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Microsoft Investment in Further Education and Skills
Microsoft presentation at Eastern region Seminar

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  • Largest and most mature vendor academy programmeOver 700 in the UK across K12, FE & HEOur key qualification are mapped in to QCF and are recognised by many awarding bodiesOur qualifications are structured to offer progression and breadth of study, not only t support industry demands but for those going in to further and higher educationsWe work with all major awarding bodies like OCR, City and Guilds, AQA and EdExcel as they look to develop qualification in IT that have rigour and value to industryWe have a sophisticated UK partner eco-system:Content generation and distribution with partners like Wiley UKCertification delivered and managed through Prodigy Learning and PrometricWorking to support associations like Schools Network Trust, Naace, CAS
  • Top Line Stats+300 Official Microsoft Learning Courses (includes Office, IT Pro and Developer)MCT Membership worth +£200 p.a. normally5 x Microsoft Press Ereference Libraries per ITAMCT community is global and is +18k with further access to lesson plans, beta content and technology, forums etcITA’s get 10 x MOS and 20 x MTA to help support teacher skills and developmentITA’s can provide broader community outreach, digital literacy for adults and parents etc
  • Education investments14th March

    1. 1. Holistic programmes from Microsoft forMicrosoft Investments in FurtherEducation and skillsMike Morris: Business Manager Further Education
    2. 2. Further Educations Aims: Delivering relevant skills in support of the economyMicrosofts needs: To deliver relevant skills into the Microsoft economy
    3. 3. The Microsoft EconomyNow Microsoft itself Application user skills Infrastructure skills Developer skills Future app creation skill Microsoft Itself App User Skills Infrastructure skills Developer skills App creation skills
    4. 4. How Does Microsoft Fuel it’s Economy?Investment in Education“Further Education’s aims align most closely to those of Microsoft and F.E. should therefore be the main beneficiary of this investment”
    5. 5. Free Faculty & Student Programs of Interest IT Academy: Academic Faculty Certification Imagine Cup Search Connection Microsoft Low Cost Licensing Partners in Programmes: Curriculum DreamSpark Learning ESP-A Resources
    6. 6. Free Faculty & Student Programs of Interest Cont. OpenSource Student to Microsoft Student Community Experience Business Blog & Facebook Phone App Start-Up Support Xbox Game Clubs & Societies Faculty Connection Mentoring Development Blog & Linkedin
    7. 7. DreamSparkTools and resources to make the most of learning, teaching and researchTools Curriculum Community Free curriculum Professional materials, from developer and On-line and in- Key Stage 1 to designer tools to person post build real communities of graduate, covering sites, apps, games, students, teachers hundreds of cloud services and and researchers Computer Science more topics
    8. 8. DreamSpark Software*Free for students, included with EES or academic pricing for institutionsSchoolsVisual Studio FE & HE STEM Windows 7 Professional, Expression, Windows Visual Studio Premium Visual Studio Ultimate Server, Windows Embedded, SQL Visio, Project, OneNote BizTalk Server Server SharePoint Server • HE STEM departments only • Free to all students for personal use • Students, Educators, labs • Free for Microsoft IT • Free to Colleges Academies or from £250/year per department Also offers easy access to other free tools, including Kodu Game Lab, Small Basic, Windows Phone tools, Kinect SDK, XNA Game Studio and more * Academic/non-commercial use
    9. 9. 427,000 products 300 (<7%) of FE “ready to be UK secondary schools,downloaded and used retrained” and HE institutions view commonlyby over 140,000 subscribe to DreamSpark expressed among thestudents; <2% of 16,734 UK curriculum 32,000 Microsoftsecondary and tertiary content downloads from Partner companies in Microsoft Faculty Connection the UK when recruitingUK students in 2011 in 2011 CS graduates 43,599 world-wide22,000 tech students“like” our Facebook page and downloads of Windows 46% of UK Phone Programming in 2011 Application Development330 CS Educators joined - curriculum written by Rob job ads specify Microsoftour LinkedIn group in 2011 Miles, University of Hull .NET skillsSources:, Microsoft internal reporting systems for DreamSpark, Faculty Connection andWindows Phone Marketplace, and Microsoft Faculty Connection UK on LinkedIn
    10. 10. Microsoft IT Academy UK+10,000 across +700 Partnerships:160 countries UK IT Academies Awarding BodiesProfessional PublishersCertifications Associationsmapped in QCF 70,413 Academic National and Certifications in State wide Wide the UK in 2011 Agreements
    11. 11. Microsoft IT Academy BenefitsTime Lower ValidateSaving Institution CPD Skills ForCurriculum Costs Industry+300 E- Annual Low Cost MCT Curriculum Fee aligned toLearning Membership Academic Pricing CertificationCourses on further Certification CertificationLesson Plans Courseware and Start Kits mapped to QCF Certification CertificationsDigital E-Reference Site License developed toLiteracy options for MTA Libraries meet needs ofTest Banks & MOS +18k MCT’s industryProviding industry-leading training resources and Microsoft Certifications to enhance employability and school readiness, and encourage life-long learning
    12. 12. Supporting UK IT Education ChallengesAdoption of General Lecturer CollegesComputer Science IT Skills and Responding toCourses Awareness Cloud Skills ShiftSkills acquisition to Modernising lecturers IT Industry is evolvingteach to new CS skills and use of rapidlycurriculum and technology in the Growing demand forconcepts classroom. skills on cloud tech.Creating engaging Shifting perceptions Tools, Curriculum andand inspirational and mindsets Certification arelessons available now
    13. 13. Existing Microsoft partnerships“A PC in every home” to end the digital divide within and between countries (Bill Gates) Shape the Future In 42 countries 6 million PCs With Martha Lane Fox With Student Finance Windows 7 Refurbished England PCs for less than £100 Windows 7 and special A “help yourself” offer version of MS Office For Schools and families Working with 19 suppliers Ready “out of the box” 42,000 per annum 4,000 sold and growing
    14. 14. Microsoft Partner ApprenticeshipsGrowing businesses and providing sustainable opportunities for young people Microsoft 1162 trained to Level 3/4 City & E-skills date in 300 Guilds + Microsoft NAS businesses Certifications Technical Support Technical Sales Software Development
    15. 15. Possible points of entry into the process Get Online @Hom e Curriculum PILSR Transformation Progr Developing and ess CPD Enhanced review Graduate Success Learning Suite and IT Events Academy and Student 2 Dreamspark Business training and Skills Relevant Calculator Global Network Technology YouTubeChannel, Facebook , Twitter & Blogs Delivering Innovation, Inspiration and Change