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UU construct online

  1. 1. University of UlsterConstruct Online - Using Technology to bring the Construction Site into the Classroom. Innovation in e-Learning Awards 25th April 2012 David Comiskey & Kenny McCartan
  2. 2. Context.....• Providing a realistic context for the module• Range on entry routes onto the course• Students with no previous knowledge of construction “Construction is an intrinsically visual discipline” (Menser, 2001)
  3. 3. Production Process – Video Capture
  4. 4. Production Process – Equipment CX115E HD Video Camera Wide Conversion Lens Manfrotto Tripod Camtasia Studio Microphone
  5. 5. Production Process – Editing
  6. 6. Overview • Each video lasts between 5 and 10 minutes • Integration of 2D and 3D drawings • Creation of quizzes to help promote interaction • Videos made available in various formats allowing content to be viewed on smartphones“The most effective and stimulating wayarchitecture and building students can learn aboutchanging construction techniques is to visit andview buildings being constructed” (OLeary, 1997)
  7. 7. Production Process – Hosting
  8. 8. Feedback.....100% of students either agreed or strongly agreed that the videos helped theirunderstanding of building detailing in general.88% of students either agreed or strongly agreed that the videos helped theirunderstanding of the module. The remaining 12% were undecided.100% of the class either agreed or strongly agreed that seeing the constructionprocess in this format was a better learning resource than verbal accounts inclass or referring to textbooks.100% of students stated that their interest in class increased when looking at liveprojects.94% stated that they would use the videos as a revision aid.
  9. 9. Feedback.....• Increased attendance• Improved examination results• Improved module satisfactionStudent Comments.....“I found these videos very helpful, as I am having a bit of trouble with drawingdetails. I enjoyed watching the Building Control submission, and the on goings ofthe site as well. They did help me visualise what we talked about in class, I foundthat useful to see what everything looks like on site.”“I thought the videos were very helpful. They give a good overview of foundationsand all that happens. It is good that they are available whenever I need them andon my phone too.”
  10. 10. Comments....."The videos are a very innovative way of bringing theory into practice andenabling students to visualise the complexity of construction from design tocompletion. The quizzes also enable both tutor and student to evaluate learning.“Colin Orr – President of CIAT and Senior Lecturer University of Wolverhampton“Construction is a notoriously difficult area for students to understand through alecture format since they gain no real sense of the size, weight or actual processinvolved. Site visits are a good learning tool but access to sites is increasinglydifficult due to health and safety issues and one would need to find the right typeof construction at the right phase for it to be truly beneficial. Add those first twoissues to the electronic media expectations of students today and you canunderstand how important and effective the construction films David Comiskeyhas made are to educating this generation.”Professor Steven Spier – University of Ulster
  11. 11. Dissemination..... Questions?