C.2.2 cohenel


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C.2.2 cohenel

  1. 1. “It’s all about ... Motivation”1. The System2. The e-portfolio/Tracker1
  2. 2. Deployment of AssessmentManager/Tracker across thewhole college• Our journey in redeveloping AssessmentManager as an E-portfolio andassessment tracking system in Moodle• Launching it across the college to beinspection ready.• The benefits for our students and staff2
  3. 3. The Vision• Learner/staff centred portal thatprovides all data necessary to aid thelearning experience• Improve the efficiency and effectivenessof the information flow betweensystems• Ensure the learners and staff developthe systems that work for them3
  4. 4. The change• A robust VLE was built with a vision onhow to integrate the e-systems• Staff and students were consulted• Moodle was unitized with one courseper qualification unit• A staged roll-out plan was developed• Staff could choose their assessmentcriteria to suit assessment processes4
  5. 5. Roll-out PlanCurriculum Area Use of assessment managerESOL TrackerConstruction TrackerSport & Public Services E-portfolioCreative & Media E-portfolioICT Computing (Tottenham) E-portfolioBusiness & Tourism E-portfolioHair & Beauty TrackerHealth, Care & Early Years E-portfolio/Tracker5
  6. 6. Assessment Manager Tour• Hair & Beauty• Health & Social Care• Construction• Sport• Student Portal View: The first page the studentlogs into has all their progress posted on it.• E-ilp View: The staff have access to theirqualification tracking to aid their target setting in theE-ilp6
  7. 7. Why it works• Students and staff designed the system• In house development means there isinstant response; student and staffsatisfaction is guaranteed and e-systemsare tailored to their needs• Instant access to data is very motivationalfor students and staff• Senior Management supported the entireprocess• ICT, MIS, E-learning and curriculum work asa team towards the same goal7
  8. 8. Benefits to the Learner• A modern digital system that provides 24/7 access toall learning content, course progress and learner data• They designed a system that suits all their learningneeds and they have taken ownership of it and canpersonalise it• Access to all their college data in detail, including:E-portfolios, course learning content, progress in theirfunctional skills, online submission and feedback ofassignments, and plagiarism tools8
  9. 9. Benefits to the Staff• 24/7 access for flexible working, on reliableinfrastructure, to one portal that links all the systems• More time to concentrate on classroom delivery and 1to 1 support• Transparent and instant data for all staff• Instant access to: assessment tracking and onlinemarking of assignments, a plagiarism tool and classover views of where all students are at in theirqualifications.9
  10. 10. Benefits to the College• Instant overview of the bigger picture, andprogress of students with their delivery andcourse study• A better quality and standardisation ofdelivery online and in the classroom• Enable timely intervention for at risklearners and courses.• Huge financial savings on systems andsupport to reinvest in the learnerexperience10
  11. 11. Assessment Manager Compared• The only system that you can mark theassignments and check off the trackingin the same place (Moodle based)• The only system that is free• The only system where activities in theVLE are directly linked to the portfolio• The only system that can be tailored tosuit your needs (open source)11
  12. 12. What’s left to do• Add csv exports for portfolio trackingpages• Create reporting features to provideover views of learners progress againsttheir entry quals and initial grade• Reintroduce the EV features that havebeen turned off in the programming12
  13. 13. Contact DetailsScott HallmanHead of E-learningThe College of Haringey, Enfield and NorthEast LondonShallman@conel.ac.uk0208 442 345213