Jisc RSC Eastern LRMF 14th March 2014 - RSC Eastern Update


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RSC Eastern update

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Jisc RSC Eastern LRMF 14th March 2014 - RSC Eastern Update

  1. 1. Maryse Fisher &Thomas Rochford Jisc Regional Support Centre RSC Eastern update
  2. 2. Learning Resources Managers Forum 10:30 Welcome, Introductions & Notes of last meeting - Julia Lale 10:40 Round the region – Member updates including ARLG Eastern & regional case study 11:55 Refreshments break 12:10 Jisc Collections Presentation - Catherine John 12:30 Jisc RSC Eastern Update 12:45 Lunch 13:15 Sharing Practice – Alison Baker & Maryse Fisher 13:45 Mobile devices in LRS including Julia Lale, Emma Furness, Alison Baker, Marie Kemp, Carole Mitchell plus Thomas Rochford 15:00 Close ACER 14th March 2014 RSC Eastern Update March 2014 2
  3. 3. What’s happening in the Region? »Forums »Events »News »Resources RSC Eastern Update March 2014 3
  4. 4. Regional F2F Events & Forums »Technology, Innovation and Success - A conference for ACL andWBL providers. 28th March »VLE Forum. 28th March »Digital Literacies -What does it mean to you? 30th April »Technical Managers Forum. 14th May »Learning Resources Managers Forum. 20th June »Jisc RSC Eastern e-Fair, Suffolk. 4th July RSC Eastern Update March 2014 4 http://bit.ly/rsce-events
  5. 5. National Events F2F & Online Visit our National UK Site for National Events: http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/ RSC Eastern Update March 2014 5
  6. 6. National Events Publicity & Scheduling Ryan Bradshaw created a publicity schedule and process, which means events are currently publicised as follows before the closing date: »News story & Flyer – 8 weeks »First email to lists – 6 weeks »Reminder email/carousel slide – 2 weeks »Tweets, social media – 2 weeks to closing We would like to know if this schedule and process works, whether it’s too much, or if you have any ideas or feedback? RSC Eastern Update March 2014 6
  7. 7. Latest News Ryan has taken over the editorship of the RSC UK blog. Over the past month we have published a series of 10 posts around Safer Internet Day, receiving more than 1700 views. If you require any ILT hints and tips, resources or case studies you should be able to find them here. RSC Eastern Update March 2014 7 RSC UK Blog jiscrsc.jiscinvolve.org/wp/
  8. 8. Latest case study Epping Forest College have introduced NUMU, a collaborative platform for music, to a group of their learners.This has benefited them enormously, as the platform has given the course more vocational relevance. Students have learnt how to promote themselves and their musical product online, work collaboratively, and review each others’ work constructively. The learners are now more engaged, enthused and challenged through using NUMU. RSC Eastern Update March 2014 8 Making it in the music industry bit.ly/efcnumu
  9. 9. Latest News In the latest of his short videos, RSC Eastern Technical Advisor, Thomas Rochford, examines theTesco Hudl tablet, demonstrating how the device works with different web browsers, Moodle, Office 365, and Sharepoint. RSC Eastern Update March 2014 9 Thomas’sTech Review bit.ly/thomastechhudl
  10. 10. Latest Resources This package includes a short reference guide for universities, colleges and learning providers to ensure risks are recognised and managed appropriately, and essential top tips to help institutions manage the use of social media effectively. RSC Eastern Update March 2014 10 Social Media Guidance from Jisc Legal bit.ly/jisclegalsocialmedia
  11. 11. Latest Resources This excellent website offers a range of fun, interactive resources to provide clear advice on the essentials for enjoying a safe experience online. For students, staff and everyday use. RSC Eastern Update March 2014 11 Cyber Streetwise www.cyberstreetwise.com
  12. 12. Latest Resources Tablet rocket allows you to enter the details of various tablet devices to compare specs, reviews and usability. TopTen Reviews gives side by side comparisons, reviewing hardware, display, communication and help and support RSC Eastern Update March 2014 12 Tablet guides and comparisons http://tablets- review.toptenreviews.com/ tabletrocket.com/
  13. 13. Recent Initiatives Digital Literacy Support - Flyer RSC Eastern Update March 2014 13 FE and Skills Window Project – Jorum Blog / Project site Hairdressing Training - Survey Copyright – Discover Jisc / Copyright Notice March 2014
  14. 14. Topics for 20th June LRM Forum Suggestions RSC Eastern Update March 2014 14 Using Self Service Library systems Running the 6 book challenge, induction and working with teaching staff, using social media, ebooks, open source LMS How to sell your service - what do you tell Management to create an impact? Discovery services (eg Summon and Ebsco Discovery Service) More of the same but with the opportunity for a practical session or two. Screencasting would be good if not already covered. Shared services Digital Literacies Jorum – FE and SkillsWindow Project
  15. 15. Thank you! RSC Eastern Update March 2013 15 Subscribe to the latest news, events and resources with e-Bytes. bit.ly/ebytessubscribe