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Civic Engagement in Washington, DC


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Civic Engagement in Washington, DC

  1. 1. CIVIC LEADERSHIP As imagined by Rory Slatko
  2. 2. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner ANC 3D Chairman Organizing Labs, Inc. Facilitator for Leadership Theory and Development The Leadership Academy Regional Director NACURH, Inc. Training and Public Engagement Associate Truman National Security Project Rory Slatko Class: Junior School: SPA Major: PoliSci Hometown: Originally from Delaware
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Shifting power in a shifting world
  4. 4. - Parag Khanna, Foreign Policy The 21st century will not be dominated by America or China, Brazil or India… but by the city.
  5. 5. A majority of the world’s population now lives in metropolitan areas.
  6. 6. What are you doing while you’re in this city?
  7. 7. And what about this city?
  8. 8. LOCAL CIVICS The communities that we’re a part of
  9. 9. National Capital Region Policy decisions have an impact on the entire metro area, and are often made in a regional context.
  10. 10. District of Columbia Central cities are now growing faster than their suburbs.
  11. 11. Northwest Largest quadrant, including the central business district, the Federal Triangle, and the museums along the northern side of the National Mall.
  12. 12. Ward 3 Our representation at the city-wide level happens by Ward. We’re represented by Councilmember Mary Cheh.
  13. 13. ANC 3D Your Backyard: Foxhall, Kent, New Mexico/Cathedral, Palisades, Spring Valley, Wesley Heights
  14. 14. ANC My experience in local government
  15. 15. What is an ANC? The Advisory Neighborhood Commissions Act of 1975 created ANCs to represent residents.
  16. 16. Deciding to Run
  17. 17. Working for Students Big Project #1: Mayor’s Task Force on Students in Higher Education
  18. 18. ORGANIZING LABS Big Project #2
  19. 19. I’m elected. Now what? So what?
  20. 20. Communities require cultivation. That’s the idea we’re putting into practice.
  21. 21. We’re shifting the focus.
  22. 22. Our mission is to empower the next generation of organizers with innovative trainings, technologies, and strategies to create change in their local communities and governments.
  23. 23. GET INVOLVED How to be a part of local changemaking
  24. 24. ANC Organizing Labs Everything in between
  25. 25. QUESTIONS Twitter @RorySlatko LinkedIn roryslatko Facebook rory.slatko Email