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Schingler Space Up Ignite


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February 2010 Ignite presentation at SpaceUp organized by NSS San Diego. Talking about the Open Government Initiative and how to get involved while NASA is creating it's Open Government Plan.

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Schingler Space Up Ignite

  1. 1. 09 Feb 10 - Presentation by @skytland | 27 Feb 10 - Adapted and Ignited by @schingler
  2. 2. Within the first year, the White House released &
  3. 3. Within the first year, the White House released &
  4. 4. NASA has a $5M budget for a new Participatory Exploration Office. What should be its function? What should their priorities be?
  5. 5. How can we collaborate better internally at NASA? What Prize ideas do you have for NASA?
  6. 6. 19 days to go to include your ideas and comment on others into the NASA Open Government Plan
  7. 7. NASA is listening and we are in action. Keep the ideas and comments coming.
  8. 8. Rewarding those in action will create the correct incentives. Thank you @spaceupconf for your leadership!
  9. 9. Something exciting is happening: the U.S. government is opening up.