Name:_____________________________________________________________<br />The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins<br />ESSENTIAL...
Hunger games study questions students
Hunger games study questions students
Hunger games study questions students
Hunger games study questions students
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Hunger games study questions students


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Hunger games study questions students

  1. 1. Name:_____________________________________________________________<br />The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins<br />ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What is my role in society?<br />What do you value above everything else? <br />What does it mean to survive? <br />What is the most you would do to survive? <br />What images does the title of the novel bring to mind?<br />Unit Study guide questions<br />Directions: Answer all questions in complete sentences in your novel section of your binder. There will be quizzes at the end of each chapter and a test at the end of each part.<br />Part 1 The Tributes<br />Chapter 1<br />1. Describe District 12. Including the people.<br />2. What illegal activity does Katniss participate in doing? Why does she need to do this?<br />3. Describe the relationship between Gale and Katniss. Do you have a relationship like this in your own life? Explain.<br />4. Who is Madge?<br />5. What is the reaping? Explain the process of the reaping. When is your name entered? How many times? Do you think this practice is fair? Explain.<br />6. What is a tessaerae?<br />7. Explain how Gale feels about the tesserae. <br />8. Explain in detail the history of Panem.<br />9. What are the “Dark Days”? <br />10. What is “The Treaty of Treason”?<br />11. The Hunger Games are punishment for the district uprising against the capital (the Dark Days). Explain the rules of the Hunger Game. <br />12. What happened to District 13?<br />13. Who is Haymitch Abernathy?<br />14. Who is selected at the reaping?<br />15. Describe Prim.<br />16. Describe Mother Everdeen.<br />17. Describe Katniss.<br />18. Describe Gale.<br />19. What is the Hob?<br />Chapter 2<br />How does Katniss save her sister from the reaping?<br />In District 12 the word tribute is a synonym for what word? Explain.<br />How do the people of District 12 react to Katniss becoming a tribute? What do they do?<br />Describe who is chosen as the male tribute.<br />Explain what happens to Katniss after her father’s death?<br />Use details to explain the 1st time Katniss encounters Peeta.<br />What kind of person do you think Peeta is? Use textual evidence to support you answer. <br />What did the bread, the dandelion, and Peeta give to Katniss?<br />Chapter 3<br />Make a prediction on what will happen in this chapter.<br />What does Katniss tell her mother and Prim to do while she is gone?<br />What does Katniss mean when she tells her mother that she “can’t leave again”?<br />How does Katniss feel about the competition in this game?<br />What does Peeta’s father do when he visits Katniss? What does this reveal about his character.<br />What does Madge give Katniss?<br />What does Gale tell Katniss she is good at doing? What do you think Gales last words were to Katniss “Katniss remember I _______”?<br />Explain 2 previous Hunger Games.<br />Describe Katniss experience on the train.<br />What is the image on the pin that Madge gave to Katniss?<br /><ul><li>What would be your reaction if you had to hurt a friend or an acquaintance in order to survive? Make a connection to Katniss' flashback with Peeta and their future roles in the Hunger Games.</li></ul>Chapter 4<br />Do you think Haymitch will be helpful as a mentor? Why or why not? Use textual evidence to support your answer.<br />What does Katniss mean when she says “A kind Peeta Mellark is far more dangerous to me than an unkind one”?<br />Katniss has a flashback about finding the Katniss plant. What does the following quote mean to you - “As long as you can find yourself, you’ll never starve.”?<br />What happens to convince Haymitch that Peeta and Katniss might be fighters?<br />What does Katniss realize about Peeta at the end of the chapter? <br />Chapter 5 <br />Describe the prep team for Katniss.<br />Retell the opening ceremony. Be sure to use textual evidence in your retelling.<br />Cinna states to Katniss “How despicable we must seem to you.” Explain why he might make this statement. Include the response by Katniss.<br />The presentation of the tributes seems to be greatly focused on visual presentation and looks – what does this reveal about the Capitol?<br />Make a prediction about what will happen to “the give who was on fire.”<br />Chapter 6<br />Describe the training center.<br />Describe the technology that is used in Fatness’s room.<br />What is an Avox?<br />Who is Delly Cartwright? How does Peeta help Katniss?<br />How does Haymitch feel about Katniss and Peeta holding handing during the opening ceremonies? In your opinion why are they doing this?<br />What prevents tributes from jumping off the rooftop? Apply why do you think this “field” is in place?<br />Retell the story Katniss tells Peeta on the rooftop. Draw a conclusion to whom the girl in the story is.<br />Chapter 7<br />Draw a conclusion to why Haymitch and Cinna want Katniss and Peeta to dress alike?<br />What are the pros and cons of Peeta and Katniss being coached together? (Give at least two reasons for each)<br />Apply how Katniss background in District 12 makes her difference from the other tributes (page 94).<br />What is a Career Tribute?<br />What advice does Haymitch give to Peeta and Katniss about showing their strengths?<br />Describe Rue with details.<br />How does Katniss dazzle the Gamemakers?<br />Chapter 8<br />How does Katniss feel about her performance with the Gamermakers? What does this demonstrate about her personality?<br />How does Rue score? What does this demonstrate about her chances in the arena?<br />What is Peeta’s score? <br />What is Katniss score? What does this reveal about her chances in the arena?<br />Evaluate and retell the importance of Katniss’ flashback with Gale.<br />Make a prediction as to why Peeta wants to be trained separately.<br />Chapter 9<br />Retell the training session with Katniss and Effie.<br />Retell the training session with Haymitch.<br />How does the Avox help?<br />What does Cinna do to help Katniss? Predict how this could help her in the future.<br />Character traits of Effie and Haymitch.<br />Compare and contrast District 12 and the Capital.<br />Retell Katniss interview with Caesar. <br />What does Peeta reveal in his interview. Apply how this could change the Games.<br />Name:_____________________________________________________________<br />The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins<br />ESSENCIAL QUESTION: Can my role in society help others? <br />Part II The Games<br />Chapter 10<br />1.<br />