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Online Courses on management subjects and soft skills with training videos integrated on Learning Management System.

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Training Time

  1. 1. Knowledge Horizon’s solution is ideal for those committed to continuously sharpening their people skills. Training your staff will be easier, more cost effective and flexible. In today’s dynamic business environment, learning has become an integral part of an organisation’s competitive mindset. Building a sustainable competitive advantage starts with enabling trainees to have continuous access to just-in-time learning opportunities. is designed Our to give you that Unique Edge Wide selection of e.Courses Key features available in two languages • Knowledge Horizon has developed a number of soft skills and management courses Online learning SCORM Animations conformant & graphics (English & Arabic). • The courses cover the behavioural competency framework of any organisation that aims to achieve its overall business objectives. Training Videos Multimedia Interactive learning • All our courses are accompanied with unique training videos produced especially to make the learning experience enriching, engaging and enjoyable. • Our courses are linked to internationally recognised certificates (optional). Job Aids Notes Glossary | |
  2. 2. The system provides interactive community features for a rich learning experience and the ability to track learners’ progress across all training programmes. The primary aim of the system is Learning to deliver training programmes to learners in a highly engaging and interactive environment. Management System More features: A number of Learning Aids such as: June Personal Task List Notes Calendar and Reminders nt ele 5-3=2 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Exc e Ee G ood 18/2=9 e Bb rag A Ave r 2+2 ? 2= Poo Attendance Time Tables Assessment and Records Evaluation Community features for a richer learning experience: blogs Discussion E-mails Forums Chat Rooms Announcements | |
  3. 3. Our e.Courses * Average e.Training hours Management Level Courses Supervisory Level Courses Operative Level Courses | |
  4. 4. For those interested in related International Certification, we offer two awards to those who complete related courses. Candidates have to complete the two core modules and any four optional modules and pass the relevant examinations to be able to acquire a City & Guilds Award. Certification Options 01 | Effective Supervisor Core Modules: 1. Planning & Organising 2. Decision Making About City & Guilds Optional modules (Choose 4 out of 5) City & Guilds is the leading vocational awarding body and a household name in the UK. City & 1. Managing Quality Guilds offer over 500 awards in almost all sectors 2. Customer Service and at all levels from entry to post graduate. 3. Communication Skills They operate in around 100 countries worldwide, working closely with employers to ensure that their 4. Problem Solving qualifications are a true reflection of the relevant 5. Performance Management skills and competence levels they are looking for. City & Guilds operate through partners and Approved Centres. 02 | Effective Manager About the Award Core Modules: Knowledge Horizon has been an Accredited Centre 1. Managing Teams for City & Guilds for the last 7 years. Knowledge Horizon offers the following two City & Guilds 2. Delegation Awards through online mode: Optional modules (Choose 4 out of 5) 1. Effective Manager 1. Negotiation Skills 2. Effective Supervisor 2. Managing Change To qualify for the Awards, learners can appear 3. Managing the Market for their exams at Approved Centres in their own 4. Managing Quality countries for the list of accredited examination center please visit knowledge horizon websit 5. Decision Making | |
  5. 5. Frequently Asked Questions 1. Why is learning online beneficial? are designed to be operable even on slow dial-up Online learning enables the learner to learn at any connections, having a bandwidth of 128 kbps is time, in any place without compromising on daily recommended for a user to get a richer user- work schedules and other engagements. It also experience, especially with our streaming videos. ensures uniformity in knowledge transfer across learners and learning sessions. Just-in-time training 4. What is SCORM? requirements can be easily addressed which is a SCORM is an international and globally accepted key benefit. The engaging and interactive nature standard for developing online learning courseware and of e.Courses also culminates in better retention of LMS systems. All our e.Courses and LMS are SCORM knowledge for learners. conformant so you can rest assured that you are getting products that incorporate the latest and best technology 2. Why should I choose ? world-wide. is a unique blend of professional training and internationally acclaimed and accredited 5. Can I track trainee learning progress and generate qualifications. It offers numerous value-added reports? benefits such as online mentoring and tutor support, operates on a state-of the art LMS online learning resources like case studies, videos, platform, which provides a valuable information both to state-of-the-art learning management system and learners as well as training managers and administrators. many more features. also enables The SCORM technology allows easy tracking of learner continuous learning and intellectual growth of the activities and administrators can easily re-produce this trainees by providing insights from international information in the form of various reports. subject matter experts. The offering is an exceptional value for money proposition vis-à-vis any 6. What kind of support can I expect? other training offering as it is flexible, user friendly, offers support services like access economical and practical. is also to LMS, e-mentoring, e-counselling, along with routine available in bilingual form - English and Arabic. administration related services like all after sales support from the customer service team. Our service team is 3. Are there any technical requirements ready to address your needs and provide you with all the to use ? support you require during your association with us. You only need to have Windows XP with Internet Explorer (version 6 & above) and the freely available 7. How soon will I be online? Flash browser plugin installed (version 8 & above) has a state-of-the art virtual infrastructure to use in its default English version. which enables administrators to create and manage To use the Arabic version, you will additionally user-accounts and learners to go online as soon as the require installing the Arabic Language Pack available registration and payment formalities are completed. for Windows XP. Although our e.Training offerings | |