120619 moving to moodle2


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Presentation given by Simon Waldron at the RSC Eastern "Moving to Moodle 2" event at Colchester Institute on the 19th June 2012.

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120619 moving to moodle2

  1. 1. Moving to Moodle 2Simon WaldronSuffolk Learning Consortium Projects Manager
  2. 2. Our History  Jan 2002 Setup in to support Suffolk charities  Soon became a leader in developing / delivering learning  Apr 2006 I joined SAVO as Information Officer CHALLENGE: Make effective use of technology  Aug 2006 Started to convert Paper / CD ‘Toolkits’ to e-learning  Jun 2012 11 Toolkits© 2012 SAVO. All rights reserved 2 .
  3. 3. Our History  Sep 2006 Commissioned by Governance Hub to develop e-learning course for Trustees  Dec 2007 TrusteElearning moved to updated LMS  May 2012 Endorsed by Charity Commission© 2012 SAVO. All rights reserved 3 .
  4. 4. Our History  Jul 2011 Approached by Suffolk County Council ALS to host e-learning platform  Jul 2011 Applied for LSIS RUN Funding to develop shared LMS, ALS / Third Sector  May 2012 eSuffolk Community launched© 2012 SAVO. All rights reserved 4 .
  5. 5. E-Suffolk Community Concept  Shared LMS (ALS / Third Sector) to provide:  Entry level e-learning access to Third Sector providers  Best practice e-learning provision, reducing duplication  Signposting to other e-learning providers© 2012 SAVO. All rights reserved 5 .
  6. 6. Challenges of Moving to Moodle 2 1. We had never used Moodle before, so support from our Project Partners (Otley College, JISC RSC Eastern) was invaluable 2. Experimented with V1 but our partners suggested we take advantage of V2 3. Initial problems with our hosting company to provide required PHP / SQL versions 4. Initial setup ground to a halt (with various errors), but thanks to perseverance by Thomas Rochford, on the Friday before Christmas, we got it up and running.© 2012 SAVO. All rights reserved 6 .
  7. 7. Challenges of Moving to Moodle 2 1. As we had little experience of V1 we did not have any issues of version changes 2. Any technical problems we experienced were ably answered by JISC RSC Eastern (Ben Hutchens) 3. In working with Otley College, re. content creation, they were impressed with the differences of V2 and decided to upgrade ASAP 4. Our funders, LSIS, have been impressed at what we have achieved in six months.© 2012 SAVO. All rights reserved 7 .
  8. 8. Conclusions  Moving to Moodle 2 was quite painless, mainly because we were on a steep learning curve anyway, and had little experience with Moodle 1  Having the support of JISC RSC Eastern was invaluable, even if they were learning about Moodle 2 as well, we could not have done it without them  Showcasing the changes in Moodle 2 helps to increase the sign-up to upgrade© 2012 SAVO. All rights reserved 8 .
  9. 9. Moving to Moodle 2www.SuffolkLearningConsortium.orgSimon WaldronSuffolk Learning Consortium Projects ManagerT: 01638 713778E: simon.waldron@savo.co.uk