Supporting literacy


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Delivered at CILIP Autumn Gathering in October 2012. This presentation provides insights into solutions to support users who experience difficulties accessing digital information because of barriers to learning.

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Supporting literacy

  1. 1. Barriers to Literacy Margaret McKayAdvisor: Access & Inclusion JISC RSC Scotland
  2. 2. Fionnuala Margaret GráinneCarmichael McKay HamiltonManager Accessibility & e-Assessment InclusionKirsty Penny CelesteMenzies Robertson McLaughlin Learning StaffSenior Resources DevelopmentAdministratorJohnMaguire Mark Clark Joan WalkerLearning Infrastructure & Learning &Technologist Systems Teaching Theresa Royce McKie Duffy Learning & Higher Teaching Education
  3. 3. JISC Techdis• JISC TechDis resources and Initiatives to support technology and inclusion.• Significant level of work over the years with library and information professionals.• Lots of excellent online resources to assist different professional groups, (especially academic and community librarians).
  4. 4. Tools and resources to support literacy
  5. 5. Techdis Toolbox• Using Technology• Planning and Organising• Communicating• Teamwork• Supporting Different Needs
  6. 6. Free
  7. 7. Windows Speech Recognition
  8. 8. Basic searching using Google
  9. 9. Digital Bazaar• Runners up at the 21st CILIP Libraries Change Lives Award• “I came to learn about internet and Microsoft Word 2010. I learnt so much and gained confidence to use Windows 7″ – Rajesh
  10. 10. Publishers LookupPutting library staff in direct contact with publishers
  11. 11. This resource is designed to be used in three ways1. As a signpost to good practice with regard to accessible documents in an educational context. This includes reading documents online, converting documents, creating accessible PDFs, dealing with images, creating audio, finding free assistive technology tools etc.2. As a referencing tool, this website helps you to find key contact details for the publisher you require either through the alphabetic lists or via the search dialogue.3. As communication tool, this website provides a direct email link to the appropriate department and supplies a pre - agreed subject line to ensure your email is appropriately identified and delivered.
  12. 12. Barriers to Literacy Margaret McKayAdvisor: Access & Inclusion JISC RSC Scotland
  13. 13. References• Digital Bazaar CILIP Changed Lives Award• Techdis Toolbox• Publishers Lookup UK• Techdis Accessibility Essentials Series
  14. 14. Contacts• JISC RSC Scotland – Access & Inclusion @Mags_McKay• JISC RSC Scotland – Learning Resources @pennyrobertson