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Margaret McKay, Accessibility and Inclusion Advisor at Jisc RSC Scotland presentation from the joint LibTech and Inclusion in e-Learning forum at Perth College UHI, Thu 17 October 2013.

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  • Lingoes Talking Dictionary
    Lingoes is an easy-to-use talking dictionary.
    Who would benefit?
    Lingoes can help individuals with literacy or language support needs.
    Main features:
    Easy-to-use powerful word search.
    Customise colour and font settings.
    Works with web applications such as Google, Wikipedia, and Wiktionary etc.
  • A straight forward text to speech application. All text input is carried out through the clipboard. Settings allow Orato to read either on demand or automatically when new text is added to the clipboard. Other options will display the text if required, with highlighting of the word or sentence being spoken. Orato can either be installed to the hard disk or copied onto a pen drive for portable use.
  • Balabolka is a Russian word that means “chatterer”.  Balabolka is also very good free text-to-speech software for the PC, running in all versions of Windows–from  Windows 2000 through Windows 7.  There are two versions of the program, one that is installed on a host computer, and a portable version that will run from a USB flash drive.
    Balabolka is a very good free
    Windows text-to-speech tool.
    It includes magnification (2X to 16X) and spell checking.   It is also keyboard accessible.This software will create audio files on an iPod or other mobile device.
    Balabolka is available in the following 15 languages:  English; Bulgarian; Chinese, Czech; Dutch; French; German; Hungarian; Italian; Polish; Brazilian Portuguese; Romanian; Russian; Spanish; Ukrainian.
  • The Scottish Government funds CALL Scotland to provide a Scotland-wide schools licence for 'Heather' and 'Stuart' - high quality Scottish computer voices from CereProc in Edinburgh. The voices are licenced for schools, colleges, universities and NHS patients.
  • Rapidset and SS Overlay
  • Chrome Reader
  • Firefox Reader
  • Safari Reader
  • Simple, effective and free!

    1. 1. Welcome to the joint LibTech and Inclusion in eLearning Forum
    2. 2. Developments in accessible content
    3. 3. Making the Most of What You’ve Got
    4. 4. Lingoes Talking Dictionary
    5. 5. Orato text to speech
    6. 6. Balabolka
    7. 7. Scottish Voices
    8. 8. Reading Support
    9. 9. Techdis Toolbox
    10. 10. Chrome Reader
    11. 11. Firefox Reader
    12. 12. Safari Reader
    13. 13. WordTalk - a free text to speech plug in for MS Word
    14. 14. Free Screen Reading Software NVDA WebAnywhere
    15. 15. RSC Scotland Inclusion Blog
    16. 16. Accessible Content scooped especially for you!
    17. 17. Xerte: Accessible Content Creation Tool
    18. 18. Thank you Now for lunch!