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Using social media to build your brand


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Branding Building and Self Identification leads to understanding social media for your product/service.

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Using social media to build your brand

  1. 1. WHAT IS BRAND BUILDING? What is a brand? Simply put- it is what your prospects think when they hear your name What is brand building? Truthfully? Its story telling ( using the 4 P’s within - product, place, price, promotion) PEPSI TELLS A STORY Even though it has always used influencers – and had controversies like Madonna and Kendall In the end people are doing what?
  2. 2. WHAT IS BRAND BUILDING? PEPSI may have pulled the Madonna ad- however it got your attention. You were talking about it. PEPSI made point their product from the beginning was influential and trendy. ( PEPSI’S Commercials followed trends- from Madonna’s Like a Prayer movement to girl power with Spice Girls saying Generation Next. PEPSI EMOJIS, LAYS – FEELING OF WANTING IT- making sure they were part of your life BRANDING TIPS: • Take a stand and stick with it • If you make a mistake own up • Content should spark a conversation • Tell your story in a way where you aren't directly selling your product ( PEPSI’S Instagram)
  3. 3. PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL CONTENT SELF IDENTIFICATION 3 To 5 years at least. Experiment with what you want to offer, but when you know it, own it and focus on that. PERSONAL How much do you want to share? Are you always thinking like a business? Are you aiming to becoming an influencer PROFESSIONAL What is your tone? Your stand? ( think Pepsi) how much engagement do you want? What is your platform?- this applies to Entrepreneurs and Professionals ( THINK SPICE GIRLS- Different personalities in the group- this was branded) (none of the spice girls accounts on IG are verified) Real example @Torontofashionacademy @jasoncameron1
  4. 4. NETWORKING AND ONLINE PRESENCE “ I work with networking organizations and we throw these amazing events- however perception- someone yesterday asked me “ you specialize in networking events?” to which my response was “ I specialize in events period” Online presence comes into play- is by what people associate you with: Fashion shows Fashion events Modeling agency Social media If you need to change your perception- change your content Attend events of interest and with a purpose Learn to say NO Networking – does lead you to getting exactly what you want.