SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley - SharePoint Apps - Ryan Schouten


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This presentation was given at SharePoint Saturday in Silicon Valley on June 22, 2013 by Ryan Schouten

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  • Worked with all but one version of SharePoint. I missed the first version. Slides will be posted to my blog at in the next 24 hours.
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  • SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley - SharePoint Apps - Ryan Schouten

    1. 1. SharePoint Apps in 2013By: Ryan SchoutenIntermountain Technology GroupSharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley June 22nd, 2013
    2. 2. About MeRyan SchoutenWorked with SharePoint for 6 yearsI have experience with SharePoint 2003 – 2013I have worked with ASP.Net for 10 yearsContact
    3. 3. Objectives The Need Hosting Options Development Options Permissions and Security Deployment
    4. 4. Why the change
    5. 5. Hence the new App Model No custom code on the SharePoint server Easier to upgrade to future versions of SharePoint Works in Office 365 SharePoint Online without limitations Reduces the ramp-up time for those building apps Don’t need to know/be as familiar with SharePoint “-isms” Leverage hosting platform features in new apps Enables taking SharePoint apps to different levels – further than what can bedone with farm / sandbox solutions
    6. 6. Benefits (continued) Low cost of entry for developers Hosted SharePoint Dev sites No need to have a farm per developer (Shared Development Farms/Tenants) No Intensive laptop requirements
    7. 7. Hosting OptionsSharePoint-Hosted AppProvision an isolated sub web on a parent web (separate domain)• Reuse web elements(lists, files, out-of-box web parts)• No server code allowed; use client JavaScript for logic, UXProvider-Hosted App“Bring your own server hostinginfrastructure and technology platform”Get remote events fromSharePointUse CSOM/REST +OAuth to work with SPCloud-based AppsYourHosted SiteAutohosted AppWindows Azure + SQL Azure provisionedinvisibly as apps are installedAzureSharePointHost WebApp Web*(separate SharePointdomain)SharePointHost WebApp Web*(separate SharePointdomain)SharePointHost WebApp Web(separate SharePointdomain)
    8. 8. Hosting ComparisonSharePoint Hosted Cloud HostedApp Scope SharePoint Site Site or TenancyArchitecture Web Site Can be Multi-Tenant AppDeveloper Skillset SharePoint +HTML/JSFull StackUI Technologies SharePoint +HTML/JSAny Web StackServer Code None AnyStorage Lists and Libraries AnyKey Limitations No Server Code Hosting ExpertiseRequiredGood for… Smaller apps &resource storageAny type ofApplication
    9. 9. SharePoint Hosted App Model SharePoint hosted apps reside in SharePoint App components are SharePoint components SharePoint lists, site columns, content types CSOM and REST API Client Web Part Business logic executes on the client HTML5 JavaScript Key Developer Skills HTML5, CSS, JavaScript jQuery, ASP.NET AJAX CSOM and REST API
    10. 10. Cloud Hosted App Model App Resides Wherever you want Business logic executes on a different server Open to use any development platform you choose Key Developer Skills Open CSOM and REST API
    11. 11. App Presentation OptionsShape Description ExampleImmersive Full PageAppApp that implementsa new scenario forcustomersResource Tracking,BudgetingApp Part Provides new partsyou can add to yoursitesWeather, News,Stock TickerExtension App Add new actions fordocuments anditemsDisplay DocumentVisualization, Print toPrint Service Vendor
    12. 12. App Branding Options App Template ASPX page hosted in SharePoint app.masterpage: includes AppWeb chrome Chrome Control Custom Branding
    13. 13. Let’s See how this Looks
    14. 14. Development Options Full Trust Code usually deployed to GAC Code runs on server Administrator privileges required for deployment and updates Sandbox Code runs in controlled limited resource pool Limited subset SharePoint API Deprecated
    15. 15. New Option – SharePoint Apps New Functionality Added to Support SharePoint Apps Hosting Options Development Options
    16. 16. New Functionality Improved CSOM Improved Rest API Needed since code is not run in SharePoint Processes O-Auth Security New Security Model to allow app specific permissions
    17. 17. Let’s Create Our First App
    18. 18. Permissions and Security Apps have their own permissions You must specify what SharePoint you want to access in your Manifest Content is secured through Oauth Users must have the permissions you need for them to install
    19. 19. Deployment Everything Packaged into a .app file This can be used to add the app manually to a site or publish it to theSharePoint Store
    20. 20. Let’s Examine How this works
    21. 21. Gotchas On-Premise Sites are not configured by default to handle Apps Sideloading of apps is not enabled on this site. Enable-SPFeature e374875e-06b6-11e0-b0fa-57f5dfd72085 –url App Management Shared Service Proxy is not installed. Technet article on how to setup On-Premise for development
    22. 22. Join us right after the event at the Firehouse Grill!Socialize and unwind after our day of learning.1765 E. Bayshore RoadEast Palo Alto, CA