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Upgrade to moodle2 event 30th march 2012


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James Ballard's presentation from our "Moving to Moodle 2" event on the 19th June 2012.

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Upgrade to moodle2 event 30th march 2012

  1. 1. ULCC Moodle2 Upgrades:Who is driving?
  2. 2. Outline• Focus on strategic planning• Explore operational issues• Provide key information• Case example (Newham College)• Taking control (not something being ‘done’ to you)
  3. 3. In The Driving SeatIn pairs (or three’s): Introduce yourself, who/where etc. Discuss What are you in control of? What don’t you control and need help from others?
  4. 4. Case Example – Newham CollegeWhy Upgrade to Moodle2 = Because we have to?!Moodle2 suited learning strategy: – Social Media – Collaboration – Mobile – TabletsNew features – Conditional activities, customised themes
  5. 5. Case Example – Newham CollegeMoodle2.0 requires management (strategic driver is Quality, not IT).Key Issues: – Timing – Communication – Engagement – Resources
  6. 6. Activity – Key Stakeholders• Identify Key Stakeholders• Who needs to know what...?• What support is required?
  7. 7. Case Example – Newham CollegeIdentify and engage the key stakeholders: – Staff (Institutional = high-risk) – Students (End-users = low-risk) – Service Provider (Technical = low-risk)
  8. 8. Activity – Schedule For Action• What needs to happen?• Who needs to do it?• By when does it need to be done?
  9. 9. Case Example – Newham CollegeSchedule February - May• Training for core teams• Access to Moodle 2.0 test site• Testing new features• Understanding the new file system• Download standalone site
  10. 10. Case Example – Newham CollegeSchedule May - June• Staff Inset day: – New Navigation – New Terminology – New blocks – Ability to change themes
  11. 11. Case Example – Newham CollegeSchedule June - July• Used ‘Conversionthingy’ software to run tests• Redesign of front-page (based on feedback) – Example themes – Student Forum / Feedback – Staff Feedback – Final Design
  12. 12. Plenary – Key Points• Successful Change Management – Staff need to feel supported – Quick, effective responses (expect some complaints!) – Keep core enthusiasts on board – Students do not notice versioning but may engage with new features
  13. 13. Plenary – Key Points• Have clear institutional goals (Senior Manager sponsor)• Communication!• Reinforce engagement (ownership)• Don’t underestimate time needed• Plan for sufficient resources (training & support)
  14. 14. Plenary – Key PointsKey Lessons• Engage with stakeholders – Curriculum teams/Student focus group?• Upgrade early (before September!!) – Allow for familiarisation• Ensure resources are in place – Training/Support