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Balletaz App


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Presentation for Ballet Arizona Mobile Application design by ITAC Mobile Applications

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Balletaz App

  1. 1. Ballet Arizona AppTeam: ITAC Mobile Solutions
  2. 2. ITAC Mobile Solutions Ryan Maloney – Communications Officer Rafael Santana – Team Leader Thomas Cho – Deputy Team Leader Patrick Seip - Treasurer Alex Wolters – Green & Sustainability
  3. 3. Is an innovative and provocativeprofessional ballet company that creates,performs, and teaches outstanding classicaland contemporary ballet.Ballet Arizona is dedicated to servingthrough Education and CommunityOutreach Programs, which touch the lives ofmore then 35,000 children each year.
  4. 4. Social Challenge  Lack of Interest in Ballet  Lack of Understanding  Lack of Appreciation
  5. 5. Challenges to Overcome  Bring back old customers  Make it convenient to go to ballet  Use new platform to advertise  Local restaurants and the company  Cost of creating mobile application
  6. 6. Market  People currently attending ballet  People who were once interested but no longer attend the ballet  People who are interested in ballet but not attending  Children that have not experienced ballet before
  7. 7. Statistics Based on 2008 survey of public participation in the arts
  8. 8. Innovative SolutionFeaturesGPSCalendar Sync (Push Notifications)Promoting local restaurants (Advertising)Trailers of performanceNewsfeedBlogBallet NewsProductions coming soon (Trailers)Dancers BiographyEducation and CommunityOutreach ProgramsBalanchine vs. Traditional
  9. 9. Current Design Mock-ups
  10. 10. By the end of the Semester Finalize feature and design  Applied for funding  Find Programmers  List of local restaurants for advertising 
  11. 11. Future  Coding - Build  Implementation  Design Phase II  Expand to Android Market
  12. 12. THANK YOU
  13. 13. Sources:• http://••• nFo_OMz3LGA•• /• balletaz