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Talking Technologies


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Talking Technologies

  1. 1. Talking Technologies An overview of text to speech (TTS) technologiesIcons by
  2. 2. Kirsty PennyMenzies Robertson LearningSenior ResourcesAdministratorJohnMaguireLearningTechnologist TheresaRoyce McKie DuffyLearning & HigherTeaching Education
  3. 3. Text to Speech A summary of text to speech applicationsDownloadable Portable Online Cloud based Icons by
  4. 4. Text to Speech• TTS software reads selected areas of text aloud to the user.• They range in type from commercial software, with many additional features such as spelling and homophone checkers, to free and open source applications.• The potential users of text to speech software are diverse; many people in an organisation may have difficulty with reading that they would normally conceal.• Organisations which have installed TTS software across all of their computers have found many of their users will use it as required by their individual needs.(Ref: Techdis )
  5. 5. Today we will look at:• Balabolka (free)• Dspeech (free)• Lingoes (free)• Orato (free)• RoboBraille (free)• Texthelp Read & Write Gold (commercial)• Livescribe (commercial & handheld TTS)
  6. 6. Android and Apple IOS Apps• Clarospeak for IOS iPhone / iPad (£3.99)• Paperport notes for iPad (free)• Audionote for Android, iPad & iPhone (£2.99)• Speak it TTS for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad (£1.49)• Speak it TTS for Android (free)• Educreations for iPad (free) Prizmo scanning, OCR & speech for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad (£6.99)
  7. 7. Evaluation of TTS Technologies
  8. 8. Writing Support PortableLingoes Talking Dictionary Download from
  9. 9. Orato PortableOrato is a straight forward text to speechapplication. Simply highlight some text,Press speak and Orato will read back wordshighlighting them as you. Helpful for people with poorvision, dyslexic learners and those who need help readingtext Download from Scroll down to about the middle of the page to get to the Orato download.
  10. 10. Scottish Voices
  11. 11. Balabolka Portable Balabolka is a very good free Windows text-to-speech tool. It includes magnification (2X to 16X) and spell checking. It is also keyboard accessible. This software will create audio files on an iPod or other mobile device.
  12. 12. Students using Dspeech (another free TTS tool) to learn lines for performances Dspeech willhook into the speech engine on any windows PC you use and will either read out text or convert to MP3
  13. 13. MyStudyBar• Planning - Xmind mind map, sunbird portable calendar and HottNotes• Reading - T-Bar, RapidSet, ssOverlay (screen tints) Vu-Bar screen ruler, Orato text reader.• Writing - LetMe Type - word prediction, Lingoes talking dictionary, Balabolka text to speech/mp3, stamina touch typing.• Vision - Magnifier, Sonar cursor ring.
  14. 14. Opening MyStudyBar1. Insert your MyStudyBar pen drive into the USB Slot on your computer.2. Click on ‘My Computer’ which will either be on your start menu or on your desktop.3. Select the folder called ‘MyStudyBar’
  15. 15. Opening MyStudyBar4. Select‘MyStudyBar’5. MyStudyBar will appear on your screen as a toolbar.
  16. 16. Activity Now it is your turn to try out some of the technologies.Choose one or two of the following: Lingoes, Orato or Balabolka
  17. 17. Livescribe Echo Pen• Allows users to record audio and write text for 5.5 hours.• Students can use it to• Synches to Evernote and sets up evernote file as pen is set up.• Connect wirelessly and via cable.• Learn more from a student using Livescribe
  18. 18. Texthelp Read & Write Gold• Speech feedback• Read as you type.• Web highlighting – hover over text in a browser and the text will be read and will highlight text.• Speech maker saves text as MP3.• Also reads Digital Talking Books (also known as DAISY format).
  19. 19. RoboBrailleWeb based text to speech Watch a video about RoboBraille *Learn now to convert pictures to words and text to sound using RoboBraille With RoboBraille you can save to MP3 or Digtial Talking Book/DAISY Format
  20. 20. Uploading a file to convert
  21. 21. Email response from RoboBraille
  22. 22. Activity Now it is your turn to try out some of the technologies.Try converting a word document to mp3 using RoboBraille
  23. 23. James Clay, Mobile:The State of Play University of Bolton 15 June 2010
  24. 24. For many learners it is important to have devices that don’t say “I have a disability!” as soon as you walk into a room with one. Rummel-Hudson, R. Making weird cool 5 April 2010,
  25. 25. Speak Selection – built in iPhone /iPad TTS
  26. 26. Audio Note• iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows.• Record audio and type notes as you listen.• Can be reviewed and text is highlighted in blue as audio is read back.• Tap a specific part of the text and it will jump to the section.• Can be emailed as an audio file and pdf.• Large audio files cannot be emailed.
  27. 27. Paperport notesPaperPort Notes a freeapp that you can use totake notes on an iPadusing either a keyboard,your handwriting, or yourvoice.Add different page types(yellow, white, graph,blank or lined).Add text, record audio tolisten to again later, addimages, add clips fromwebpages, offers voicerecognition
  28. 28. EducreationsEducreations turnsthe the iPad into arecordableinteractivewhiteboard wherelearners can noteboth text based andhandwritten noteson the iPad using thenotetaking facility,and in addition couldrecord audio usingthe audio recordfunction.
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Activity Now it is your turn to try out some of the technologies. Choose one or two of the following:Paperport Notes, Audio Note or Educreations
  31. 31. Clarospeak for iPad• Text to speech application with quality voices and synchronised text highlighting.• Can import texts to read or use to write your own.• Can save text as audio.• Colour options available for font, highlighting and background.• RNIB App of the month June 2012
  32. 32. SpeakIT• Copy and paste text into Speak It• Option of 4 English speaking voices• Change font size, volume and voice speed.• Save as audio to save or email to others.
  33. 33. Prizmo for iPhone or iPod Touch• Capture an image of text.• Scans pages, documents or bills.• Allows users to improve page by cropping, or adjusting the perspective.• Read back using one of the Prizmo voices which can be purchased for an additional £1.99.• Text can also be translated into other language.
  34. 34. Captura talk - Android• CapturaTalk Android App makes text accessible on the move.• An app that provides literacy support to improve reading and writing skills on Android mobile phones and tablet devices.• This is a portable solution using Android mobile phones/tablets. Uses optical character recognition and text to speech to help those who find reading difficult.• £48•
  35. 35. Cloud Services: A new paradigm • Have the capacity to level the playing field where those with disabilities can acquire the tools they need all in one place. • No longer tied to their personal computer. • No longer situated on a dedicated machine in library/class/public area or ‘specialised’ area for enabling technology users. • Confidently and freely access information and documents empowering those that need assistive technologies. • Solutions/tools will be a few keystrokes away.
  36. 36. Azzapt from Iansyst • Azzapt is a service for anyone who needs to access documents in different formats. • Azzapt is especially helpful for people with dyslexia or a visual impairment, but it is also handy for anyone who needs personalised documents on the move. • You can access your documents wherever you are because azzapt makes your documents available to you on any computer, tablet or smartphone. • You can personalise your azzapt settings so that your documents are available in the format you prefer. This can be different on each type of device that you use.
  37. 37. Unpacking theJISC TechDis Toolbox (6.43)
  38. 38. JISC TechDis Toolbox• TechDis Toolbox is a collection of resources which give useful hints and tips on technologies that can help individuals work smarter.• It is aimed directly at the end users – learners.• Bite-sized videos and animations, short guides, audio files and ‘how to’ word documents• Small bits of just-in-time information that can be easily absorbed.•
  39. 39. Activity• Spend 5/10 minutes exploring the Techdis Toolbox to find resource that would support TTS.• Refer to your handout for further reference.
  40. 40. Balabolka tutorialsJISC Techdis have created a range of tutorials demonstrating how to use Balabolka.
  41. 41. References• Tried and tested apps for iPhone and iPad (EA Draffan, Cheryl Dobbs, Aaron Smith for the British Dyslexia Association)• University of New Hampshire Disability Services for Students• ipad-and-android-apps-college-students
  42. 42. • Apps for dyslexia (BDA) portable-devices/apps/• Advice for multiple use of iPads/iPods ipod-touches-ipads-dos-and-donts.html