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JW Open Badges Overview - peer group meeting - Jan 2014


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JW Open Badges Overview - peer group meeting - Jan 2014

  1. 1. Information Baked-in Backpack Learning / Skills Recognition Credible Organisations Valid, Evidenced Criteria Online Profile Digital Image with Metadata Open Standards Open Badges Overview Jisc RSC Scotland
  2. 2. Open Badges Open Badges – What are they? Recognition for participation / skills / achievements » An online representation of skills and achievements gained » Essential information ‘baked-in’ - Issuer / Criteria/ Evidence » Verified by credible organisations » Shared online with the world - Social Media / Blogs /Websites » Open Technical Standard › Any organisation can create, issue and verify open badges › Can be earned from multiple sources – Off/Online › Earners can manage and share badges via BACKPACK 2
  3. 3. Open Badges 3 Open Badges – Who is involved? ISSUER / EARNER / AUDIENCE (CONSUMER) ISSUER A credible organisation Tutor / Trainer or Peers EARNER Learner with evidence of prior learning Individual with the opportunity to participate in new learning or skills Individual with the opportunity achieve a designated task AUDIENCE Prospective employers Education establishments
  4. 4. Open Badges 4 Open Badges – Key Considerations THE PROCESS »Who is the badge for? »What do you want to reward? »What skills does the badges represent? »What behaviour does the badge encourage? »What do you need to do to earn the badge? »How will you gather evidence achieving the criteria? »How do they fit into a pathway – hierarchical / aggregated/ granularity ? »How are they issued ?
  5. 5. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 Digital Me – Badge Canvas 5
  6. 6. Open Badges Jisc RSC Scotland Open Badges Supporting CPD Opportunities 6
  7. 7. Open Badges 7 Jisc RSC Scotland Open Badges Online Communications and e-Tutoring Course BEHAVIOURS Digital practitioner skills attainment Engagement with Jisc RSC Scotland Services Contribution to the learning community CRITERIA Completing the course Course matrices identifying quality criteria EVIDENCE Completer – satisfactory completion of course quality criteria Influencer – as per completer and >3 votes from peers for contribution Tutor – meeting role description requirements
  9. 9. Open Badges 9 Moving Forward & @ #digifest14