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Presentation delivered at the UHI Online Conference on 22nd January 2013. Highlights use of mobile technology in Further and Higher Education in Scotland.

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  • Effective Practice in a Digital Age, JISC, 2009 - Practice in a Digital Age, JISC, 2011 - resources -
  • Mobile Case Studies

    1. 1. Image by sucellolelloes from flickr licensed under creative commons Case Studies:Showcasing Mobile Technology #rscmob
    2. 2. Edinburgh’s Telford Dundee College mStir College• Mobile App • Links to college • Mobile website developed by systems (VLE, student • Aims to make student marketing dept records) info available on• Access to college & • Allows learners to mobile devices local info personalise info •• Icons by
    3. 3. Amazing Apps @ Clydebank College Read the case study for further information
    4. 4. Using QR Codes @ Perth College• Being used in Beauty courses at Perth College, UHI• Students scan QR codes using smartphone which launches resources such as case studies, YouTube videos, quizzes and other formative assessments• Activities were created using SoftChalk software and hosted on the web• A QR code generator provided the image, containing access to the resources.Benefits:• They have flexible access via their phones to content which they can use at any time• Has promoted discussion and reflection on activities• No need to pre-book computer labs and provides spontaneity around the learning experience• Engages in activities outwith class, promoting self-directed learningRead the case study for more information -
    5. 5. NVQ Level 2 HairdressingQR Code takes you to this quiz.
    6. 6. Icons by http://dryicons.com
    7. 7. Observational assessment using tablet PCs @ SLC• Use of tablet PCs at South Lanarkshire College with Construction students.• Assessment templates created and used to record assessment activity.• Comments recorded on template and a digital copy made available to students.• Immediate feedback for learners and access to their own portfolio of work. Example taken from The use of tablet PCs for e-assessment, JISC RSC Scotland case study with South Lanarkshire College
    8. 8. Using my iPhone at College: A visually impaired student’s story @Central College
    9. 9. Xgames @ Reid Kerr College• JISC funded project which aimed to use collaborative games to improve attainment levels of vocational learners• Project outputs included games templates and a bank of example questions (for use with the xBox)Project outcomes included:• Increased student motivation• Increased student to student interaction• Increased learner engagement and participation• Increased use of ICT for learning and teaching Image by chippermist from flickr licensed under creative commons• Reduced barriers to using ICT for learning and teaching• Evidence of the pedagogical advantages of using games in an educational context• Stimulate institutional decision makers and teaching staff to think about alternative methods of formative assessmentFurther information at: Xgames @ Reid Kerr College
    10. 10.
    11. 11. @RSCScotland Mail List -