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Disseminating info


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Disseminating info

  1. 1. Tools for DisseminatingInformation• Sharing Resources• Digital Curation Tools• Online Magazines• Social Media –Twitter –Blogs Image by ianand from Flickr licensed through CC Image from flickr by Hazzat licensed through CC
  2. 2. Old School New School
  3. 3. Sharing Resources
  4. 4. Sharing Resources
  5. 5. Sharing ResourcesHeads up on Copyright © • Decide if you want to restrict use • Check terms and conditions • Consider adding creative commons license • Check with your institution
  6. 6. Digital Curation• Select & organise topic based, searchable collections using online tools ZooTool
  7. 7. Online Magazines
  8. 8. Online Magazines
  9. 9. Online Magazines
  10. 10. Online Magazines
  11. 11. Online Magazines
  12. 12. Online Magazines
  13. 13. Online Magazines
  14. 14. Online Magazines
  15. 15. Tweeting, Hash Tags, ArchivesTwitter is an online Social Networking /Microblogging service that enables users to sendand read text based messages of up to 140characters knows as “Tweets” Image by Fanie! from flickr licensed through CC
  16. 16. Hash tags are used to filter or organise tweetsby topic or event: #• Advertised – organised for a conference or event e.g.• Often spontaneous• Start your own
  17. 17. Use Twitter to disseminate news, links & images:• “Retweet” things you find interesting – your followers may be interested too.• Add web links to tweets to provide context or further reading.• Add images on the move.
  18. 18. Creates an archiveof an event / addnarrative andmediaEmbed in othersocial media tools
  19. 19. Blog – Short hand for Web Log• Online Postings of Information, Opinion or Diary Entries• Chronologically ordered• Allow comments from readers & and provide a mechanism for the exchange of views• Searchable by keywords• Designed to integrate with other web based, social media
  20. 20. • Easy recording of relevant events• Informally written• Reflective and authentic• Scope to include new media• Searchable• Interactive & dynamic• Accessed through RSS feeds