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Our Value for Money (VFM) package is going to revolutionise the learning environment in corporate and institutions

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KH Online Library of Business & Soft Skill Course Catalogue

  1. 1. Experience INNOVATION in learning @ Online Courses For Library Subscription SoftSkills Knowledge Horizon Ltd. Knowledge Horizon is a global knowledge organisation with its H.Q. in Dubai (UAE) and other offices in India, Egypt, Vision Jordan & Oman. We promote excellence in all aspects related To lead global innovation in making to the acquisition of knowledge and skills. With more than 10 learning simple, easily accessible years of classroom training experience, Knowledge Horizon and enjoyable. entered into the e-Learning domain and has developed a wide portfolio of products, such as: Instructor Led (Classroom) Training Material Online (Web based) courseware (Off-the-shelf & Customized) Learning & Training Management System Training Videos (Drama & Subject Matter Expert Videos) Rapid Courseware Development tool in Flash Our Associates Page 1 of 11
  2. 2. Products Services & Knowledge Horizon's training solution is ideal for those committed to continuously sharpening their people's skills. Training your people will be easier, more cost effective and flexible. In today's dynamic business environment, learning has become an integral part of an organisation's competitive mindset. Building a sustainable competitive advantage starts with enabling trainees to have continuous access to just-in-time learning opportunities. system is designed to give you that Unique Edge Wide range of e.Courses for development of business Key features skills and soft skills • Knowledge Horizon has developed a number of soft skills and management courses. Online Animations SCORM Learning Conformant & Graphics • The courses cover the behavioural competency framework of any organisation that aims to achieve its overall business objectives. • Most of our courses are accompanied Training Multimedia Interactive Videos Learning with unique training videos produced especially to make the learning experience enriching, engaging and enjoyable. • Some of our courses are linked to internationally recognised certificates Job Aids Notes Glossary (optional). Page 2 of 11
  3. 3. Products Services& The online courses can be accessed through Training Management System which provides an interactive community for a rich learning experience and the ability to track a learner's progress across all training programmes. Our Training Management System facilitates educational institutions or corporate in managing and controlling their training environment. More features Learning Management System A number of Learning Aids such as: Personal Notes & Calendar Task List Reminders Attendance Time Tables Assessment & Records Evaluation Community features for a richer learning experience: Discussion E-mails Forums Chat Rooms Announcements Page 3 of 11
  4. 4. Products Services & Business Skills: Education to strengthen academic Library Subscription knowledge Unlimited Access We have a range of business skill online courses which not only enhance your business management 1 Year validity skills but also guide you towards the right goals, and achievement. You may access these courses from 39 Online courses anywhere, anytime by using the internet and your user details. Subscribe to our online library and start 324 Learning hours enhancing your knowledge and skills now! 13263 Screens e.Course Library Subject Name of Online Course No. of Slides Total Time (In Hrs.) Accounts & Finance Financial Accounting - 5 Financial Management - 5 Managing Finance (TT) 308 6.2 Financial Management (TT) 314 5.6 Cost Accounting - 5 Statistics & Quantitative Statistics & QT 1 - 5 Techniques Statistics & QT 2 - 5 Strategy Strategic Management 449 12.1 Human Resource Organisational Behaviour & 445 12.3 Management Change Management Managing Change 390 11.2 Human Resource Planning 413 9.9 Marketing Managing the Market 335 7.4 Strategic Marketing 534 12.9 Information Systems Managing Information 365 7.7 Information Systems Management 384 10.7 Information Monitoring 396 7.7 Quality Quality Orientation 342 5.9 Managing Quality 359 7.6 Leadership & Team Leadership Skill 510 10.9 Management Managing Teams 394 10.8 High Performance Teams 432 8.5 Performance Maximisation 439 9.6 Page 4 of 11
  5. 5. Products Services & Soft Skills: Education beyond academic knowledge Library Subscription Soft skills fulfill an important role in shaping an individual’s Unlimited Access personality. It is of high importance for every student or working executive to acquire such skills beyond academic or technical knowledge. We are offering courses on 17 different 1 Year validity essential behavioural & personality traits. Our courses may help learners to be successful in today’s tough environment, 39 Online courses candidates for jobs or promotion have to bring along a “competitive edge” that distinguishes them from other candidates with similar qualifications and comparable 324 Learning hours evaluation results. 13263 Screens e.Course Library SoftSkills Subject Name of Online Course No. of Slides Total Time (In Hrs.) Customer Service Customer Service 387 10.8 Customer Care 367 7.4 Communicatiion Skills Communication Skill 360 7.7 Communication & Task Management 372 9.3 Interpersonal Business Skills 349 5.6 Text Processing 366 10.1 Presentation Skill Presentation Skill 366 6.0 Personal Development Personal Development 456 9.5 Time Management Time Management 333 7.5 Negotiation Skills Negotiation Skills 465 8.2 Planning & Organising Planning & Organising 466 12.1 Decision Making Decision Making 393 7.7 Delegation Delegation 331 5.5 Follow up Follow up 352 9.5 Problem Solving Problem Solving 403 8.4 Adaptability Adaptability 331 7.7 Office Procedure Office Procedure 357 9.5 Page 5 of 11
  6. 6. TM Business Skills Courses & Lessons Accounts & Finance Financial Accounting Cost Accounting • Accounting Principle • Budgeted Profitability Statement • Accounting Equation • Statement of Cost • Journal • Pricing of Inventory • T-Account & Trial Balance • Labor Costing • Income Statement • Allocation & Apportionment of Overheads • Balance Sheet • Activity Based Costing • Journal to Balance sheet • Job Costing • Cash Flow Statement • Service Costing • Inter-relationship between Financial • Cost Volume Profit Analysis Statements • Product Pricing Methods • Profitability Ratios Financial Management • Time Value of Money • Investment Appraisal Techniques - Basic • Liquidity Ratios • Investment Appraisal Techniques - Advanced • Efficiency Ratios • Working Capital Management • Solvency and Coverage Ratios • Capital Structure • Company Valuation • Cost of Capital Financial Management (T.T) Managing Finance (T.T) • The Role of Financial Management and • Understanding Finance and Accounting Financial Managers • Preparing Financial statements • Financial Planning • Analysing Financial Statements • Working Capital Cash and Inventory • Understanding Costing Management • Understanding Working Capital Management • The Cost and Structure of Capital • Budgeting and Budgetary Control • Investment Decisions and Investment Appraisals Statistics & Quantitative Techniques Statistics & Q.T-1 Statistics & Q.T-2 (*Upcoming) • Arithmetic Mean • Quantitative Techniques for Managers • Measures of Dispersion • Graphical Representation of Data • Basic Probability • Additional Rule of Probability • Correlation • Multiplication Rule of Probability • Regression Analysis • Binomial Probability Distribution • Hypothesis Testing (Single Mean) • Normal Distribution • Chi-square Goodness of Fit • Chi-Square Test of Independence • Decision Tree • Hypothesis Testing - Two Sample Test • Index Number (CPI) • Analysis of Variance - One Way Classification • Graphical Solutions to Linear • Index Numbers - Splicing, Chain Index Programming Problem Page 6 of 11
  7. 7. Business Skills Courses & Lessons Human Resource Management Human Resource Planning Managing Change Organisational Behaviour & Change Management • Human Resource Management • Thinking About Change • Introducing Organisations and and Human Resource Planning • Change in Organisational Analysing Stakeholders • Organisations and their Environments Today • Analysing Organisations to Achieve Environment • Understanding organisations Effectiveness and Competitive • HR, Strategic Planning and Advantage • Describing Organisational Staffing Change: Needs, Types • Assessing the Environment and the • Demand Forecasting and HR and Implications Organisation Availability Forecasting • Understanding the change • Individual and Group Behaviour • Human Resource Budgeting, management process • Understanding Values and Auditing and Planning • External and internal forces Organisational Learning • Jobs, Job Design, Organisational of change • Organisational Mission and Vision Effectiveness and Motivation • SWOT Analysis • Factors in Designing Organisational • Preparing for Recruitment • Proposing and Prioritising Structures • Evaluating Current Activity Changes • Culture as a Source of Competitive • Preparing and Presenting a Advantage Change Plan • Impact of Change in Organisations • Approaches to Change Management • Preparing the Plan Marketing Managing the Market Strategic Marketing • The Nature and Scope of • Understanding Marketing • Communication in the Marketing • Marketing Research and Information Marketing Mix • Types of Markets, Market • The Organisational Environment • Strategic Planning Process Segmentation and Target • The Internal Environment and • Setting Marketing Objectives Marketing SWOT Analysis and Making Strategic Choices • Products and Pricing in • Identifying Customers and Market • Generic Strategies Marketing Segmentation • Competition Based Strategies • Place and Promotion in • Product and Brand Management • Factors Influencing Strategic Marketing Choices • Price and Place in the Marketing • Marketing Plans Mix • Applying Marketing Strategy Information System Managing Information Information Systems Information Monitoring Management • Identifying Data and • Understanding Information • Information as a business Information resource • Today's Business Environment and the • Communication in Role of Information and Information • Processing Information Organisation Systems • Ways of Communicating • Managing Information • Information Need Analysis and information • Using Information Understanding Systems • Data, information & knowledge • Business Decision Making • Assessing Information Requirement • Communicating Information • Meetings and Presentations • Evaluating Information Management • Managing Records • Analysing Information Systems • Understanding Information Systems • Developing knowledge sharing • Types of Information Systems culture • Developing Information Systems • Identifying and Implementing Changes • Conducting Effective Meetings in ISM • IT Policy & procedure Page 7 of 11
  8. 8. Business Skills Courses & Lessons Strategy Strategic Management • Strategy and Approaches to Strategic • Markets Segments and Competitor Analysis Management • Assessing competitive resources and • Describing Organisations capabilities • Setting Strategic Objectives • Developing Strategic Options • Analysing the Macro Environment • Comparing Alternatives • Analysing the Industry and the Competitive • Recommending and Justifying Options Environment • Change Management and Implementation Leadership Leadership Skill • The Term Leadership • Managing a Team: Conflict Resolution • Styles and levels of Leadership • Developing Leadership Skills: Personal • Building a Team Development • Leading a Team: Vision, Mission and Goals • Developing Leadership Skills: Developing • Leading a Team: Decision-Making Communication Skills • Leading a Team: Motivating a Team • Developing Leadership Skills: Anticipating, Initiating and Adapting to Change • Managing a Team: Delegation • Developing Leadership Skills: Application of NLP • Managing a Team: Team Effectiveness and in Organisations Appraisals Team Management Managing Teams High Performance Teams Performance Maximisation • Understanding Groups • Becoming a High Performance • What is Performance • Understanding Teams and Team Team Management? Effectiveness • The Three Rs • Performance Management • How Teams Develop • Building a High Performance Process Vision, Mission and • Understanding Leadership Team Values • Preparing to form a team • Cohesiveness and Power • Organisational culture and • The Communication Process Learning Organisations • Rewards and Evaluation Criteria • The Problem-Solving Process • Planning and Goals • Total Quality Management for Team Effectiveness • Discipline and Team Conflict • Key Performance Indicators • Decision making and Dealing • Motivating a High Performance • Setting and Communicating with Changes Team • Standards of Performance • Evaluating and Improving Team • High Performance Team • Monitoring and Delegating Performance Meetings • Motivation and Job Enrichment • Evaluating a High Performance • The Appraisal Process Team Quality Quality Orientation Managing Quality • What is Quality? • Understanding Quality • What is QC? • Getting Started with Quality Management • Quality in an Organisation • Understanding Quality Management • Quality Process • Total Quality Management • The Role of a Customer • Quality Management Standards • Continuous Improvement • Quality Evaluation Techniques Page 8 of 11
  9. 9. Soft Skills Courses & Lessons Customer Service Customer Service Customer Care • What is Customer Service? • Understanding Customers and Customer Care • The Significance of Customer Service for an • Customer Care Standards and Skills Organisation • Understanding Behaviour and Motivation • The Basics of Communication • Communication for Effective Customer Service • Barriers to Communication • Solving Customers' Problems • Modes of Communicating with Customers • Measuring Customer Care • Identifying Customer Needs • Satisfying Customer Needs • Handling Customer Complaints Communication Skill Communication Skill Communication & Task Management • Introduction to Communication • Understanding Task Management • Analysing Communication Skills • Managing Time • Analysing Listening Skills • Motivation and Group Dynamics • Analysing Speaking Skills • Monitoring and Reporting Team Performance • Analysing Writing skills • Understanding Organisational Communications • Analysing Conversation Skills • The Importance of Written Communication • Communication and Culture • Effective Listening and Speaking Skills Interpersonal Business skills Text Processing • Communication Techniques • Introduction to Text Processing • Understanding and Using Assertive Behaviour • Typing from Manuscripts and Dictations • Effective Meetings • Proofreading and Checking • Communicating Effectively • Business Letters • Effective Business Communication • Envelopes Memorandums and Reports • Notice Agenda and Minutes of Meeting • Typing Speed and Presentation • Organising Workplace and Information Security Presentation Skill Personal Development • Presentations: A Need Analysis • Exploring Personal Development • Presentation Styles • Analysing Self • Covering the Basics • Self-esteem and Personal Development • Researching and Structuring Content • Impact of Vision and Mission on Personal • Using Visual Aids Behaviour • Practice for Perfection • Setting Goals • Body Language, Grooming and Voice • Fundamentals of Learning • Before the Presentation • Dealing With Anger • During the Presentation • Dealing with Change • Handling Audience Questions • Dealing with External Factors • The Significance of Positive Thinking • Developing a Proactive Behaviour Page 9 of 11
  10. 10. Soft Skills Courses & Lessons Planning & Organising Follow Up • Evolution and Management Functions • Basics of Follow Up • Applying Management • The Project Management Process • Steps and Features of Planning • Follow Up in Controlling and Monitoring • The Planning Process • Important Roles in the Follow Up Process • Organisational Structures and Designs • Important Activities in the Follow Up Process • The Organising Process • Important Deliverables in the Follow Up Process • Basics of the Control Process • Relationship between Customers and Follow Up • Control Types and Control Mechanisms • Importance of inter-departmental and • Organisational Design intra-departmental Follow Up • Planning and Organising Tools • Importance of inter-departmental and • Dealing with Pitfalls intra-departmental Follow Up • Importance of inter-departmental and intra-departmental Follow Up Office Procedure Negotiation Skills • Administration in an Organisation • Fundamentals of Negotiation • Office Layout and Office Systems • Concessions and Negotiation Approaches • Managing Mail Records and Inventory • Stages of Negotiation • Book-keeping and Scheduling • Attitudes, Styles and Team Negotiations • Planning Meetings, Visits and Appointments • Elements of Body Language • Managing Information and Documents • Two-way Communication Cycle • Security Systems and Information Security • Questioning and Listening Skills • Health and Safety and Safe Working Practices • Power in Negotiations • Ploys and Tactics Problem Solving Time Management • Problems and Solutions • Importance of Time management • Introduction to Problem Solving • Stress Management • Identifying the Scope of a Problem • Time Management Methodology • Contextualising a Problem • Goal-Setting • Goals and Ideas • Time Logs • Problem's Entry Point, Rival Hypothesis and • Time Management and Meetings Role Playing • Planning • Modelling, Criticism, Suggestion and Searching • Organising • Tools for Coming up with Solutions • Analysing Time Logs • Tools for Generating a Solution • Prioritising and Scheduling • Time Management and Meetings Decision Making Delegation Adaptability • The Basics of Decision-Making • What is Delegation? • The Term Adaptability • The steps in the Decision- • Benefits of Delegation • Being Adept at Adapting Making process • Drawbacks of Delegation • Components and Stages • Decision Making Style: Group • Process of Delegation • Sources and Impact of vs. Individual • Delegating Effectively Organisational Change • Decision-Making Techniques • Barriers to Effective Delegation • Meeting the demands of a • Managing Risks in Decision- • Monitoring and Evaluation transforming organisation Making • Adapting to Different Work • Employee and Delegation Environments • Adaptability and New Culture Page 10 of 11
  11. 11. About Knowledge Horizon E-Learning Pvt. Ltd. India Knowledge Horizon E-Learning Pvt. Ltd. (KHEPL) Contact us: is an e-Learning company, incorporated in June 2006 under Companies Act of India at Pune. Being India Telefax: +91 20 32403306 / 07 an ISO 9001:2008 certified company from the E-mail: world’s leading ISO certifying body Det Norske Veritas (DNV), we have developed unique capabilities in producing highly effective Instructor Led & Web Based Training (ILT & WBT) materials Dubai (Headquarter) for learners and trainers. We are an esteemed Tel.: + 971 4 438 0424 member of Marattha Chamber of Commerce & Fax: + 971 4 438 0425 E-mail: Agriculture (MCCIA). Oman Tel.: + 968 24494014 Fax: + 968 24494017 E-mail: Jordan Tel: +962 6 551 8818 Fax: +962 6 554 1920 E-mail: Egypt Tel: +202 2 450 1228 Fax: +202 2 450 1229 ISO 9001 REGISTERED E-mail: Member of MGMT. SYS. R v A C024 DNV Certification B. V., The Netherlands Knowledge Horizon E-Learning Pvt. Ltd. [An ISO 9001:2008 Company] Varsha Park, Baner Road, Pune – 411 045. Telefax : +91 20 32403306 / 07 Page 11 of 11