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Unpacking the JISC Techdis Toolbox


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This presentation was delivered as part of the JISC RSC Scotland RSCtv session. The session focussed on the Techdis Toolbox which provides a range of guides and resources for staff and students. It focuses on everyday technologies and provides hints tips advice and guidance on how to exploit the everyday tools that we use to be more inclusion and to enhance our productivity. This resource will be of interest to a wide range of practitioners including lecturers, managers, marketing, library staff, support for learning tutors, equalities staff.

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Unpacking the JISC Techdis Toolbox

  1. 1. JISC TechDis
  2. 2. JISC TechDis Toolbox• TechDis Toolbox is a collection of resources which give useful hints and tips on technologies that can help individuals work smarter.• It is aimed directly at the end users – learners.• Bite-sized videos and animations, short guides, audio files and ‘how to’ word documents• Small bits of just-in-time information that can be easily absorbed.
  3. 3. Managing Information Dry IconsYou are a staff developer and you have beenasked to provide some hints and tips on how tomanage the overwhelming amount of emailtraffic staff receive.
  4. 4. Managing Messages
  5. 5. Scenario Dry IconsYou are a community based lecturer teaching abasic IT skills class.You want to prepare a session on web searchstrategies, and because it is familiar to mostpeople you want to plan a session about makingthe most of the Google search engine.
  6. 6. Strategies for Searching
  7. 7. Scenario Dry IconsAs a study skills tutor you are working with a group offirst year students who are adjusting to university life,and in particular some of them are having difficultiesmanaging their time.You are preparing a session on time management andyou want to find useful information that you can sharewith learners.In particular you want to provide them with insights intohow they can exploit everyday tools to assist them inbeing more productive.
  8. 8. Managing Time
  9. 9. Scenario Dry IconsAs Equality Manager you want to raise awarenessabout ways that departments across theinstitution could provide information about theirservices in different formats – not just text.You know there are relatively easy ways toprovide information in audio format and want toshare information about free tools to do so.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Scenario Dry IconsYou know that many students that use your librarystruggle when reading text, even though they arenot dyslexic. Some have difficulty concentrating,others have literacy issues and some learners findreading information difficult because they haveEnglish as a second language.You wanted to find some strategies to help themaccess web based information with greater ease.
  12. 12. Web Based Reading tools Chrome Reader
  13. 13. Chrome Reader
  14. 14. Web Based Reading tools Firefox Reader
  15. 15. Firefox Reader
  16. 16. Safari Reader
  17. 17. Scenario Dry IconsYou know that your Equality Manager has been promoting Audacityto encourage staff to create audio based information.As the Support for Learning tutor you are delighted that this ishappening but you also know that there are some other excellentfree and open source software that staff could use to create theirinformation in alternative formats.In addition they could be telling students how to use these freetools for themselves.You also know that the library staff might also be interested in this.
  18. 18. Balabolka
  19. 19. Scottish Voices
  20. 20. Students using free TTS audio tools to learn lines for performances Dspeech willhook into the speech engine on any windows PC you use and will either read out text or convert to MP3
  21. 21. Scenario Dry IconsYou are a product design lecturer and you have dyslexia.You know that there are students in your class who are visualthinkers, and you want to introduce some strategies that workfor you with your class to outline the next project that the classwill be involved in and to encourage them to start thinkingabout mind mapping themselves.You want to find some resources that you can share with yourlearners to help them understand how to use mind maps.
  22. 22. Xmind
  23. 23. Scenario Dry IconsYou are a departmental manager and you are keen toencourage your staff to communicate more efficiently as ateam.You want to provide them with some ideas about how towork together and to share information with each otherabout timetables, project ideas etc.
  24. 24. Sharing Calendars
  25. 25. Explaining Wikis
  26. 26. And there is more….• Use autotext to help with word prediction.• Use autocorrect to help with spelling errors.• Change colour of background in Word to help readers with visual discomfort..• Add audio and video into Word documents.• Make the most of iPhone and iPad accessibility.• Take advantage of accessibility options in PCs and Macs.• Connect a switch to a computer to help students who have difficulty using a mouse.
  27. 27.