrdl skill, tall fillll usc iudcyclopmCllt of diet aud unt";tio" st.."tcgie,c,fo,- peollro. ,,,,,1 ""im3k• Th~ high-capacity bandwidth illstullcd by the US E""r~s Department alld nff(~n,,, llepm1ment in southenlc""b pmvides opportllnities for testing of complex manubetuling ))ro,,"" or otI,,! project> thai t~ql!ir~ hig"ilpacily.Crelltillg CO[l1nWFinI (!Jeept, from those teehnologies, lhe studys authors said, ~an help the ~tate ()vcrUJuc itsmo~t pressing problem_"It needs to crlatc more jobs, and prdcn,bly new economy jobs thilt ~"" toffer Nevadans lligher sJlark~and Idlerbenetit-<;" Borland, Cro~{"and Selinl- wrok "it ii time for :-ll,,aduns to d~0ign, implement and lll:mu,~e their onfuturp r;Jlwr tI,a" ldting the filture happen to them.".l.l tile "om~ time, the stud" acknowledged that th~ slate gOl,lIlmcnt has limitee1 IiHJ",," t() pul inln ~walioll "fiHIHJ""li,,,,-l)"s~d iLlnuetry,It ,-ecum,,,~p.dadiliat tile <ht,? rm~~(]~~llnHehrl"lbr" tn k",.1 H";"~";ly n"~m(·h(,,, whn HTP jlm(lH,i"g in,,", thatmi,ght l~~<ll() cu",,"en>i~jiotion Aml it r~((ltllmrll(krl thM th,>state put mouc:; into 1~~IlitIllClltof llll)reI~SealTller5, ,tmly le~Ulll!ll~llJlJ llwL ledl,jJIIC,c~lclJ tlulLJ~ - e,peciJll- f10m the ncp~rtm~lltRr!mlillll~l, 111(, ofndctl.;(:lrm-id~ :Olll~ of Ihp hnrs~J1o,fr to nlme [arly-stag~ t~~hu(Jbgi~~ "j(Js~l Lvlhe m«rkd_
  2. 2. The limited usc of ~tntc moncy mng a <:lionl with LL Go, Brian Krolicki, c1minnnll of the ,<,""ada Commission on Economic Dc,·cIopmcnt. "During these challenging economic limes, it is even more critieal that we "lscly spend economic devel[)pmcnl dollars; Krnlicki said. The stndy rlcommel!(led, tn(), thai business nnd politicnllcm!ers work to attract more )lllvate·scctor capitll! inln the ~tate, alon.: with mnre management talent to hring promising tedlIlologie~ to reality. But the states leader;; should he WJ1"offaning iu low with iUllovatioIllllodels adopted in other states, the study said. Nevada doesnt have the mon"), the depth of academi~ research or the private inwstment c<parity of other stot",s. "To go from zero to 60 through a whole-cloth adoption of tile Georgia or Utah models, for example, is likely to he ti:aught with unincn(led eOllseqllcll~~ and unmel expectations," the slud)?s authors wrote.Printable Versioll I Emai! to a Friend We serve au GOmmunl:Y wiih compellil1g and essen!al business information. Se~ Northern Nevada Business Weekly P"lI1ners ""oj" ><oaIIllu.w",,,, ~dot",.,.~ ...." c ~--~-" .. ~~[i~O ~~ili" -<-, -." . .".; <~ , HOME I ABOUT US I ARCHIVE I ADVERTiSe I SUBSCRIPTIONS I RACK LOCATIONS i PARTNERS I CONTACT i HOMEPAGE NNBW :D 2005 - 2011 Swift Communcations I Privacy Policy l design by MeshCreative and M3 Planning I