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Wade Training - inspire me v2


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Wade training presentation at the RSCni awards

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Wade Training - inspire me v2

  1. 1. • Tool to bring about social change• Learning solutions• Behavioural Management Systems• Reach Potential• Achieve Life’s goals
  2. 2. Learning to know, to do,to live together and to be... Skills for Life Multimedia Platform GET INSPIRED ONLINE CIC
  3. 3. WHAT IS GET INSPIRED?• Get Inspired is an online education and training resource.• Enabling participants to relate, learn and interact with each another in a new and compelling way.• A flexible platform that enables users to shape and steer young people, helping them discover and learn essential skills for life. jsdjjdqjw
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY — FEATURES• Each distinct module is task orientated and goal specific• Young people friendly; requiring each participant to navigate their own journey• Peer to peer learning eg. reading, completion of games and goals with specific exercises• A tool for effective decision making when planning forward with life. jsdjjdqjw
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY• Interactive/web-based platform• A range of different content themes• Use separate modules or complete programme workbook• Step-by-step tools & worksheets jsdjjdqjw
  6. 6. WHY GET INSPIRED?• Affordable subscription • Young people become model Adaptable - better equipped at forming versatile 24:7 relationships between family, accessibility peers and community• Online support at The • Able to sustain being a Inspire Vault more positive active citizen• Ready to go - little or • Grow to be more involved in no preparation community and society needed jsdjjdqjw
  7. 7. USERS• Teachers• Youth work• Practitioners• Social care staff• Parents• Carers jsdjjdqjw
  8. 8. How Learners have benefited• Engaging Learners in a willingness to learn• Fits into online culture• Social Media related learning• Additional Elements – gaming, quizs, incentive based rewards for task completion• Reduced anxiety of learning
  9. 9. Current Position• Each individual working on Get Inspired online resource• Level 1 & Level 2 Using IT• Essential Skills• Social Media Skills
  10. 10. Video 2
  11. 11. THANK YOUThere can be nokeener revelation ofa societys soul thanthe way in which ittreats its childrenNelson Mandela