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  • I hope some of you have been able to scan the QR code and find out a bit more about me – those of you that have will have been taken to this information site
  • Some readers / some code generatorsWebsites too – QR code generators
  • So what is aQR code A type of two-dimensional code first designed for the automotive industry.Characteristics include fast access and large storage capacity.QR codes can hold embedded information in the code itself or can trigger actions like launching a website or downloading a file.
  • A whole variety of website that will generate codes – google to find – I like this one Wide Variety of information typesDifferent output formatsColour options
  • In fact google will generate themtoo – you go to agoogleurlshortner (google that) The complexity of a QR code is dependent on the amount of information it holds - best to keep it as simple as possible to ensure accuracy – for website urls it’s good practice to shorten the url first before generating the code. Use / tinyurl / or Google urlshortner.Ok so you paste your url into the space / then click shorten urlIt then generates the shortened urlClick on the details link and that will take you the QR code that’s automatically generated too.
  • You’d then download the image and use it wherever you want – print, online, email it
  • Some apps include generator as well as a reader – e.g. free Qrafter is a reader / with paid for Qrafter Pro £1.99 you can generate codes too
  • These are all things QR codes can contain – bear in mind about the quantity of information can compromise the accuracy.What’s important is the reader and internet access
  • Lin to an information website which can be kept up to date – so the QR code is always linked to up to date information
  • On labels and signsThis provides opening hours information that can be stored permanently on your device in history or you can copy an paste it into your notes or other software you use
  • Adding instructions – or links to instruction manuals – I’ve seen them on foodstuffs in the supermarket – noticed on herbs recently – origin and information
  • Link to video of venue – used to launch media such as youtube / to a streaming server
  • Link to slide share method ppt- so this one takes you to a presentation sitting on sldie share
  • Text answer provided (feedback) reinforcement
  • Online qeneral knowledge quiz sitePerth College – used Soft Chalk for quizzes
  • Filtered search of Blog (mobile technologies)Access to curated resources (mobile)
  • Create: QR Codes

    1. 1. Using QR codesJoan WalkerJisc RSC Scotlandfind out more about me1
    2. 2. Technology download timeiTunes / Google Play / BlackBerry App worldQrafterRed LaserQRReaderQR Droid
    3. 3. Quality Returns ?Quite Revolutionary ?Query Relevance ?What are they?QR Codes12
    4. 4. QR – Quick Response• A type of two-dimensional code firstdesigned for the automotive industry.• Characteristics include fast access andlarge storage capacity.• QR codes can hold embeddedinformation in the code itself or cantrigger actions like launching a websiteor downloading a file.
    5. 5. How to create a QR codedesktop online services
    6. 6. How to create a QR codedesktop online services
    7. 7. How to create a QR codedesktop online services
    8. 8. How to create a QR codeapps for mobile devices
    9. 9. What can you put into a QR code?• Live link to a website or online resources• Paragraph of Text• Location• Contact details / contact card• An event date• E-mail / text message / phone number
    10. 10. Add dynamicinformation toposters – links towebsites3
    11. 11. On Signs4
    12. 12. On Labels / EquipmentAccess to instruction manualsAccess to terms of useAccess to safety procedures5
    13. 13. To access multimedia6
    14. 14. 1 orange3 baby carrots1tbsp mixed spice175g dark muscovado sugar50g toasted pecans150g chopped dates150g chopped prunes150g raisins150g currants150g sultanas3 eggs175g butter4 slices crust less white bread75g blanched almonds, flaked75g self-raising flour100ml Guinness100ml Grand MarnierView Methodall images used from Flickr by minor9th licensed through CCTo EnhanceHandouts7
    15. 15. Quiz activitiesWhat liquids would you use to soak the fruitfor the pudding ?8
    16. 16. OnlineQuizzesBespoke Quizzes91011 1213
    17. 17. FilteredSearchesResourceCollections14 15
    18. 18. Online TutorialsTheInternetDetectiveJisc DigitalMedia1617
    19. 19. Location / directions
    20. 20. Questions & Answer timeImage from Flickr by ValerieEverette licensed through Creative Commons
    21. 21. Using QR codesJoan WalkerJisc RSC Scotland