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Innovation and Creativity

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  1. 1. How Not to Kill Creativity? Teresa Amabile
  2. 2. To be creative an ideamust be appropriate-useful and actionable. Teresa Amabile
  3. 3. Amabile’s Model for Creativity
  4. 4. Creativity• Expertise ★ knowledge• Motivation ★ why we engage?• Creative thinking ★ upend the status quo ★ imaginative
  5. 5. Expertise and creative thinking are an individual’s raw materials
  6. 6. Motivation is what someone actually will do.
  7. 7. Motivation• Intrinsic ★ When people are intrinsically motivated, they engage in their work for the challenge and enjoyment of it.• Extrinsic
  8. 8. Six Tasks to Enhance Creativity• Challenge• Freedom• Resources• Work-group features• Supervisory encouragement• Organizational support
  9. 9. Challenge Match people withassignments that fittheir developmental readiness.
  10. 10. Freedom People will be morecreative if you give themfreedom to decide how to climb a mountain.
  11. 11. Resources Time and Money!Creativity takes time & has a cost associated with it.
  12. 12. Work-Group Features Building teams that come up with creative ideas, requires careful attention to the design of teams.
  13. 13. SupervisoryEncouragement We have to feel as though our work matters to the institutionor a group of people. Trust leads to success!
  14. 14. Organizational Support Creativity is enhanced when the whole organization supports creative endeavors of individuals.
  15. 15. “We have to make a conscious effort tosupport creativity. The result could be a truly innovative (school) wherecreativity doesn’t just survive it thrives.” Teresa Amabile