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A to Z Sci Fi


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A to Z Sci Fi

  1. 1. A to Z on Sci-Fi Basics Rachel Rybarczyk
  2. 2. Andrea Smith • Author of “Beyond Pro-Choice” • Feminist and anti-violence activist • Voice for women of color and minorities
  3. 3. Beginnings • Sci-Fi is a genre for new beginnings and cathartic experiences • Some beginnings are not always good however. The post apocalyptic theme of “Dawn” was a terrible new beginning for the human race
  4. 4. Camover • Anarchy group in the UK against government control • Uses vandalism to point out the overwhelming amount of cameras and recordings • Spray paints over cameras to prevent further filming • Like the rebelliousness of Day in “Legend”
  5. 5. Decolonization • One group takes over another people and enforces their policies • This theme is seen in Dawn, specifically how the alien race takes over the humans and forces the people to spawn with them
  6. 6. • TedTalk participant Elahi, Hasan • Harassed by the CIA and accused of secret acts of possible terrorism • Retaliated by posting his every move to the internet • Reminded me a lot of people being watched in “Legend”
  7. 7. Freedom This is a theme that drives science fiction. Whether characters are fighting against the government, aliens, or a royal kingdom, the overall goal is to be free.
  8. 8. Germ Theory • The theory that disease is the reason why humans have progressed through history • Many Sci-Fi books have used this theme as the premise of entire series • Apocalyptic connotation, like in “Dawn”
  9. 9. Hundred Thousand Kingdoms • Science Fiction book by N. K. Jemisin • The heir to the throne of the Arameri Kingdom, but is abducted as a child. Later, she meets different gods and learns that they have great plans for her
  10. 10. Interrogate • Act of intensive questioning • In Mary Lu’s Legend the Republic interrogates people who act out of order
  11. 11. A society lead by a hierarchy. Kingdom The setting for many sci-fi books and films, like “Hundred Thousand Kingdoms”
  12. 12. June Iparis Strong, young female lead in Mary Lu’s Dawn. She was raised in the Republic, the controlling government. Upon realizing the corruptness of the Republic, she takes them down from the inside.
  13. 13. Lilth Main character in Octavia Bulter’s Dawn. Is one of the few human survivors. Is “rescued” by aliens who force the humans to reproduce with them. Lilth is the clear leader of the group, but instead of fighting the aliens, the humans pose more of a problem at times.
  14. 14. Militarized Femininity Defined by Laura Sjoberg as female militants used to widen the gap between the gender roles of men and women.
  15. 15. N. K. Jemisin • Author of Hundred Thousand Kingdoms • Famous Science Fiction Author, winner of many awards • Includes various themes of freedom and feminism
  16. 16. Octavia Butler • Author of “DAwn” • nicknAmeD “genius grAnt” • Strong female leads in science fiction books • Recipient of the Hugo Award and Nebula Awards
  17. 17. Policy • Science fiction is based a lot around the government and their social and economical policies, comparing the fictional story to the corruptness of reality. • This theme can be seen in “Legend” and “Hundred Thousand Kingdoms”
  18. 18. Quasi-Reality Sci-fi can exist in many forms, some are extremely fictional, while others have a strong connection with the real world.
  19. 19. Race Ethnic background and cultural experience. Identifying biological parameters. May cause discrimination due to ignorance in people, racism.
  20. 20. Science Fiction A genre that does not follow the laws of physics. Many metaphors of unnecessary government control and minority discrimination can be inferred in this genre.
  21. 21. Transhumanism Artificial improvements in physiology. Highly debated if transhumanism is racist or not.
  22. 22. Utopia A dream society. A functioning system where human happiness is the top priority.
  23. 23. Washington, Harriet Author of Medical Apartheid, a book detailing the plight of the African Americans who had to undergo experimental surgery
  24. 24. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz Wrote article on biotechnology. She is an award winning international indigenous activist.
  25. 25. Xenogenesis The original title for Octavia Butler’s Dawn Trilogy. Xeno meaning “relating to a foreigner” and genesis meaning “the origin or mode of formulation of something”
  26. 26. Yeine Main character in The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. Strong female leader who comes into her own while fighting for what is right.
  27. 27. Zhakkarn A goddess in The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. The goddess of war, an incredibly strong female.