Izon cultural presentation v3.0 07 may13


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Izon cultural presentation v3.0 07 may13

  1. 1. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedPAI and IZ ON mediaA Cultural DiscussionMay 7, 2013
  2. 2. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedToday’s DiscussionOrganization CultureShare Our …• Cultural journey• Experiences• Lessons learnedOpen Discussion• NO BOUNDARIES
  3. 3. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedWhat Does Culture Look Like To PAI?1. An incredible “TRIBE”• Passionate belief that together, “WE ARE GREAT”2. An incredible “Environment”• Freedom, values, trust, success, openness, respect & accountability3. An incredible “Mission”• Pushes the boundaries of “Human Potential”• Pushes the boundaries of “Business Potential”4. An incredible “Destination”• What will it look like (3, 5, 10, 20 years)?
  4. 4. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedPAI’s Cultural Journey – Initial Thoughts1. It is a journey• Path of necessity. Evolved, learned, and built along the way2. Every company‟s journey is unique and different3. At PAI, “We are ALL IN!”4. Does company size matter?• IZ ON media vs. PAI• Key influencers are all big company derived
  5. 5. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedPAI - 2008 (1 year Pre IZ ON media)Externally:o Great Service Provider with reputation for delivering valueInternally: Living in our Growth Boxo Limited Thought Leadershipo Increase in success only tanked QOLo More of a “Call Center” everyday (policy driven)o Real potential vs. value proposition (disconnect)Very focused on the “WHAT?” – Laws of Business
  6. 6. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedPAI At The Crossroads1. Accept our reality?2. Willingness to drive real change?3. Reach for our true potential?4. Put forth the investment, risk, and energy requiredto get there?Then it happened …
  7. 7. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedOur Zappos Experience (2008)1. „Jaw dropping‟ culture2. Insane success3. Inspirational leadership  As a Tribe4. Incredible storyThe Zappos Experience lit our fuse, and we have neverlooked back.PAI Tipping Point:We Are All In On Culture or We Will Die Trying
  8. 8. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights Reserved“If we build it, they will come” (Phase 1)“Get Started” Cultural Challenge• Build PAI Team• Build a Cultural Based EnvironmentManagement Team EffortImmediate Actions• Create Tribal Values• Education• Key Hire• Great Game of Business• AwarenessResults• Fragile baseline was builtShift to „What & How Focus‟
  9. 9. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights Reserved“So, You’ve Got a Tribe…” (Phase 2/Year 2)Cultural Challenge• Defining 20 year purpose…bigger than ourselves• Build a Cultural Based EnvironmentManagement Team EffortImmediate Actions• Phase 1+• Vision Definition• Mission Definition• Great Game of Business• Change the World• EducationOur Purpose - Development
  10. 10. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedLet’s Take a Look at Our ProgressPAI 2013Culture of Congress Video
  11. 11. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights Reserved“It’s a Tribal World” (Phase 3/Year 3+)Challenge• Shifting cultural ownership to the TribeManagement Team AND Tribal EffortImmediate Actions• Phase 1• Phase 2• Cultural Congress• Strategic Planning• Personal Leadership Plans (PLP’s)Our Focus – What, How and Why
  12. 12. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedPAI Cultural Toolset
  13. 13. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedTop Lessons LearnedPower of Culture• Brings the “How” and the “Why” to the “What” challenge, and laws ofbusinessStrategic Decision backed by “All In” commitmentNot for everybody…Open to changeHard work, patience, and flywheel energyLeadership vision is key to sustain effortCulture attracts greatnessCulture + Business = High Performance Culture
  14. 14. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedImpact to PAIMission Factors• Employee satisfaction• Customer satisfaction• Financial success• Community impact“Growth Box” is much BIGGERHigh innovation applies to everything (RDRB)Brand/Value Proposition = Strategic PartnerOrganization Value: x multipleFun Moneyball Fact:• 10 prospective customer visits = 10 New Clients
  15. 15. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedWhat’s Next... Phase 4?Current cultural mile marker – 382/1000A bigger WHY and Destination• RDRB Growth as a Stage 4 Tribe• Community impact (Kid Revolution™)• Our community higher purpose may eclipse all (Stage 5)Evolve business model template in new directionsA Greater “Why”
  16. 16. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedPAI’s Tribal PerformanceCULTURALTOOLSETKeyVision FrameworkPAI’s Culture ToolsetPlanning FrameworkExecution FrameworkPAI ValuesPAI VisionPAI Mission“PAI WAY”PAICultural Engine• 2013 Cultural Objectives• Cultural Congress• Cultural PlanningBusiness Engine• 2013 Strategic Objectives• Strategic Planning• Measurements• Leadership / Perf. Mgt.Customers PAI $’s CommunityStage 4Tribe
  17. 17. gotopai.comCompany Confidential, All Rights ReservedQuestions and Answers