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Jamestown, new york's_connection_to_lucy_desi[2]


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Jamestown, new york's_connection_to_lucy_desi[2]

  2. 2. Jamestown’s Claim to Fame
  3. 3. Biography Lucille Désirée Ball (August 6, 1911 – April 26, 1989) was an American comedienne, film, television, stage and radio actress, model, film and television executive, and star of the sitcoms I love Lucy, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, Here’s Lucy and Life with Lucy. She was one of the most popular and influential stars in America during her lifetime.
  4. 4. Bio~Continued Her ashes were initially interred in Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles, but in 2002 her children moved her remains to the family plot at Lake View Cemetery in Jamestown, New York, where Ball's mother, father, brother, and grandparents are buried. Ball was among Time magazine's 100 Most Important People of the Century.
  5. 5. Noticing Smallest work, Located on Post Office, 10’ x 10’, also Brick and Mortar, completed in 1999 First installment, used 3 gallons of paint and took 4 days to complete. The Stamp
  6. 6. The Factory Noticing Alleyway Brick and Mortar Factory Feel 2nd Installment - 2000
  7. 7. Remembering the Episode
  8. 8. Noticing Largest Work 3rd Installment-2002 Concrete Parking Ramp 16 days to complete 35’ x 80’ Corrugated surface Quack Elixir
  9. 9. Remembering the Episode
  10. 10. Lucy~Desi Noticing Same as Vitameatavegamin Only work to include co-star and husband Desi Arnaz.
  11. 11. Wordle~ Mind Map y
  12. 12. Experiential Activities -Art--Students will aesthetically generate/construct a work from a moment taken from a television show or performance of their choosing. -Theater--Students will act out a choreographed scene or performance within the classroom. -Math-- Students will be able to create equations for transferring small images to large areas accurately. -History--Students will be able to discuss the historical importance of comedy in early American works, and provide examples.
  13. 13. Personal Connections -Fond Memories of watching reruns from “I Love Lucy” as a child with grandparents on T.V. Land. -Friends with the Artist. -My wife's stepfather purchased Lucille Ball’s birthplace home, and his first wife continues to reside there to this day. (69 Stewart Ave.)
  14. 14. About the Artist Gary Peters ~ Born 1-25-1950, in Jamestown General Hospital. Career ~ Retired Elementary School Teacher, taught grades 5-6 in the Jamestown district. Gary was also a certified art teacher. The Stamp was his first job following retirement. Education ~ BA. Millikin University of Decauter Illinois MA. Fredonia State of New York Ryan Saunders and Gary Peters
  15. 15. The Process 1cm. to 1 foot equation, gridded onto a computer, projected onto butcher block paper, stenciled using a stiletto onto the building in grids, and spray painted through the holes onto the walls themselves creating the pattern/design blueprint. Same concept that provided Michelangelo the opportunity to paint the Sistine Chapel. Future Projects/Murals -Buffalo Bill Cody, and his Wild West Show advertisement for the troops historic showing in Jamestown. -Roger Tory Peterson surrounded by birds. ( Nature Conservationist) -Rubin Fenton ( Politician, 22nd Governor of New York) -Robert H. Jackson ( Supreme Court Justice) -Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner 2006-present)
  16. 16. Aesthetics and Pedagogy  Key Ideas How individuals view the installations depends on there own experiences with Lucille Ball, whether they have enjoyed being entertained through her works? The works provide deep meaning and a sense of pride to the city of Jamestown, for producing individuals of historical significance.  Lines of Inquiry How long will the works last in terms of weathering ? How does there presence effect locals vs. tourist? What limitations were set for the artist? Have these works met the expectations of the financiers/commissioners of the projects? What other images were considered, but It was interesting to me that these instillations and future works are in the skilled hands or a retired educator. Gary Peters also participates in the Jamestown city arts council, attends downtown Jamestown Develop Corp. meetings and is a continuing advisee with the Gebby Foundation which is responsible for the funding of Jamestown’s Lucy murals. The murals bring attention to Jamestown’s history with Lucy and develop inquiry and investigation within the hearts and minds of admirers and onlookers. Historically Jamestown was a manufacturing hub and as it has many abandoned factory buildings some art on the walls really does go a long way toward creating beauty in the city.
  17. 17. Lucy’s childhood home in Celeron ( 59 Lucy Lane), Gary Peters painted this house. I'm happy that I have brought laughter because I have been shown by many the value of it in so many lives, in so many ways. Lucille Ball
  18. 18. 69 Stewart Ave. Lucy’s birthplace.