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Re-Election to Regional Director


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Re-Election to Regional Director

  1. 1. Sfor the Moon Rory Slatko | CAACURH Regional Director | 2013-2014 hooting
  2. 2. Q:Why? In This Presentation: • who I am • my qualifications • what I’ve done and what I’m doing • my strategic and SMART goals for 2013-2014 A: We have farther to go.
  3. 3. navigation National Communications Coordinator 2011-2012 Regional Director Co-Chair, NACURH Marketing and Public Relations Committee Member, NACURH International Inclusivity Task Force Member, NACURH AAFN Fund Reinvestment Task Force Member, NACURH Ad-Hoc Committee on OCM Contract 2012-2013 CAACURH 2011 Towson University No Frills 2012 University of Delaware NACURH 2012 University of Colorado Inducted into NRHH NRHH Outstanding Service and Leadership Pin Bronze Pin Silver Pin Summer Summit Rutgers University Fall Summit Rutgers University CAACURH 2012 Rutgers University Winter Summit University of Charleston Semi-Annual Business Meeting University of Pittsburgh No Frills 2012 University of Charleston resume
  4. 4. howhigh we’veclimbe • Regional Committees • Bylaws Simplification • Winter Working Groups • Positional Recruitment • TurboVote Partnership • Initiated 20/20 • Cougar 2.0 • Professional Agreements • Student Media Partnerships • Winter Proposals • CAACURH Census • Leadership Development Program • E-Store • Website first term
  5. 5. ho whig hwe’l lg o 1. Focus on the organizational experience 2. Enter value-based partnerships 3. Expand relationships to include additional professional organizations 4. Prioritize leadership development functions 5. Build virtual resources into webpages, webinars, and interactive mediums strategic goals 1-5 Q: What is a strategic goal? A: A strategic goal is a broad principle used to inform practice and the implementation of SMART Goals
  6. 6. 6. Develop the Central Atlantic’s networking and sharing capacity by making use of new technologies 7. Firmly establish the regional roles of NCCs, NRHH Representatives, Presidents, and Advisors 8. Work with Advisors to supplement standing ART program with regional additions 9. Work with NRHH Representatives and AD-NRHH to incorporate the four pillars into regular regional activities beyond NRHH, with a special focus on service and scholarship 10. Continue to engage in long-term strategic planning for the future of the Central Atlantic Affiliate strategic goals 6-10